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Illegally held dual nationality Turks being stripped of citizenship in Austria

Dual nationality Turks being stripped of citizenship by far-Right in Austria’s ‘Windrush’ scandal

housands of people could be stripped of their Austrian citizenship in what is being called the country’s version of the Windrush scandal.

In a campaign orchestrated by the far-Right Freedom Party (FPÖ), hundreds of Austrians of Turkish heritage are currently under investigation by the authorities on suspicion of illegally holding dual citizenship – and authorities say they may widen their investigations to thousands more.

Except for rare cases dual citizenship is illegal in Austria, and the authorities are pursuing the cases in court. But lawyers say the evidence is unreliable.


Guard at Muslim cleric’s US compound fires ‘warning shot’

A security guard at the Pennsylvania compound of a Turkish-born Muslim cleric fired a shot near an “unwanted person” outside the gate, state police said Wednesday.

The suspected intruder fled the scene, and troopers were unable to find him.

Police were called to Fethullah Gulen’s longtime home in the Pocono Mountains after a security guard fired a “warning shot in the air” around 8:30 a.m., according to a statement from the New York-based Alliance for Shared Values, a group that promotes Gulen’s philosophies.


Austria: First asked if he was a Muslim, then he bit him in the ear

On Wednesday between 10 pm and 11 pm, a 26-year-old man appeared at the Hard police station to report an unusual experience. “He had a visible injury to his ear,” police spokesman Rainer Fitz told the Vorarlberger Nachrichten newspaper.

Opening with the Mike Tyson Gambit is a risky but bold maneuver.


Germany: Four Muslim migrants from Syria held for Molotov cocktail attack on Turkish mosque

When Europe imported millions of Muslim migrants, it also imported their ancient hatreds and enmities. But if these Syrian Muslims had not been caught, this mosque firebombing would almost certainly have been blamed on “right-wing extremists,” and the establishment media would once again inundate us with lamentations about “Islamophobia.”


UK: Muslim Deportation Fails As Turkish Pilot Refuses To Take Off From Heathrow

So, did they jail the pilot? They should have. Teach them who is in charge or they soon start to apply their own demands. Samim Bigzad fabricates a story that he will be “killed” by the Taliban if he returns to Afghanistan. It’s the most commonly fabricated stories Afghan migrants are tutored to tell. They even buy forged “Taliban threat letters” and bring these to their interviews with Immigration, as if the Taliban sends letter to notify people when they will execute someone.


Erdogan’s international network of Muslim cleric spies

This month, relations between Turkey and the two countries home to the bulk of Turkey’s European diaspora, Germany and the Netherlands, publicly exploded in a fit of acrimony and insults. But the dispute was playing out on two levels, only one of which was immediately apparent. As impossible as it was to ignore Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s repeated accusations of “Nazi practices” by Europe, it was easy to overlook the history of mutual tension leading up to that outburst – including Erdogan’s own long-running subversion of Islamic religious institutions catering to diaspora Turks in Europe.


Migrant Kurds and Turks Battle on the streets of Switzerland


Kurds and Turks went to war on the street of Europe once again today. A group of Kurdish independence supporters leaving a rally in the Swiss town of Bern were rammed by a car allegedly driven by a supporter of Turkish nationalism. Two are thought to have died, with twenty injured.

Video at link.


Erdogan on the campaign trail in Germany: Turks in Germany are “part of the power of Ankara”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan waves as he addresses the audience during his visit in Karlsruhe, southwestern Germany, on May 10, 2015. Germany counts three million people of Turkish origin, the largest Turkish overseas expatriate community. AFP PHOTO / DANIEL ROLAND

(From the Daily Hürriyet piece which emphasizes how he encouraged people to vote in Turkish election on June 7)

Not sure what the red blobs are: rose petals?

[Note: Edited machine translation from a piece at the German anti-jihad site Politically Incorrect]

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes German Turks play an important role in his country’s foreign policy.

He sees Turks living abroad as “our power outside the country.” Erdogan was speaking before thousands of supporters in Karlsruhe, Germany on Sunday.

The Turks in Germany are “the voice of the nation,” he said.

At his request, the crowd chanted the formula “one nation, one flag, one motherland, one state”.

