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Trudeau “Lets” Harper Fly Home On a Private Jet

Isn’t he just the bestest?

Harper routinely flew in the Challengers while prime minister, as security risks meant he couldn’t fly commercial, but that perk was among those he lost in the transfer of power from the Conservative government to the Liberals last week.

And though Harper is still a sitting MP, he’s also lost access to the luxury car, driver and accompanying major security detail that goes along with being prime minister — hence the arrival at the House of Commons last week in a minivan.

But while he should have had to take a commercial flight home later that night, the Liberals offered him the use of the custom-equipped jet — and he accepted.


Crazy Imam Is Crazy

Wrap your heads around this:

On the one hand, Stephen Harper cancelled the long-form census.

On the other, you have a freezer full of decapitated human heads — trophies displayed by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin for amusement, and to scare anyone else who might dare cross his majesty.

Of course, you can argue that Canada’s former prime minister repeatedly prorogued Parliament, and called the niqab “anti-woman” in his bid to have face-coverings banned at Canadian citizenship ceremonies.

But then, Uganda’s president from 1971 to 1979 had 300,000 of his own citizens slaughtered, broadcasting mass executions on live television and torturing others via gruesome medical experiments, to ensure they suffered as long as possible.

And on the comparison goes: Harper making choices that were unpopular with a majority of Canadians, and Amin making deranged decisions that ensured his place in the annals of blood-thirsty, despot sociopaths.

Over this ludicrous, half-baked comparison, a respected Muslim voice in Canada has veered dangerously close to irrelevance — because anyone who would seriously compare Stephen Harper with Idi Amin clearly can’t be trusted for an objective opinion.

Somehow, Imam Syed Soharwardy apparently believes just that.

“Stephen Harper’s legacy as Prime Minister of Canada. He ruled Canada as Idi Amin ruled Uganda,” reads the outrageous social media post, repeated Tuesday on both Facebook and Twitter.

Either Soharwardy fails to grasp historical facts and basic logic, or the head of Islamic Supreme Council of Canada is willing to sink to any depth for cheap publicity, insulting the victims and survivors of Uganda’s darkest hour just to get a spurious point across.


Ladies and gentlemen, BNL.


Poll Shows Most Canadians Believe Harper To Have Been Average or Better PM


Stephen Harper will be remembered as an average or better prime minister by most Canadians, significantly more than the 31.9 per cent who voted for the Conservative Party in the last election, according to a new poll released Friday.

During a lengthy and sometimes heated campaign, the New Democrats urged voters to back Tom Mulcair to “stop Harper” once and for all.

The Liberals and Justin Trudeau won a majority government Oct. 19 based on a campaign that promised to deliver “real change” after nine years of Tory rule marked by “negative, divisive politics.”

(Sidebar: says the “politics of fearguy.)

But for all the heated rhetoric about the Conservative prime minister, Canadians say he will leave office with an average or better legacy, according to the Angus Reid Institute poll.

“Canadians are not of the view that Stephen Harper was necessarily the worst prime minister, or a terrible prime minister,” said Shachi Kurl, senior vice-president at the pollster.

While most Liberal and NDP voters think Harper was “not great,” he still has a strong base of Conservative supporters to help shore up his legacy, she said.

“There remain a significant segment of Canadians who stay right-of-centre and who would profess value for a lot of the policies that we saw during the Harper years,” including tax-cutting measures and the creation of the tax-free savings account, Kurl said.



Harper To Officially Resign Next Week


Prime Minister Stephen Harper will formally step down next week, just before Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government takes office.

Rideau Hall says Harper visited Gov. Gen. David Johnston right after the election and said he would resign as prime minister in the wake of last week’s Liberal majority victory in the federal election.

A spokesperson says Harper will quit Nov. 4, just prior to the swearing-in of Trudeau’s Liberals, which is scheduled to take place that same day.

Harper has been prime minister since February 2006.


Also, his cats are resigning:

The outgoing prime minister has long been known to have a fondness for felines — indeed, prior to being elected in 2006, Harper quipped he was like one himself, because of his many political lives.

And as he prepares to begin anew as a member of the Tory backbench, so too are his cats preparing for a new life of their own.

Stanley and Gypsy — along with Charlie, a pet chinchilla — are all moving out of 24 Sussex Drive to live with the Harper family at their new permanent digs in Calgary.

What’s more, the many foster-animal friends that had been living at the prime minister’s official residence in the months before the election were all found new homes in the summer.

The Harpers have fostered dozens of cats, as well as a number of other small animals, since moving in nearly a decade ago. Eventually, they devoted an entire upstairs room to the cause.

Some of the animals were eventually adopted by political staffers, others by MPs and cabinet ministers.


G-d- Trudeau, that animal-hating frackwit.


Pravda Approves of Trudeau

What else can one say?

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won the absolute majority in the vote – 185 of 338 seats in the parliament. The Conservatives came second with 97 seats, having lost nearly a half of the seats. Stephen Harper immediately resigned. The third and fourth places went to the New Democratic Party, and Quebec Block with 28 and 9 mandates respectively. …
Of course, Canada is in no way trying to alienate itself from the United States. Still, Trudeau’s latest moves mark considerable progress against the backdrop of the policy of his predecessor, Stephen Harper, who was running ahead of Washington on the road of Russia’s defamation.
In fact, Canada is setting an example to other countries, telling them to abandon the illegal operation of the West in Syria. Canada is also proactively distancing itself from Washington in the Asia-Pacific region, where an armed conflict with China is brewing in light of the artificially created islands in the South China Sea.
(Courtesy: SDA)