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Thailand’s Muslim rebellion has army ‘living in fear’

At a border checkpoint crossing into southern Thailand’s conflict zone, a police officer rushed quickly from his wooden guard post toward a reporter who had been snapping a few pictures.

After the guard realized that the journalists were working on a report covering unrest in the region, he calmed down, adjusted his brown uniform, straightened his glasses and vented his frustration.

“It’s hard for me to find words that describe the permanent atrocities committed the rebels commit,” he said, while pointing to pictures of wanted separatists that hang at every checkpoint.


Muslims detonate two suspected car bombs wounding at least 40 people at a department store in Thailand

Dozens of people have been injured in a double bombing, believed to have been set off by Muslim separatists, in front of a supermarket in Thailand.

The blasts happened in the southern city of Pattani in the latest attack in the predominantly Buddhist country.

The latest attack happened at around 2pm local time, with two bombs going off in quick succession outside a supermarket near the city centre.


No kidding… Thai police link beach-town bombings to Muslim insurgency

gomerThai police identified on Monday a third suspect wanted in connection with a wave of bombs in tourist towns this month that killed four people and for the first time linked the attacks to Muslim separatists operating in the far south.

Thailand’s tourist industry had been largely spared a spill-over of violence from a decades-old insurgency in the far south and authorities had at first dismissed any connection between the Aug. 11-12 bombings and the separatists.

But police issuing an arrest warrant for a third suspect on Monday said all three of the people they wanted to question had links to previous attacks blamed on the Muslim insurgents.


Fatal car bombs explode in Thailand

A first blast in a parking lot behind the Southern Hotel caused no casualties, Police Lt. Col. Winyu Tiamraj told Reuters agency on Wednesday.

“The second explosion came from a truck parked at the hotel entrance, opposite a karaoke bar and a massage parlor, resulting in one death and 30 injuries,” he said.

The second bomb struck shortly before midnight outside a hotel on the outskirts of Pattani, one of three Muslim majority southern provinces that have been hit during the 12-year insurgency and tend not to be popular with tourists.


At least four dead and dozens injured as Thailand is hit by multiple explosions

At least four people have been killed and dozens more injured in a series of co-ordinated attacks across tourist destinations in Thailand that saw bombs hidden in plant pots and flower beds detonated by mobile phones.

Western tourists fled in terror as the first two blasts hit the seaside resort of Hua Hin overnight, killing one Thai woman and one other and wounding 21 people.

Phuket Thailand Blasts


Terror in Thailand: One woman is killed and dozens are injured

One woman has died and at least 20 people have been injured after two bombs exploded in a popular Thai tourist resort.

The explosives, believed to have been placed in plant pots, went off in the Hua Hin resort earlier today.

Reports on social media have suggested two British people are hurt, among nine injured foreign tourists.

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New Muslim rebel front in Thailand calls for talks

A new umbrella group of Muslim rebels who are waging a bloody insurgency in southern Thailand called yesterday for a resumption of stalled peace talks but it was unclear whether the Thai military junta would recognise them.

Representatives of Mara Pattani, which claims to speak for six of the insurgency’s leading rebel organisations, said they met Thai officials during exploratory talks in Malaysia this week.

“Our principle is to find a solution through peaceful dialogue,” Awang Jabat, the group’s chairman, told reporters during a briefing on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

“We hope we can bring the conflict to an end and promote a lasting peace.”

He said Thai representatives at this week’s dialogue were noncommittal, saying they had to consult with junta leaders.
But junta spokesman Werachon Sukhondhapatipak, in comments to AFP in Bangkok, appeared to cast doubt on a speedy resumption of peace talks.

“(The peace talks) are an issue for the security agencies. Don’t give any importance to brand new organisations,” he said.

A decade-long insurgency has seen near-daily bombings, shootings and occasional beheadings in three southern Thai states including Pattani.


Safety measures for Buddhist monks in Thai Muslim south

Thailand’s military has officially asked local administrations in the insurgency-plagued Muslim south to implement a series of special safety measures for Buddhist monks, a day after a fatal attack during an alms gathering round.

Among the measures announced Sunday, provincial governors and districts chiefs must organize “special safety zones” where “the Buddhist monks will be able to collect alms and the Buddhist laypeople will be able to offer donations to the monks,” according to an official document obtained by Anadolu Agency.

The zones will be cleared and controlled daily by military forces, police squads and volunteer militias before monks start walking to collect donations in accordance with Thai Buddhist custom, the Fourth Army — in charge of southern Thailand – told local administrations in the document.


