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When Motivational Speakers Go Bad …Really, Really Bad


If you are looking for a life-affirming tale of positive human virtues then maybe you should stop reading now and go find some lone survivor story from a Boko Haram massacre. No, instead this story is a one way bullet train to a very dark town, population: Giseleangelique René D’Milian, or as she’s known on her website that touts her as a business developer going by the name of “Rene Reyes”.

Now Ms. Rene Reyes is what you could politely call a major league “bull sh*tter” and writer of unread books, or if you were not so inclined to be charitable, then sociopathic liar and premeditated harvester of infant souls would work just as well.

Upon hindsight, there appear to have been many flaws in her plan (such as total disregard for the race and age of her anticipated collection of children), but they either went unrecognized or being the eternal optimist, she just figured that they could be papered-over with a plausible explanation that everyone would buy since the alternative would be that they were conversing with the devil herself.

She and three others were arrested Wednesday in what police called an “evil” scheme to abduct infants and kill their mothers. The plot led to the abduction and killing of a 3-week-old girl in January after her parents and uncle were shot and wounded in a home invasion and a second woman was attacked in February with a baseball bat in an unsuccessful attempt to steal her 4-month-old son, police said.