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Sydney siege inquest: Gunman secretive, defiant narcissist

SYDNEY (AP) — The man who took 18 people hostage at a Sydney cafe last year was educated and erratic, secretive about his own life and public about his many grievances, and a self-obsessed fabulist whose life was spiraling downward in the lead-up to his deadly attack, lawyers told an inquest Monday.

The details of Man Monis’ life and death are being examined at a coroner’s inquest into December’s siege at the Lindt Cafe, in which a shotgun-wielding Monis took customers and workers captive and made a series of demands, including that he be delivered a flag of the Islamic State group. The standoff ended when police stormed the cafe. Monis was killed, along with two hostages.

“This is not a normal investigation — it is grappling with questions of national significance,” New South Wales state Coroner Michael Barnes told the court. “Was Monis a so-called lone wolf prosecuting an ISIS-inspired terrorist act, or was he a deranged individual pursuing some personal, private grievance in a public manner?”…

More: Sydney siege gunman too “weird” for Australian motorcycle gang, inquest hears


Grave diggers sworn to secrecy on burial of Martin Place gunman Monis

THE NSW government has built a wall of secrecy around the burial of Man Haron Monis, eager to keep from the public the location of the grave of the man who held 18 people hostage in a lone Islamic terrorist act.

Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday that Monis, who died along with two of the hostages in a shootout at the Lindt cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place last month, was buried by agents of the state on Tuesday.

The newspaper said the state Coroner released Monis’s body to be buried by gravediggers in an undisclosed location in NSW, with those involved in the burial required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

A well-placed source confirmed the report, saying the location of the grave had been kept secret from all but those directly involved.

“I don’t know whether anybody but the coroner and the gravediggers know,” the source said.

Islamic leaders have publicly disowned Monis and condemned his actions, which he took in the name of the Islamic State terrorist group, which subsequently praised him for the siege and the deaths of Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson…


Police accused of ‘setting up’ Muslims by asking them to find an ISIS flag for Man Haron Monis during the Lindt Cafe siege

Activist and Muslim convert Rebecca Kay

Members of the Muslim community feel they were set up by police who contacted them asking for an ISIS flag during the Sydney siege, a prominent activist says.

Rebecca Kay, who converted to Islam and is now a well-known and outspoken community member, was called by an officer from NSW Police Counter-Terrorism about four hours after Man Haron Monis took 18 hostages in the Lindt café in Martin Place on December 15.

The officer said Monis was demanding an ISIS flag and asked Ms Kay to help police find one, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

She agreed to make phone calls even though she knew it would be a difficult task finding someone willing to admit they owned a flag relating to the terrorist group…

…But Ms Kay said the situation compromised her relationships with some people she contacted, who were suspicious about her request and accused her of being a police informant…

When you convert to a “religion” that is full of violent criminals, you might expect a few problems, you idiotic twit.


Australia: ‘Spy’ lies that opened the door to mad Lindt cafe killer Man Haron Monis

LINDT cafe terrorist Man Haron Monis was given refugee status after fooling the Australian government that he was an Iranian spy familiar with state-sponsored terrorist attacks, which would put his life in ­danger if he was sent home.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal that the Islamic extremist also presented a signed letter on an Amnesty International letterhead, which lobbied the Department of Immigration on his behalf in 1997.

In a copy of the letter dated April 30 from that year, Amnesty’s refugee co-ordinator said the organisation assessed as “credible” outlandish claims made by Monis he was a dissident poet, a senior cleric and an Iranian intelligence officer.

In the aftermath of Martin Place, his claims about himself have been widely ridiculed on social media in his native Iran, where he is described as little more than a conman…


Aussie apologist: Has Andrew Bolt fallen into the extremists’ trap of linking Islamic State with Islam?

If we want to defeat extremism then we need to play a very careful and long game. We must not inadvertently play into the hands of extremists by giving them false credibility for fighting a supposedly holy cause.

