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In Justin’s Sunny Ways Canada University Conferences Are Held On Using “Genocide Denial” Against the Jews

“My astute son directs my attention to a conference on “Genocide Denial” that’s happening on the campus of Simon Fraser University. And if you think the term refers to that practice that’s common in, say, the Ayatollah Khamenei’s Iran, think again. The “denial” being considered is not Shoah-denial. In fact, while the Holocaust is mentioned (how could it not be?), it is not on the program.”

The conference is being held at Simon Fraser University, below is a screenshot of the agenda. No less a representative of the Fever Swamp Left than Sunera Thobani,  is moderating the plenary on Settler Colonial Genocide in Canada! Thobani is an ungrateful parasite who hates western civilization yet enjoys all its benefits.

Phylis Chesler guts Thobani in this piece; What to Say to the Totalitarian Left on 9/11/11

“I recently heard from a Canadian school psychologist who lives in Toronto and who has dual citizenship in Canada and the United States. He was “dismayed,” outraged, saddened, and puzzled, and wanted me to explain to him how a feminist academic could have “hijacked a feminist conference in Quebec to express her feelings about how American foreign policy was totally responsible for the events of 9/11.” Ever since then, Brooks Masterton has written to this particular academic every 9/11 about her “lack of compassion for the victims” and about her hypocrisy, given that she, Uses the freedoms she has in Canada as well as public funding to express outrageous ideas.



Sunera Thobani – Out of Canada Now!

Under The Shadow of 9 /11 Part 2 – An unbelievable load of drivel from Sunera Thobani. If you can stomach it, listen to this little snip attempt to frame the War on Terror as “racialized” – as a racist war against brown and black people.

“Whiteness is being redefined as vulnerable and endangered. Innocent & unable to comprehend the reasons for the hatreds of these fanatic non-western Muslims.”

“Even today most of the public discussion about the war takes place on the level of:

We are Good. Western civilization is superior. They are evil. We want to save them. They want to kill us.”

Well I can certainly agree with that last statement.

She goes on to relate an encounter she had with a Canadian feminist & leftist regarding Canada’s role and deployment of troops in Afghanistan. The Lefty Canuck stated that “If we bring our troops back home, how can we leave those women behind?”

Sunera asks us to drink in “The breathtaking arrogance of this statement” and goes on to slag the poor lefty lady as an example of how the institution of white supremacy has been strengthened by the war on terror and is still to be found even in leftist and feminist circles. OH MY!

I can only assume Sunera believes the Taliban to be a Gal’s best friend. I wonder what these Women would think of Sunera’s comments – if any of them are of of Irish extraction, well you can guess the outcome of an encounter with Ms. Thobani;)

Hmm maybe we can file an HRC complaint against Sunera for spewing anti-white folks hate-speech. Nah… let her own words hang her in the marketplace.

Part 1 of Sunera’s screed can be found here.