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You Think Trump is Doing Damage to The Republican Party? Take a Look at What Hillary’s Doing To Her Own Party!

The Dems are Hell-Bent on driving this one into the wall with the throttle mashed down to the floor.

Now Hillary does something disgusting everyday, but what drew my attention to this video was someone else reading the comments section. Now I know the comments section of You Tube are NOT where you usually go for in-depth analysis, but MAN is she hated by so much of America. Charles Manson would automatically poll 40% when paired-off against her. I say Hillary is beatable by anyone with more appeal than John Kasich, which would be lots of people.

That moment you are trying to act human but can’t turn off giant smile mode

One question. Who the hell is buying this? If you are, you are the fool in the room.

Politicians lose their self respect when they pander for votes. Next she will be appearing in the hood wearing a red, black and green diesheki.

Felt like puking while watching this.

Wow amazing dance moves now Goldman Sachs can pay Hillary $300000 for her to dance for them

Lol, that flag was a real problem for her! Without advisers to tell her what’s politically adventitious best thing to do is get rid of it quick! Lol

Vote Trump if you want her to stop dancing like wounded animal.