Has columnist Andrew Bolt fallen into the extremists’ trap in his recent column?

Writing for Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Bolt called for an end to the supposed “denial of Islamic fundamentalism” and criticised the authorities for playing down Sydney hostage murderer Man Haron Monis’ religion.

Inadvertently, he may be playing into the hands of the Islamic extremists and unintentionally contributing to their objectives…

…Let’s also not fall into the trap of believing that these murderers represent a religion. They do not. Call them for what they are – murderers and not fighters for a belief. Do not give them perceived legitimacy by attaching them to a false cause…


Taped Granville lectures give glimpse inside the crazed mind of Sydney terrorist Man Haron Monis

Martin Place siege gunman Man Haron Monis and Sydney extremist Ismail al-Wahwah (circled).

Martin Place terrorist Man Haron Monis delivered a chilling lecture decrying religions other than Islam and calling for an “Islamic society” to a packed prayer hall in Western Sydney.

The fake sheik — speaking in parables littered with violent references — called for Islamic justice and for a caliphate with one religion.

The tapes were recorded in 2009, the same year Monis dropped off the national security watch list amid a string of stunning lapses before last month’s siege during which he held 18 Lindt cafe workers and customers hostage.

Years before the Martin Place attack which left cafe manager Tori Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson dead, Monis taunted foreign governments who allowed criminals to carry out acts of violence, sneering “your intelligence service is not working properly.”

“If you are not aware that there is criminal activity happening in your county, leave the position that you have. You are incompetent,” he declared.

In fist thumping speech, translated for The Daily Telegraph by a Farsi interpreter, Monis, who concentrated on war in Afghanistan, said: “Society should behave in an Islamic manner.”

He gave the audience exercises to “explore meaning” to be gauged on what he called the “Islamo-meter”…

Not completely crazed, it seems. Nasty, yes.


Bad journalism: How a new Australian social movement is challenging Islamophobia after the Sydney siege

One week after the tragic Sydney siege, a new grassroots movement is challenging everyday prejudice in Australia. In what began as a stand of solidarity, the social media campaign #illridewithyou is pushing Australians to reexamine how they view race relations and religious discrimination…

So you see, even though a country could turn to violence and retaliation at a time like this, many Australians have chosen to express their grief in other ways.

#illridewithyou started with a simple tweet from @Michael James_TV. He shared a story from a young Brisbane woman, Rachael Jacobs, who saw a Muslim woman remove her headscarf on a Sydney train after hearing news of the siege…

Another Twitter user, @sirtessa, then tweeted encouraging Muslim women to wear their religious attire on public transport with pride and started the hashtag #illridewithyou…

Debunked several times (in stages, as it unfolded) on this site:

#IllLieToYou: Kathy’s new column

Tessa says she does not want anyone to ride with her

Sydney Cafe Murders: The Ugly True Story Behind The #Illridewithyou Twitter Campaign

Hashtag Jamming and the BBC Manufactured and Totally Contrived “#illridewithyou” Nonsense


Yes, It Does Have Something To Do With Islam

…One is free to argue that the gunman’s and the Islamic State’s view of Islam is “not true Islam.”  But it is at best disingenuous, at best, so say that forces that declare themselves an Islamic State, who want to impose their view of proper Islamic Law, and openly declare that they are fighting for Islam, while waving a flag with the statement of Islamic faith AND the Insignia of the founder of Islam, somehow has nothing to do with Islam…


Amirah Droudis wife of Sydney siege gunman back behind bars

The Sydney cafe gunman’s widow, Amirah Droudis, has been jailed after her bail was revoked following a successful plea from government prosecutors in Sydney on Monday.

Accused of murdering Man Horan Monis’s previous wife, Droudis today faced Downing Centre Local Court in downtown Sydney where prosecutors argued she was ‘capable of doing criminal acts’ on her fanatical husband’s behalf.

