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Minneapolis may phase out psych testing for cops after too many minorities screened out

Mohamed Noor has not faced any charges.


The city of Minneapolis may fire its police psychology evaluator because his tests screened out too many minority candidates, despite already lowering psych evaluations far below the national standard.

The July police shooting of Justine Damond triggered the city to scrutinize its psychological standards for police, with many claiming they’d become lax.

Psychiatrist Thomas Gratzer has run psych testing for the Minneapolis police for the past five years, and in that time, he has eliminated four of the five tests used to determine whether a candidate is fit to be an officer, APM reported Thursday. Now, Gratzer may get the axe not for gutting his standard, but for screening out too many minorities.

Mohamed Noor, the officer who shot Damond, is Somali and was one of 200 cops approved by Gratzer’s standards over the past five years, which were already far below the national standard.


Canada’s Immigration Minister visits Minnesota and says, please don’t come across our southern border! (Spoiler alert: he doesn’t mean it.)

Ahmed Hussen “enjoys rock star status” in the Minnesota Somali community

“We don’t want people uprooting their lives based on false information,” Hussen said. “Crossing the border irregularly is not a free ticket to Canada.”

Ahmed said word in the local Somali community remains that Canada offers a much gentler welcome to those arriving at its border with asylum claims. He spoke of a friend, a permanent resident who faced deportation after a criminal conviction, who crossed into Canada this year. Though he doesn’t know yet if he will be granted asylum, the friend reports receiving subsidized housing and free legal help, Ahmed said.

Bonus: “the wailing is underway in Minnesota as refugee numbers drop there due to Donald Trump’s slowdown of the refugee flow to America.”


Lutherans on the offense in St. Cloud, plan propaganda webinar

Readers, I do have news from elsewhere that needs to be posted, but the St. Cloud upcoming council vote is shaping up to be a pivotal event.

What I truly don’t understand is why Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota (a subcontractor of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service headquartered in Baltimore) is so hell bent to bring more third worlders, especially Somalis, to a town where they (Somalis AND LSS) face such a backlash.

You would almost think the Lutheran resettlement contractor is benefiting financially beyond its per head payment for the refugees they place in Minnesota communities.

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Muslim Accuses ‘islamophobic’ Neighbor Of Smearing Sh*t Inside Of His Car

“He did whatever he can say. My heligion, my color. Even he tell me ‘you not belong to here,’” said Mohamad.

Allow me translate: Mohamad is saying that his neighbor mocked his religion and skin color, adding that he does not belong in this country.

Mohamad, a Somali immigrant, says he’s lived in Fargo since 1998. He apparently hasn’t picked up much English in the 18 years he’s lived in the United States, but why should anyone have to assimilate? Almost 2 decades in this country and he can’t pronounce “religion” or even form a basic simple sentence in English? That’s bad.

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Inaugural Somali festival a first chance ‘to display who we are’

Not only did Hamdi Ahmed have the chance to bake 150 cupcakes, a passion she hopes to one day turn into a business, but she also had the opportunity to share her culture at city hall in the inaugural Somali Cultural Festival.

A-S-S-I-M-I-L-A-T-E-! Wait, that’s hate speech. Never mind.



FYI to black lives matter types: Somalis don’t consider themselves black. So don’t feel you need to make excuses for this maniac

They consider themselves Arabs or something. Bantu people are their traditional slaves. (“Ibrahim says Somali Americans have been hesitant to claim black identities in the past, because they associate being black with being powerless.”)

Re. the Justine Damond killing in Minneapolis:

“He is extremely nervous … he is a little jumpy … he doesn’t really respect women, the least thing you say to him can set him off,” Mr Miller said. “When they say a policeman shot an Australian lady I thought uh, oh but then when they said who it was I was like, ‘OK.’

He has little respect for women (well, duh – Ed.), he has little respect for blacks and kids,” said Mr Miller, who is African-American. “He has an air like you just couldn’t really be around him.” (Emphases mine – Ed.)


The troubling US post-prison experiment to ‘rehabilitate’ an ISIS supporter

When a young man from Minnesota’s Somali community who admitted trying to join ISIS appeared for sentencing in November, the judge made him an offer: avoid more prison time and participate in an experimental “terrorist rehabilitation.”

But two months ago Abdullahi Yusuf, 21, was back before the judge charged with violating the terms of his probation after watching a news documentary about western ISIS fighters in a halfway house where he is confined.


MN: SOMALI MAN RAPES COLLEGE STUDENT…Gets 90-Days In Jail…Allowed to Leave Scene Of Crime Without Arrest by Somali Officer

A 24-year-old Somali man, Ashraf Alaaeldin Mohamed Elgamal, raped an unconscious Minnesota State University student and was given only 90 days in prison and two years of probation.

White students have been exonerated and gotten worse punishments than that.