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Section 13 returns? Liberals consider letting Canadian Human Rights Commission censor the internet again

Do you remember Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act?

It was the censorship provision, that banned anything “likely to” expose a person to “hatred or contempt”.

That’s absurd — hatred and contempt are human emotions. You can’t legislate emotions.

Under Section 13, truth was no defence. “Fair comment” was no defence.


CJC: Fighting anti-Semitism, or selling out?

National Post Letter to the Editor – CJC: Fighting anti-Semitism, or selling out?

Re: Human Rights Make For Strange Bedfellows, Michael Ross, March 17.

The question Canadian Jews should be asking is: Why is the CJC in bed with these guys? Why is it so cavalier about selling out a basic Western value? Why does it seem so determined to ignore the genuine threat of radical Islam?

The answer can be found in an interview with Kenneth Levin, author of The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege. Mr. Levin, a historian and instructor of clinical psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, says that the Oslo Syndrome is not solely an Israeli phenomenon, but has now spread to the rest of the Western world: “The basic psychological motivation,” he writes, “involves the powerful wish to be in control of one’s fate and, more particularly, people’s wish to believe that they can extricate themselves from painful and threatening situations.”
In other words, it often feels better to do something rather than nothing, even if, in the long run, that something — for example, establishing yourself as the cheerleader for Canada’s thought cops — ends up making the situation much worse. One wonders if the CJC will be able to shake off the effects of this debilitating syndrome before it’s too late.

Mindy G. Alter, Toronto.


A shocking similarity….

I now understand where our Human Rights Commissions have received both their training & inspiration:

Commission Denies Humiliating Woman Student in Makkah

MAKKAH, 17 March 2008 — The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice denied yesterday the charges made in a local newspaper that its members had exceeded the limits in their treatment of a woman student and humiliated her in public.

Speaking to Arab News, Ahmad Qasim Al-Ghamdi, director of the commission’s branch in Makkah, said that the commission’s act merely protected the honor of the student and her family. He dismissed the charges in the media as “contrary to facts.”


“There is no basis for the charge that the commission members smeared her reputation by acting in public. On the other hand, the false charge (against the commission members) aims at spoiling the good name of the commission. The young woman was allowed to go home without any action taken against her and without having her identity exposed,” Al-Ghamdi said.

…. The rest.

Note the eerie similarity to our own HRC’s and their defenders like Kinsella and the CJC. Black is white and 2 plus 2 equals 5. The same duplicitous doublespeak, the same disdain for truth, due process and the public they allegedly protect.

Throw a Ghutra and a Mishlah over Kinsella and he could have himself a payin job again;)

“Warrence of Awabia”


Michael Ross Explains Slowly: Why The Canadian Jewish Congress and their Neo-Nazi Witch Hunts are Wrong

National Post: Human rights make for strange bedfellows

This perception recently has been reinforced, in my mind at least, by the Canadian Jewish Congress’ attempts to justify the censorship powers of our human rights commissions. Only by suppressing freedom of speech, CJC officials have argued in the National Post’s pages and elsewhere, can Jews and other minority groups be protected from the isolated eccentrics who prowl the web.

Within the Mossad, Israel’s secret intelligence service, there is a small department of intelligence analysts who monitor and report on incidents and trends relating to anti-Semitism and violence perpetrated against Jewish communities worldwide. During my 13 years with the Mossad, I was privy to the reports of this department. They invariably concluded that modern anti-Semitism has very little to do with the reawakening of National Socialism, and everything to do with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Western countries — with occasional collusion from elements of the radical left, not the radical right.

Great Read.


partist-ite – n: a parasite with artistic pretensions

Partisite – partist-ite – n: a parasite with artistic pretensions, hive minded insect, noteworthy for engagement in “mimetic resemblance” eg. proclaims to be societies pulse & conscience yet is more concerned with issues of funding as opposed to real censorship.

Also characterized by adaptive tendency to “biological invasion” whereby more talented species are crowded out of native habitat. Pheromonal communication assists in location of tax payer funding – it’s sole source of food. Other characteristics include wearing of “Che” T-Shirts, “feel-good” socialist politics. Environmentally hazardous: bulk of hive effluent tends to consist of “works” that focus on marginal issues of no concern, interest or entertainment value to infected Host.

While adaptive the species is prone to mass extinctions or kill-offs due to its inabilty to perceive genuine threats to its existence. This blindness is ascribed to the communitie’s “alienation” from the Host population. Typically infests nations with poor financial hygeine habits.


To covenant or not to be…

Please read this post: To covenant or not to be…


I am continually amazed by the times in which we live, the revelations into the erosion of our national covenant. How can one not read Ezra Levant’s tales of the erosion of the rule of law by Utopian hatemongererers (those who have the gall to believe they can defend human rights by abrogating, without the rule of law, the rights of those they deem to be hatemongerers – follow the links, and you shall see… it is one thing if a responsible, transparent, and duly elected leader goes to war, qualifying rights along the way; but when unaccountable bureaucrats do it, we need to go to war with them…)


The rest- a great read.


Rob Breakenridge on Darren Lund – A Misguided Defence of Human Rights Commissions

A Misguided Defence of Human Rights Commissions


Mr. Lund is making a big jump in logic here, and trying to manipulate the rest of us into taking the plunge as well. Try as he might, there is no way he can demonstrate that the young Red Deer bully was in any way influenced by the letter-to-the-editor written by Rev. Boissoin. In any case, incitement to violence is not to be dealt with by Human Rights Commissions – that is for police and the courts to enforce.

