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Classy State Rep. Welcomes Mike Pence To Philadelphia With The Bird

No that’s not a Philadelphia Eagle. That bird is a middle finger and a big FU to Mike Pence. A Pennsylvania State lawmaker showed off how classy he is by flipping off the Vice President of the United States. I know what you are thinking: is this guy a Republican? Prepared to be shocked. No, this mature individual is actually a democrat. I know I was surprised too because liberals are usually so rational and respectful.


University Gyms Enforcing Sleeves

Yep she looks triggered. Good thing she can’t get up and attack you.

On May 31st, I was denied entry into McMaster’s Pulse Fitness Gym and Centre.

When I asked why, a staff member politely told me, “We don’t let anyone wear sleeveless shirts in our gyms.”

At first, I laughed. What a stupid policy to enforce in a gym during the summer months. It’s hot as hell.

The staff member was totally serious, though. He explained to me that they enforce the policy because other people – namely, women and fat people – have body image problems.


NFL owners’ social justice cash may defuse anthem protests, may not satisfy fans

After two years of kneeling players and plummeting ratings, NFL owners are expected next week to put the finishing touches on an $89 million social justice package intended to defuse the sideline protest problem that began with Colin Kaepernick in 2016 and put the focus back on what happens on the field.


In Profanity-Laced Interview, Parkland Student Says NRA Could Have Children’s Blood On Their Faces And They’d Still Take No Action

In an interview with The Outline, David Hogg attacked pro-gun politicians and the NRA, saying, “It just makes me think what sick f***ers out there want to continue to sell more guns, murder more children, and honestly just get reelected.”

His downfall will be glorious.


Hating or baiting?

This campaign features a dark-skinned superhero who is wearing a very dubious, neon-yellow outfit, sunglasses and cape (he’s either addicted to sunbeds or he’s the ‘ethnic minority’ man from the ‘70s’ disco era come to teach the bad white people all about tolerance and inclusion). Regardless, the superhero, who has an obvious eating disorder, is strutting his stuff outside of the school gates. The ginger girl looks adoringly at him as though she has found Mr Right, while the boy is gazing longingly at the hero’s groin area (that’s one boy who is touch with his desires). You’d be forgiven for thinking the campaign is directed at children rather than adults but allow me to dissect Police Scotland’s bullshit for you.


Librarians invent new ‘queermisic microaggressions’

According to the guide, “Queermisic microaggressions” are similar to traditional microaggressions in that they can be unintentional comments that are interpreted as insults against LGBT people, except that microaggressions of the “queermisic” variety are rooted in “hate or hatred.”


David Hogg Anti-Gun Ad: ‘What If Our Politicians Weren’t the B***h of the NRA?’

A face only a fist could love.

In the video, Hogg tries to appear reasonable and to be against all-out gun control. He then proceeds to insult Republicans, the NRA and most of America over gun rights. He calls for outright gun control. He then points to Democrat Conor Lamb’s victory over Republican Rick Saccone earlier in the week. Hogg suggests Lamb’s victory is proof Americans have had “enough.”