Noleen Hayson Pal’s body was found stabbed and burned to death in the stairwell of a western Sydney apartment block in April 2013. Droudis was charged with her murder and Monis as an accessory to the alleged killing.

Chief Magistrate Grame Henson said Droudis posed an ‘unacceptable risk to the community’ after prosecutors introduced more than 90 minutes of fresh video evidence.

The material was not tendered in court during Droudis’ previous bail hearing in December 2013, twelve months prior…


Sydney siege: Hostage-taker’s wife and convert to Islam, Amirah Droudis, was once hairdresser called Anastasia

Amirah Droudis was convicted alongside Man Haron Monis of sending offensive letters to the families of fallen soldiers. Source.

…[W]hat has emerged in a picture of a woman who seems to have undergone a complete transformation following her conversion to Islam about five years ago. Far from bringing her peace and spirituality, her life after she fell in with the self-styled sheik Man Haron Monis, appears to have taken a seriously bad turn.

unnamed-5A photo of Droudis before she converted to Islam.

Last year she was found guilty, along with Monis, of sending abusive letters to the families of dead Australian Defence Force personnel. The letters called them unclean pigs and accused them of, among other things, being terrorists for killing Afghan women and children.

Droudis also appears to have been the financier of Monis’s website, which carried links to his letters and her videos in which she confessed to being a terrorist because she did not find Islam earlier.

They also clearly had grander plans. Droudis, Monis and a third man, Amin Khademi, set up a company Australian United Muslim Clerics Pty Ltd in 2008 but it was deregistered in June 2010.

But there are more serious charges pending against Droudis. In April last year, she was charged with the murder of Monis’s ex-wife Noleen Hayson Pal, aged 33, who was stabbed 18 times and set alight in a stairwell in Werrington. Monis is charged with being an accessory before and after the fact. The magistrate who granted her and Monis bail described the prosecution case as weak, and concluded that neither was a threat to anyone other than the deceased…


Sydney siege: backtrack over post that inspired #illridewithyou

Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson, the two hostages killed in a dramatic 16-hour siege at the Lindt cafe in Sydney. Photograph: AAP

Gaps have appeared in the story that inspired the #illridewithyou Twitter phenomenon.

University lecturer Rachael Jacobs had originally posted a status on Facebook, explaining how she offered to protect a woman who felt uncomfortable wearing her hijab.

According to her story, Ms Jacobs had seen the woman beginning to remove her scarf, and ran after her, saying “Put it back on. I’ll walk with you.”

The exchange took place on a Brisbane train, while the Sydney siege was taking place in Sydney’s Martin Place.

However Rachael Jacobs has admitted that she “editorialised’’ parts of her story.

“Confession time. In my Facebook status, I editorialised. She wasn’t sitting next to me. She was a bit away, towards the other end of the carriage,” she wrote.

Detailing her thought process, Ms Jacobs now says she wondered if she even needed to help.“She might not even be Muslim or she could have just been warm!,” she wrote.

The hashtag continues to divide people on social media, with some lauding it as Australia’s way of combating Islamophobia.

Others say it detracts from the real tragedy of two people being murdered at Martin Place.


Siege backlash unlikely, yet Facebook shuts down Australian Defence League page

“A Latrobe Valley Muslim leader has expressed confidence the community was unlikely to experience any negative backlash from the Martin Place siege in Sydney earlier this week, where three people died including the lone gunman,” reports the Latrobe Valley Express.

And, apart a single reported episode of “backlash” consisting of four people holding a faded sign, there has indeed been zero backlash.

So that makes it all the important for Facebook to shut down the page of the Australian Defence League. The logic is impeccable.

Apparently the supporters of Tessa Kum and her #Illridewithyou friends flooded Facebook with complaints.

ADLIt has not only been shut down, but if you search Facebook for “Australian Defence League” you now get the site show above.  The enemy is winning this one.

