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Germaine Greer suggests #MeToo victims are ‘career rapees’ for taking six-figure non-disclosure deals from Harvey Weinstein

Feminist Germaine Greer was today slammed after she called the alleged sexual assault victims of Harvey Weinstein ‘career rapees’.

The 79-year-old was speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning and was discussing the #MeToo movement.

The campaign was launched when a host of A-list celebrities accused the Hollywood executive of rape, sexual assault and harassment.

But she said that the movement has ‘not got anywhere at all’ and added that we need to urgently ‘sort out our concept of what rape is’ and amend the law.


DiCaprio’s foundation auctioned off ‘dates’ with Weinstein and Spacey

It was the ultimate booby prize.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation auctioned off intimate moments with two of Hollywood’s biggest players who may go down as its biggest predators.

Twice in the last three years, the foundation’s annual fund-raising auction in the south of France let guests bid to spend an entire year palling around with Harvey Weinstein. And in 2016, it creepily offered to have Kevin Spacey conduct a private theater performance in their homes.


Inclusion Riders of the Showbiz Apocalypse

“…Whatever one feels about Schneider or Redgrave, they came to pick a fight – which takes a certain amount of courage. Sunday’s bloodless affirmations of solidarity with “dreamers” required not a scintilla of courage: They were simply the necessary cue to bathe in the warm glow of collective moral narcissism, which is as cloying and nauseating a perfume as there is. Miss Redgrave consciously chose to be unpopular. By contrast, Sunday’s crowd said all the right things, all the de rigueur things, and yet were strangely unlikeable, and charmless.”


94 Percent of Surveyed Women in Hollywood Say They’ve Been Sexually Harassed or Assaulted

A staggering 94 percent of hundreds of women in the entertainment industry say that they have experienced “some form of sexual harassment or assault during their careers in Hollywood,” according to a new survey.

USA Today worked with The Creative Coalition, Women in Film and Television and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center to survey 843 women who work in the entertainment industry about their experiences with sexual misconduct.


New York sues Weinstein Co., Harvey Weinstein over sexual misconduct

NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York’s attorney general sued the Weinstein Company and Harvey Weinstein on Sunday alleging years of sexual harassment and misconduct by the movie producer, in a move that could jeopardize talks on a potential sale of the studio.

Weinstein, co-founder of the Miramax studio, was one of Hollywood’s most influential men before more than 70 women accused him of sexual misconduct, including rape. He denies having non-consensual sex with anyone, and his lawyer said many of the latest allegations would turn out to be unmerited.

The civil suit alleges that the company’s executives and board repeatedly failed to protect employees from Weinstein, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement. The suit also names Weinstein’s brother Bob, who co-founded the company.



The coming mania for inclusion will erode standards of merit and excellence.

If the #MeToo movement only reduces sexual predation in the workplace, it will have been a force for good. Its most likely result, however, will be to unleash a torrent of new gender and race quotas throughout the economy and culture, on the theory that disparities in representation and employment are due to harassment and bias.

Hollywood and the media are already showing the effect.


Quentin Tarantino’s shocking interview defending Roman Polanski for raping 13-year-old girl ‘who was down to party’

A 15-year-old interview in which Quentin Tarantino passionately defends Roman Polanski has resurfaced amid controversy over Uma Thurman’s near-fatal crash while filming Kill Bill.

The actress spoke about the car crash in an interview with the New York Times last week, in which she also alleged she was sexually assaulted by disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.

Responding to the piece, Tarantino said the stunt was the ‘biggest regret of his life.’

Now, audio from a Howard Stern interview with the director in 2003 – in which he spends more than eight minutes defending Polanski – is going viral.


CTV reporter Paul Bliss suspended following allegations of sexual misconduct

Bridget Brown, former CTV journalist, is alleging she was subjected to sexual misconduct by an “award-winning CTV reporter and anchor” while working in Toronto.

Brown made the allegations in a blog post published Friday afternoon. She does not name Paul Bliss directly. She writes that the CTV reporter kissed her without her consent, attempted to forcibly initiate “oral sex,” and then masturbated in front of her.

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Policing Sexual Desire

The #MeToo movement’s impossible premise

The New York Times now has a “gender editor” and “gender team,” created in the wake of the #MeToo movement to infuse feminist sensibility even further throughout the paper. The gender editor, Jessica Bennett, penned an op-ed last month that serves as a template for the hypocritical state of modern feminism. Bennett had unforced sex with a 30-year-old acquaintance when she was 19 because “saying ‘yes’ [was] easier than saying ‘no,’” as the op-ed’s title puts it. She allowed the encounter to proceed out of “some combination of fear (that I wasn’t as mature as he thought), shame (that I had let it get this far), and guilt (would I hurt his feelings?).” Naturally, Bennett attributes her passivity and embarrassment at that moment to “dangerously outdated gender norms.” It is the patriarchy, she claims, that makes “even seemingly straightforward ideas about sex—such as, you know, whether we want to engage in it or not—feel utterly complex.”