A look at southern Thailand’s smoldering insurgency

In the latest outbreak of violence in Thailand’s insurgency-battered deep south, suspected militants shot dead two Thai soldiers and burned their bodies, local authorities said on Friday, July 17. The drive-by shooting in the Ruso district of Narathiwat province took place on the last day of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan and is the latest in a series of violent clashes between security forces and insurgents that have been rocking the region for weeks.

On July 14, one soldier was killed and six more were wounded by a roadside bomb, and a total of six people lost their lives in attacks over the weekend in the southern provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, home to a Muslim, Malay majority in the predominantly Buddhist nation.


4 soldiers shot dead in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south

Security officers collect evidence from the scene. (Photo by Maluding Tido). Source.

Four soldiers were killed in an attack by suspected insurgents on a rural road in the country’s violence-plagued south on Wednesday, police said.

The soldiers were traveling in a personal car when a group of more than five suspected insurgents started to open fire at them on a road in Raman district in Yala province, police Col. Lukman Bakoh said.

He said the attackers used rifles until the vehicle stopped, then they pulled the officers from the vehicle and fired at them repeatedly.

Lukman said the suspected militants also stole three rifles and a pistol from the soldiers before fleeing the scene.

Yala is one of the three Muslim-majority provinces in predominantly Buddhist Thailand…

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Southern Thailand: Bombing spree continues in Yala, injuring 20

A grocery shop in Muang district in Yala province is caught fire after two bombs on Friday. (Photo by Maluding Tido)

Four more bombs exploded in Yala’s Muang district this morning, injuring two and bringing the total number of bombing incidents in the province since Thursday night to 28 and casualties to 20.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers Friday morning also collected and destroyed another three bombs.

Pol Gen Chamlong Suvaluck, commander of Yala police, and officers from the EOD unit went to inspect the scene of the first bombing around 7am in tambon Sateng Nok. A ping-pong bomb had been thrown into a shop owned by Pimchai Wongwaiwisawakul, causing damage to the store, but no injuries.

The second location was at a morning tea shop owned by Klin Boonmak in the same tambon. One person was hurt and the shop was slightly damaged…

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Several explosions hurt 12 people in Thailand’s south

Rescue workers take people injured by bombs in Yala’s Muang district to Yala General Hospital on Thursday night. Source.

HAT YAI, Thailand (AP) — Police say 12 people were injured by several explosions set off by suspected insurgents in a city in Thailand’s restive south.

Police Col. Jamlong Suwalak says the improvised bombs exploded Thursday night at 14 places in Yala, including commercial district and banks. Two devices that did not explode were also found.

Yala Hospital nurse Netchanok Sintiratti says an 11-year-old boy is among the injured civilians.

She said all of the injuries were minor.

Yala is one of the three Muslim-majority provinces in predominantly Buddhist Thailand.

More than 5,000 people have been killed since an Islamic insurgency began in the sub-region in 2004. The insurgents have not issued specific demands but are generally believed to be fighting for an independent Muslim state.


Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia silent after U.N. calls for Asia boat people rescue

Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia gave no response on Wednesday to a United Nations appeal for them to rescue thousands of migrants, many of them hungry and sick, adrift in boats in Southeast Asian seas.

There were conflicting statements on whether regional governments would continue to push back migrant boats in the face of the UN warning that they risked a “massive humanitarian crisis”.

“Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have decided not to receive boat people, as far as I am aware,” Major General Werachon Sukhondhapatipak, spokesman for Thailand’s ruling junta, told Reuters.

He declined to comment on the UN refugee agency UNHCR’s appeal on Tuesday for an international search and rescue operation for the many stranded on the seas between Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The UN has said several thousand migrants were abandoned at sea by smugglers following a Thai government crackdown on human trafficking…

Once the boat people realize there is no point setting out, the problem will stop. The Europeans are too stupid to figure it out.

The boat people are mostly Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar. No one wants them.  Thailand was taking a few and exploiting them for super-cheap labour.  After that became a scandal, Thailand has no further use for them. 


Southern Thailand: Man killed while planting roadside bomb

Explosive ordnance disposal police inspect the crater left by the bomb explosion in Yala’s Raman district in which a man believed to be the bomber was killed, early Tuesday April 21. (Photo by Maluding Deeto)

A man was killed when a home-made bomb he was planting went off on a roadside in Yala’s Raman district early Tuesday, police said.

Pol Lt Khattiya Samthong, an investigator at Raman police station, said the bomb exploded on the road leading to Village Group 3 in tambon Kayu Boko about 12.30am.

The police sent to the scene found a bomb crater about three metres in diametre and one metre deep on one side of the Kota – Raman road near a Dtac signal tower…