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Facing persecution by self-identified more Muslimly Muslims, Ahmadiyya Muslims find refuge in Manila

MANILA, Philippines– For decades, followers of the Ahmadiyya faith, a minority sect of Islam, have fallen victim to laws that target them as non-believers in Pakistan. Some of them have sought asylum in the Philippines.

Hassan Ali is a recognized refugee in Metro Manila. He fled his home country of Pakistan in 2014 in fear of persecution for simply being an Ahmadiyya Muslim.

“My pain was psychological,” Ali said. “Discrimination was everywhere and the situations increasingly became so difficult for me to freely practice my religion.”

The Ahmadiyya is a young sect of Islam, formed in 1889 around Mizra Ghulam Ahmed who is claimed to be the messiah or the ‘second advent of Jesus’.


Report: U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy Risks Irrelevance in Face of Adapting Threat

…Katherine Zimmerman, an AEI research fellow and author of the report, said the “crack in the foundation” of American counterterrorism strategy is the “oversimplification of the enemy into a series of discrete groups.” She said U.S. policy largely ignores the fact that Islamist extremists do not exist primarily to attack America or Europe, but to replace the governance systems of Muslim-majority countries with their hardline vision of governance and Islam.

“America’s view of the enemy still centers on the terrorist threats that specific Salafi-jihadi groups pose to the United States homeland or American interests,” Zimmerman wrote. “It misses that these groups are part of a global movement that persists beyond the defeat of specific organization or death of a set of individuals.”


Shocking lack of diversity at trial of 29 men and one woman charged with sexually abusing girls as young as 13

The defendants (all from Huddersfield except where stated) were:

  • Iftikar Ali, 37, of Holly Road, charged with three rapes and one attempted rape
    Umar Zaman, 30, of Bishop’s Court, charged with two rapes
    Basharat Hussain, 31, charged with two rapes
    Banaras Hussain, 37, of Shipley, charged with one rape
    Mubasher Hussain, 35, charged with one rape and one sexual assault
    Abdul Majid, 34, charged with two rapes
    Gul Riaz, 42, charged with one rape
    Fehreen Rafiq, 38, charged with two counts of facilitating the commission of a child sex offence
    Mohammed Sajjad, 31, charged with four counts of rape and one count of facilitating the commission of a child sex offence
    Usman Ali, 32, charged with two counts of rape
    Mohammed Suhail Arif, 30, charged with one rape
    Amin Ali Choli, 36, charged with two rapes
    Mohammed Dogar, 35, charged with facilitating the commission of a child sex offence
    Banaris Hussain, 35, charged with one rape
    Shaqeel Hussain, 35, of Dewsbury, charged with one rape and two counts of trafficking
    Mohammed Waqas Anwar, 28, charged with five rapes
    Saqib Raheel, 32, of Cradley Heath, West Midlands, charged with two rapes
    A man who cannot be named for legal reasons is charged with one rape and one count of sexual touching of a female

Pakistani pop singer wanted Geert Wilders killed for blasphemy, this is where she learnt bigotry from

Last Friday, Dutch MP Geert Wilders cancelled his ‘Draw the Prophet Mohammad’ cartoon contest after over 10,000 supporters of the Tehreek-i-Labaik Pakistan party demanded the Pakistani government expel the Dutch Ambassador, and to end all diplomatic ties with the Netherlands.

The contest was due to be held in November, however, Mr Wilders made a statement, saying “To avoid the risk of victims of Islamic violence, I have decided to not let the cartoon contest go ahead.” A 26-year-old Pakistani Islamic Extremist was also arrested last week in The Hague after releasing a video calling for the murder of Mr Wilders.

This is everyday Islam.


Religion of Peace: Indonesian woman faces blasphemy charge for complaining about Mosque loudspeakers

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian prosecutors have sought an 18-month prison term for a woman who was charged with blasphemy after she complained about the volume of a mosque’s loudspeakers.

The ethnic Chinese defendant, Meiliana, 44, was arrested on May 18 about two years after her case triggered a riot in Tanjung Balai, a port town in North Sumatra province.


Recruited by Iran to fight for Syrian regime, young Afghans bring home cash and scars

HERAT, Afghanistan — Over the past four years, thousands of young Afghan Shiite men have been drawn into the war in Syria by Iran, part of a well-financed system of recruitment, training and incentives that funnels Afghan recruits to fight for a repressive Arab government.

The Afghans are soldiers in someone else’s war, propelled by economic woes and religious loyalty to join a foreign fight. Some have lost friends and relatives in battle or sustained severe injuries themselves. As many as 840 have been killed, according to researchers. Survivors can recount hard-fought battles near Aleppo or Damascus, and some believe they are helping to protect sacred Shiite shrines in those areas.


