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‘Bewitched’ Reboot With Interracial Family From Kenya Barris & Yamara Taylor Set At ABC With Big Commitment Via ABC Studios, Sony TV & Davis Entertainment

In Bewitched, written by Barris and Taylor, Samantha, a hardworking black single mom who happens to be a witch, marries Darren, a white mortal who happens to be a bit of a slacker. They struggle to navigate their differences as she discovers that even when a black girl is literally magic, she’s still not as powerful as a decently tall white man with a full head of hair in America.


Classy State Rep. Welcomes Mike Pence To Philadelphia With The Bird

No that’s not a Philadelphia Eagle. That bird is a middle finger and a big FU to Mike Pence. A Pennsylvania State lawmaker showed off how classy he is by flipping off the Vice President of the United States. I know what you are thinking: is this guy a Republican? Prepared to be shocked. No, this mature individual is actually a democrat. I know I was surprised too because liberals are usually so rational and respectful.


University Gyms Enforcing Sleeves

Yep she looks triggered. Good thing she can’t get up and attack you.

On May 31st, I was denied entry into McMaster’s Pulse Fitness Gym and Centre.

When I asked why, a staff member politely told me, “We don’t let anyone wear sleeveless shirts in our gyms.”

At first, I laughed. What a stupid policy to enforce in a gym during the summer months. It’s hot as hell.

The staff member was totally serious, though. He explained to me that they enforce the policy because other people – namely, women and fat people – have body image problems.