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Coffee drone could predict when you need caffeine – and deliver it

What good is technology if it can’t keep us caffeinated? A new patent obtained by IBM for a coffee drone with artificial intelligence capabilities could change how we get our java in the workplace, and beyond. Not only would the drone deliver coffee directly to people, whether alone or in a group, it would also be able to predict who needs it most.

What about Scotch?


Nearly half of Americans don’t want a self-driving car: survey

Consumers’ interest in automatic braking and other autonomous features is high, but drivers view self-driving cars as less safe compared to a similar survey conducted two years ago. Forty-nine percent of respondents said they would never own a fully-autonomous car, known in the industry as a Level 5 vehicle. Two years ago, 30 percent said they would never buy one.


Beer label uses facial recognition

Multi-Color Corporation and Talkin’ Things, Internet of Things (IoT) packaging platform providers, have combined augmented reality (AR) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to create a “unique” customer experience in connected products, according to Talkin’ Things. The label of Black Red Ale beer incorporates a large “talking” skull using advanced AR facial recognition and dynamic scenarios dependent on users’ emotions. For more information see the IDTechEx report on ten forecasts for digital transformation.

As the customer scans the smart label with a mobile app, the skull presented on the label engages in an interactive dialogue with the consumer. The facial recognition feature detects if the customer is happy or sad and customizes the next part of the dialogue to accommodate a flowing conversation. Furthermore, variable AR scenarios are also launched depending on answers provided to questions asked.


20 Km/h Max: Sweden Pioneers Geoblocking to Stop Vehicular Terrorism

Geoblocking allows authorities to prevent a vehicle from being hijacked and physically limits its speed. In the demonstration arranged in Stockholm, a bus was going at a mere 20 kilometers per hour, regardless of how much the driver stepped on the gas.

Once again the authorities refuse to identify the cause and instead address the symptom, so jihadists will switch to pressure cookers, backpack IEDs, and knife attacks. On the bright side, this new technology gives the socialist government even more power over the average citizen. Coming soon to a North America near you. 


Disqus has gone nutz… it may be suicidal

It may be contemplating self-harm, so no commenting until it is put right unfortunately.

The greyed out comments problem seems to be system wide, I do hope it is fixed soon.

I wonder if it’s happening on Conservative sites only? 😉 – Sarcasticat


Lie-detecting computer kiosks equipped with artificial intelligence look like the future of border security

  • A virtual border agent kiosk was developed to interview travelers at airports and border crossings and it can detect deception to flag human security agents.
  • The U.S., Canada and European Union have tested the technology, and one researcher says it has a deception detection success rate of up to 80 percent — better than human agents.
  • The technology relies on sensors and biometrics, and its lie-detection capabilities are based on eye movements or changes in voice, posture and facial gestures.

Terrorists only get through 20% of the time! 


Tesla with self-driving capability crashes into fire truck, investigation launched

The incident occurred in the Salt Lake City suburb of South Jordan on Friday, when the Tesla S slammed into a fire department’s mechanics truck while it was stopped at a red light.

Liberal solution: Humans not allowed in any vehicles – no one gets hurt. Plus a huge fine to support the government if you break the law. Besides, freedom is overrated.