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The Snowflake Barons Are Security Risks

If it is true that “the bigger they are, the harder they fall,” then the present trajectory of America’s Internet giants may knock the earth a little off its axis. Or at least, that is if you follow the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ.

For stock watchers, wobbly tech stocks are cause for concern. For those of us who are concerned about the safety of American citizens, it is welcome and overdue. The past few weeks have laid bare what many of us who regard America’s tech sector with a jaundiced eye have long suspected, and even feared—that far from being the bulwarks of innovation that their defenders imagine, the most dominant tech companies are plagued by anti-American sentiment, riddled with technical and security failures, or completely dishonest with consumers—and often all three at once.


MALCOLM: The Liberal government just doesn’t take security and counter-terrorism seriously

Trudeau believes in protecting the rights and privileges of people who hate everything about our country and want to destroy our way of life. 


Seattle plane theft, crash confirm expert fears that one of the biggest threats to aviation is airport employees

The theft of an empty plane by an airline worker who performed dangerous loops before crashing into a remote island in Puget Sound illustrated what aviation experts have long known: One of the biggest potential perils for commercial air travel is airline or airport employees causing mayhem.


Canada to launch new border security app that could go global

The federal government is embarking on a new pilot program that will allow people to cross borders faster if they create a digital profile filled with their personal information on their mobile devices.

The Known Traveller Digital Identity is a joint venture between the governments of Canada and the Netherlands, and will be tested first on travellers going between those countries. The plan is to have it ready for a wider global rollout by 2020.


Germans Knew Berlin Christmas Market Terrorist Planned To Attack Nearly A Year In Advance

German police were reportedly approached by an informant about Amri in Nov. 2015 and had his cell phone under surveillance when they learned of him downloading terror instruction manuals. Ten months prior to the attack German authorities also knew that Amri was using his cell phone to message Islamic State operatives in Libya.