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In Sweden, cash is almost extinct and people implant microchips in their hands to pay for things

Few countries have been moving toward a cashless society as fast as Sweden. But cash is being squeezed out so quickly — with half the nation’s retailers predicting they will stop accepting bills before 2025 — that the government is recalculating the societal costs of a cash-free future.


Former Google boss launches scathing Silicon Valley attack urging tech giants to end the delusion that it’s making the world a better place

A former Google boss has launched a withering attack on the firm, calling technology giants deluded.

Jessica Powell said she had become tired of defending the company in her role as its top PR chief.

‘This is an industry that takes itself far too seriously, and its own responsibility not seriously enough,’ she added.


Coffee drone could predict when you need caffeine – and deliver it

What good is technology if it can’t keep us caffeinated? A new patent obtained by IBM for a coffee drone with artificial intelligence capabilities could change how we get our java in the workplace, and beyond. Not only would the drone deliver coffee directly to people, whether alone or in a group, it would also be able to predict who needs it most.

What about Scotch?


Nearly half of Americans don’t want a self-driving car: survey

Consumers’ interest in automatic braking and other autonomous features is high, but drivers view self-driving cars as less safe compared to a similar survey conducted two years ago. Forty-nine percent of respondents said they would never own a fully-autonomous car, known in the industry as a Level 5 vehicle. Two years ago, 30 percent said they would never buy one.