May I suggest we complain to Google about her site It is not likely to bear fruit as she is a protected “woman of colour.”  A sample below:

People of Colour must be put in their place. Young people must be put in their place. And so on, and so forth, ad infinitum, until you, white person, probably straight cishet and able-bodied, have put everyone in their place and are left standing atop a pile of bodies…

This is not online drama. This is our fucking lives. This racism, bullying, racism, discrimination, racism, solidarity for white women, racism is every fucking day. We’re not making a fuss because someone got our coffee order wrong, we’re speaking up against you the oppressor doing oppressive shit. Again. And again. And again. Because you, the privileged, the oppressing, the shining white right, aren’t listening. You’ve no idea how to walk the walk, and the last couple of weeks have revealed that most of you are far shitter at talking the talk than you imagine.

New posts from this site are routinely tweeted under my name (@LolKatzen). The post that brought up the hateful nature of this so-called SJW Tessa Kum returned two extremely angry responses — normally unheard of, although I do not have a large number of followers.

I am not given to starting fights, but it wouldn’t hurt for Twitter users to send her a message (@sirtessa).  PLEASE do not include death threats!


A Test of Australia’s Empathy

Today’s therapy culture has elevated the ability to feel the pain of others into something of a moral absolute.

Since moral precepts define what you should do, making empathy a moral law upends ethics by enjoining us, not to do something, but to feel the right feelings.

Under the rule of empathy, it doesn’t really matter what happens to the poor and disadvantaged in our great nation. What matters is that you feel the correct feelings about the problem. They shield you of all responsibility for the consequences of the policies you have supported.

It’s a lose/lose situation that feels like a win/win.

Recently, presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton– whose husband rode “I feel your pain” to the White House and to no small number of sexual conquests– recently announced that we need to empathize with our enemies.

By the Hillary doctrine, we do not need to defeat our enemies. We do not need to feel their pain. We need to be sensitive to the pain that is causing them to want to kill us.

Like it or not, discussions of empathy quickly degenerate into mindless cant.

Yesterday, as soon as the terrorist hostage taking in Sydney, Australia been suppressed, the Sydney Morning Herald embarrassed itself with an editorial about the need for empathy…

The blog Chicago Boyz comments on this too.


Upside Down Down Under – Since when was telling ISIS to screw off racist?

The ‘backlash’: Men wave racist sign in wake of Sydney siege

Men stood on top of a Townsville shopping centre holding a racist sign in the wake of the Sydney siege. Photo: Facebook

Police are interviewing a group of men who allegedly climbed onto the roof of a Townsville shopping centre and waved a racist sign in response to the Sydney siege.

Officers were called after the group were spotted on the roof of the Willows Shopping Centre about 3.15pm Monday.

A photo of the four men holding up a cardboard sign with the words: “DEATH TO ISIS. GET OUT YOU RAG-HEADED F—S. ANTI-TERROR” has emerged on social media.

Three of the four men attempted to disguise their identity by covering their faces…

Another report says it was an ‘isolated incident’. I can barely read it – the writing is very faint. Not much of a backlash.

And it seems some nasty messages were written on Facebook as well: at the Australian Defence League  (it is a closed group, so one cannot even view it)


Cultured reason meaningless response in face of death cult

The brutal nihilism of Islamist terrorism is a difficult concept for most of us to understand, but comprehend it we must.

This is an evil that can shoot a teenage girl because she dares to go to school. When Malala ­Yousafzai survived and was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize her Islamist extremist ­enemies were not chastened; ­rather, they have marched into a Pakistani school and slaughtered more than 100 children.

This ideology will strap bombs to teenagers and have them walk into shops or on to buses to explode carnage among innocents.

As we know, they have flown planes into buildings and driven cars into bus shelters.

In Nigeria, extremists kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls to be traded as slaves. And in case you were wondering, that ­celebrity-laden Twitter hashtag campaign has not saved the girls.

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