‘No Judgement Day until Muslims slay the Jews’: Danish imam charged over anti-Semitic speech

Danish prosecutors have charged Imam Mundhir Abdallah after outrage over a 2017 speech, in which he called on Muslims to kill Jews to fulfil their destiny. It is the first charge of its kind under new religious preaching laws.

The disturbing comments, which were filmed and distributed on the imam’s social media, prompted Danish prosecutors to issue charges for the first time under the new criminal code, introduced in January 2017.


Homegrown Terror Threats Increasing – Foreign born, citizen jihadists still planning attacks across U.S.

Jihadist threats from homegrown terrorists in America continue to increase each month, with at least nine foreign born individuals living in the United States arrested or convicted in June of attempting to launch attacks on behalf of ISIS and other global terrorist organizations, according to newly released information by Congress.


Ramadan’s 2018 Death Toll

As of the eighteenth day of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan this year, the jihad death toll is 355 infidels murdered in 94 jihad attacks around the world.

Those who are puzzled as to how all this killing could take place during what is supposed to be a holy month should remember: because Ramadan is the month in which Muslims redouble their efforts to obey Allah, Ramadan is also quintessentially the month of jihad.

Fighting and killing infidels is, after all, commanded in the Qur’an (cf. 2:191. 4:89, 9:5, 9:289, 47:4, etc.). Thus killing infidels during Ramadan is, for the killers, a holy and sacred act.

Updated  Death Toll


Eighty Afghan girls’ schools close over Islamic State threat

More than 80 girls’ schools have closed and exams have been postponed after Islamic State militants in eastern Afghanistan said they would bomb them in retaliation for US air strikes.

Thousands of pupils were kept at home in Nangarhar province after the militants declared that “heavy blasts and thunderous attacks will target all those girl schools which disobey this warning”.

Broadcasts on their propaganda radio warned officials to close the schools and told parents “not send their daughters to schools to pursue this secular infidel curriculum”.


The cost of Islam: Terrorism here to stay, Guns could be given to rural police to tackle threat – UK police chief

A police chief has admitted that more frontline cops could be armed with guns over fears that it would take too long for specially trained armed officers to respond to threats or attacks in rural areas.

Police believe that the current terrorist threat is here to stay, with 12 terrorist murder plots known about in the 12 months. As a result, the National Police Chief’s Council lead for armed policing, Simon Chesterman, said that arming police officers on a routine basis remains an option for the UK force.


Prominent Muslim Scholars Issue Useless Fatwa Number 999,999 Against Suicide Bombings

Suicide attacks violate Islamic principles, say influential Muslim scholars

There have been so many of these issued over the years that no one can count them all. This one like it’s predecessors will be 100% ineffective yet the the usual suspects in the Media and Government trot it out as proof Islam is a Religion of Peace.


In business news… Religion of Peace sparks Bollard Bonanza for Surrey firm

How cities are being redesigned to protect pedestrians from vehicles

Brad Done watched carefully as a machinist drilled a hole into a bright yellow metal tube about a metre long and 10 centimetres across at his Surrey, B.C., business, Reliance Foundry.

The pole is called a bollard, designed to be set into the ground to keep vehicles away from people and buildings.

The demand for this product is so strong it’s become the main focus of his business, which once forged metal into tools and other products for B.C. industries.

Worldwide, the number of deliberate attacks using vehicles against pedestrians has been on the rise.

Since 2006, more than 200 people have died and 1,000 injured in these attacks around the world. Most are linked to terrorism.


At least 48 Afghans killed in Kabul by suicide bomber…

KABUL — At least 48 Afghans waiting at an entrance of the office for voters’ registration were killed Sunday in the capital of Kabul, the Afghan Health Ministry said. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State and was a possible sign of bloody times ahead for long-delayed crucial elections set for Oct. 20.

Scores of other people were wounded in the strike, which happened in the Shiite-dominated Dashte Barchi area of the city where the militant network has unleashed a series of deadly attacks in recent months.

More at the DM


Racist Islamist excuses white privilege studies as legitimate but that Faith Goldy, she deserved to be silenced!

Faith Goldy’s talk at Wilfrid Laurier was cancelled. And a damn good thing, too

“Whiteness is an academic term that describes a system of race-based hierarchy. Whiteness does not mean white people. Whiteness does not mean white people are bad. You don’t even have to be a white person to subscribe to whiteness. Whiteness is a term that facilitates the understanding of racism as being not just personal ignorance but systemic discriminations.”

See? Whiteness is all about how white societies are intrinsically racist because well “white people”. But that’s not racist you H8tr’s!

By The Star’s resident Islamist who else?