The speech, transmitted live from Turkish television, appeared to be part of an election campaign for the parliamentary election on June 7.

Erdogan said the establishment of the “new Turkey” will start in Germany, as Turks living there can vote in the coming election.

Erdogan once again called on the Turks in Germany not to forget the Turkish language or their faith.

[Excerpt from an article in the Austrian “Die Presse“.  The rest is by the writers at Politically Incorrect.]

Before the rally there were clashes between supporters and opponents of Erdogan, in which several people were injured, reported the FAZ [Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung].

Erdogan’s statement that in Germany living Turks (most with [only] German citizenship with some having dual citizenship)  are a part of the power of Ankara, is particularly interesting if you remember his earlier  statements.

In the autumn of 2012, at an AKP Party Congress, he spoke of  “carrying Islam victorious to Europe”.

Erdogan’s supporters in Germany must currently be satisfied  with being active in all the main German parties, promoting Turkish nationalism, even if they have not “carried Islam victorious to Europe.” Yet.

[This a short video: in the second half you can see the crowds cheering and waving Turkish flags]


Austria: 8-year-old Muslim boys brutally beat, carve a cross into classmate’s back

The Googlefish translate is a little distracting.  “The incredible scenes are said to have already played last week in elementary school 1 in Jenbach. As the “crown” learned a child of two classmates was brutally beaten with Turkish roots in the wardrobe. The next day, the dispute shall be but then only really escalated.” 

Little Islamophobe probably had it coming.

Source article in the Kronen Zeitung

Austria: Muslims carve cross into boys back

Austria: Muslims carve cross into boys back


The Netherlands’ newest ‘accomplishment’: The first national Muslim party in the Netherlands is now a fact

Seleuk Ozturk (left) and Tunahan Kuzu (right) speak to the media, November 2014. (Image source: NPO video screenshot)

The Netherlands, that country that so bravely pioneered movements such as gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana, seems on the brink of pioneering yet another: the official Islamization of Europe’s parliaments.

That, anyway, would seem to be the wish of Tunahan Kuzu and Seleuk Ozturk, the founders of the country’s newest political party, which they established only a few days ago after splitting from the Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA), or Labor Party, in a dispute over Dutch Turkish organizations and the Dutch Turkish community at large. Although their party, Group Kuzu/Ozturk, has not yet been entirely defined, its creators describe it in sweeping terms as “the party the Netherlands longs for,” aimed at promoting “a society in which everyone is treated equally.”

Except that does not seem to be what they actually have in mind.

According to observations of former PvdA colleagues in local media reports, both Ozturk and Kuzu have shown clear antagonism towards women — even intimidating their female colleagues. More significantly, the two have also held tightly to their Turkish roots and Islamic faith, demanding, among other things, Islamic prayer spaces in the Parliament building — a clear violation of separation between church and state. (Those demands, it should be noted, were refused.)

And Ozturk, reported the national daily, Telegraaf, has regularly demonstrated a stronger allegiance to Turkey and to Islam than to the secular Dutch state he was elected to represent. On at least one occasion, for instance, he skipped a day of parliamentary voting, and explained his absence only the following day with the casual remark that, “Yesterday was a Muslim holiday”…


Mosque arson in Germany: Turk confesses to attacks

musacAs he hides his face behind a paper, the anger he showed previously now in open, the trial against mosque arsonist Musa C. (age 31), starts.

The Turkish casual worker has confessed to having committed the arson attack at the Cologne Central Mosque on Venloerstraße on 3 February. His trial before the district court started Wednesday.

“I wanted to make a clear sign,” said the man who has been housed in psychiatric detention since his arrest. “Because they treated me badly at the Koran school. It has always hurt me.”

2,w=559,c=0.bildThe defendant lit several items in front of a door of the Ditib mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld

Outside the main entrance of the Cologne mosque he lit a package using an accelerant. He had previously asked one witness for a lighter.

Other attacks he accused of: In front of a mosque in Wesseling he lit a waste paper container; in Hürth he lit a barbecue in front of a mosque.

h/t Politically Incorrect (Translated from German)

This is at least three mosque arson attacks that were started by a Muslim, not an angry native German.