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University receives award for ‘Tunnel of Oppression’ event

The university describes the “Tunnel of Oppression” as an array of rooms that participants walk through as they read posters with “educational materials on racism, sexism, religious discrimination, classism, homophobia, veteran status, and genocide as well as ableism, discrimination toward people with physical or mental disabilities; lookism, discrimination based on appearance; and transphobia, discrimination toward transgender people or gender nonconforming behavior.”

After students emerge from the tunnel, facilitators lead discussions to help them reflect on their experience.

So it’s the SJW version of the Marine Crucible?


2 Pastors Now Blame Coca Cola As ‘Blacks Targeted’

Yesterday, two very prominent black pastors in the D.C. area filed suit against Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association. In their lawsuit, filed in D.C. Superior Court, accusations are made that the organizations knowingly deceive their black, and minority, consumers regarding the health risks of sugar-sweetened beverages. These drinks are the cause of black communities high rate of disease, diabetes and stroke, they argue.

Victimized by free will!


Evergreen Student: ‘I’m Not Allowed To Speak Because I’m White’

“This behavior has actually been encouraged and because of this I feel like people are becoming more violent and the campus is becoming more of an unsafe place,” she continued. “I have been to several meetings to speak. I’ve been told several times that I’m not allowed to speak because I’m white.”


Job loss from minimum wage hikes quantified – news not good

From Paul Jacob at Townhall:

Activists and politicians have been pushing big increases in the minimum wage in cities around the country. Seattle, Washington, has been one of those, establishing an $11.00/hour legal minimum in April of 2015, then raising that minimum by two dollars in 2016. The City of Seattle commissioned a study of “the wage, employment, and hours effects of the first and second phase-in of the Seattle Minimum Wage Ordinance,” and it shows clear results.

While the first hike had somewhat ambiguous results, the second hike led to a 9 percent reduction in hours worked at wages below $19/hour. That is a major finding.

And there’s more. More.

Reality check: You bet there’s more. Laid-off minimum wage workers will be in the increasingly dangerous position of not being needed at all, as opposed to simply having a low social status but being needed.

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Help wanted: University seeks social justice warrior

From Jennifer Van Laar at Townhall:

Parents ponying up the $42,910 annual tuition at the University of Scranton will be pleased to know that the school is looking to hire a “Director of Cross Cultural Centers” to promote feminist and social justice theories through its Jane Kopas Women’s Center and its Multicultural Center.

The Director would oversee the day-to-day operations of the Centers and their staff, “who work together to develop, implement, and present programs that promote inclusion, multiculturalism, and equity, within a framework of intersectionality, social change, feminist and critical race theory, and mission of the University.”More.

Reality check: Why do parents pony up? Probably because they believe that the restoration of progressive government will enable secure, well-paying jobs wielding considerable power, making the tuition an excellent investment. So let’s not assume they are dumb.

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Prof calls whites ‘inhuman a**holes,’ says ‘let them die’

“What does it mean, in general, when victims of bigotry save the lives of bigots?” the author begins by asking, later saying that his black peers “imagine…that by becoming a shining example of this ‘righteous’ behavior, we might, somehow, guide these cannibals into becoming upright beings capable of following the very rules they enforce upon us.”

You mad, bro?


Bernard Goldberg on “cowardly academics”

From Bernard Goldberg at Townhall:

And what should we make of Ulrich Baer, the vice provost for faculty, arts, humanities, and diversity, and professor of German and comparative literature at New York University, who apparently doesn’t believe in free speech — at least not for people with opinions that might offend groups that have been targets of discrimination.

When certain “views invalidate the humanity of some people, they restrict speech as a public good” and in “such cases there is no inherent value to be gained from debating them in public,” he wrote in The New York Times.

This is quite remarkable. A professor and administrator at a major American university who isn’t ashamed to admit that unpopular speech is not worthy of debate. The real heroes, according to Baer, are the students who disrupt speech they don’t like. More.

Reality check: Unfortunately, Baer is not just a coward. He is making a legitimate calculation: People will continue to vote to publicly fund Thug U and its students. And live with the consequences.

The looming threat to fat crat funding will surely force a rethink. Not among the Stalinists in mortarboards, of course, but among cowardly colleagues who do not see why they should take the heat.

They had, after all, simply been mooing along with the herd.

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Move to privatize Thug U (Evergreen edition)


Investigation demanded against Evergreen biology prof

From Bradford Richardson at Washington Times:

More than 50 faculty members at Evergreen State College are calling on the administration to punish a professor who refused to participate in a no-whites day on campus.

In a public letter released June 2, the faculty accused biology professor Bret Weinstein of endangering members of the Evergreen community by speaking out against student protesters who have taken over the Olympia, Washington, campus. More.

Reality check: It’s hard for science types to fully convert to post-modernism because putting their brains in a blender and turning it on high seems scary at first. Weinstein wasn’t able to manage it.

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Move to privatize Thug U (Evergreen)


Journal Nature: Stuck with a battle it dare not fight, even for the soul of science


Evergreen State Students Claim Police Targeting ‘Black, Disabled, Trans Students’

Evergreen State College in Washington state isn’t the most prestigious university, but it’s really trying to make itself relevant by being just as petulant as their Ivy League brethren.

What next?

Well that certainly didn’t take long!

‘New External Threat’ Cancels Classes Again At Evergreen State College

All classes during the day and evening are effectively canceled under “suspended operations,” the statement said. Staff will be present to provide services and ensure safety, and law enforcement will remain active at all hours, it added.

I wonder if they’ll go for a hat trick.


Jordan Peterson, hero of the anti-PC crowd, just keeps winning

It wasn’t long ago that University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson’s future seemed somewhat in doubt. He rose to prominence — many would say notoriety — last autumn with his public refusal to use transgender and non-binary students’ pronouns of choice: “xe,” “zir” and “they,” for example. It was part of a multi-pronged YouTube campaign against political correctness and “compelled speech,” and against federal legislation that would make gender expression and gender identity prohibited grounds for discrimination.