I would agree that Rev. Boissoin’s letter was over-the-top and anti-gay. But, let’s keep in mind the position of EGALE: ……

While it is difficult to support Boissoin’s right to spew his misguided and vitriolic thoughts, support his right, we must. ….

A good read and perspective on the legitimacy of “HRC Show Trials

Plus an audio interview Rob Breakeneridge did with the man of the hour Darren Lund, at CQHR 770.


Yet another disingenuous HRC Defender…

DARREN LUND Globe & Mail : Rights critics run amok: Why free speech needs healthy limits

I can’t take Darren Lund’s defense of Human Rights Commissions too seriously he is simply being disingenuous by failing to mention at all the draconian powers vested in our HRC’s, which is the very heart of the current controversy.

Darren Lund is guilty himself of the very damning assertion he makes against the media who have spoken out against the Human Rights Commissions:

“Partial reporting of only the most inane details of rights rulings creates easy targets. In the case of hate speech…They offer the only available remedy to people who face hatred, whether in finding a place to live, in the workplace, or in the public sphere.”

Partial reporting? Sorry Darren within our existing criminal code in Canada, are laws that deal with Hate Crimes & Hate Speech – convenient that you left that out. HRC’s were never mandated to monitor Hate Speech, even those most responsible for the HRC’s creation such as Alan Borovoy have stated that outright and decry the current abuses being committed in the name of Human Rights. Not that others didn’t see this coming.

Lund cites the HRC case he himself initiated, Darren Lund v. Stephen Boissoin , as evidence of hate speech, yet the commission itself based its decision on the very flimsy linkage of Boissoins comments to the violence committed against the young victim in this case. Evidence that would not stand in a real court of law, you know the kind with real lawyers and real judges and oh yea – real evidence. Does this not concern you Darren? Guess not, you did win after all. Regardless of your personal feelings or assumptions of guilt towards Boisson Mr. Lund, he is still entitled to a fair hearing, which is something Boissoin did not receive, and is beyond the evident scope, inclination and abilities of our HRC’s to provide.

The HRC’s would not be the magnet of public scorn they have become had they stuck to their original mandate of protecting the vulnerable against housing and workplace discrimination. The truly Dangerous People in Canada that Lund refers to are in fact the Thought Police embedded in our HRC’s operating under the auspices of Section 13 (1). It is bizarre that he fails to refer specifically to the implications, excesses and abuses that Section 13 (1) has exposed our society to and he calls the MSM’s commentary inane? Section 13 (1) is legislation which has gutted the Free Speech provisions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and must be abolished. His little screed can only be summed up as yet another whiny little do-gooder dance of deception.

By ignoring the fact that HRC’s have overstepped their original mandate – that hate crime laws already exist, and the anti-democratic Section 13 (1) Darren Lund displays an alarming lack of candor which is clearly an emerging pattern among HRC Defenders as Ezra Levant points out here, Len Rudner (and now by extension Lund) is either ignorant of the facts or stupid or…..

Rudner claimed that HRCs follow the same procedures and standards that regular civil courts do. But that’s just not true. The civil rules of court don’t apply; civil rules of evidence don’t apply; HRC “investigators” have stunning powers — including search and seizure powers without warrants — that do not exist anywhere in civil procedure. And the “burden of proof” necessary for a conviction in HRCs is not at all like civil courts. The standard is the absurd “pre-crime” standard of “likely to cause” hurt feelings, and that standard is applied inconsistently by HRC tribunals, which are staffed by non-judges. No wonder the federal HRC has a 100% conviction rate under its thought crimes provisions.

Now away with you Darren before Endora hears about this.

Update: More Darren Lund bashing here & here & here & here – it’s turning into a maelstrom of criticism, a veritable “Great Fire of Lund-Undone” 😉

Upperdate 2: From the comments at the Western Standard – Boissoin weighs in…

………”Ps….I didn’t know then just as I don’t today who assaulted that boy. I don’t even know the boy who was assaalted. I heard about it two weeks after my letter was printed and the boy heard about my letter from the reporter. At that time, I was a facilitator for the Red Deer RCMP’s Restorative Justice Program, a licensed minister, the Executive Director of a Christian Youth Charity and have personaly welcomed dozens of at-risk youth into my own home regardless of sexual orientation.

Anyone who knows me personally thinks it is absurd to accuse me of approving of and/or causing such a horrendous crime. The so called staff member that was one of Lund’s witnesses was actually a “client” that was on a 6 month employabilty program. She had her facts way out to lunch and if she had known something she failed to mantion it to any senior staff member, a board member or the police.

Lund continues to attack my reputation. He slanders me in my own community and do you think I can get a fair shot at responding to media…nope.

Ps…I have an interview with Rutherford tomorrow at 11am. I am not sure if it is live or taped.

Steve Boissoin



Human Rights Commission record unbroken – Commission Under Investigation But Stalinist Show Trials To Continue

The Stalinist show trials of the Canadian Human Rights Commission are bad enough under any circumstances. However now that the commission itself is under investigation it is absolutely unforgivable that the Public be denied access.

Ezra Levant weighs in here: A secret trial

Oh Canada, have we got a fight on our hands.

More here, and here.

Write your MP, Write the Minister of Justice Robert Nicholson, Write Stephen Harper, Write Jennifer Lynch – Chief Commissioner of the Star Chamber

Demand an end to the travesty of the CHRC.


Conservative Bloggers receive new support

Stockwell Day announced renewed funding for the Security Infrastructure Program giving new hope to the beleagured Conservative Blogosphere. A $3-million fund is to be dispersed to non-profit and other provincially recognized community organizations that want to augment their existing security measures.

According to Day’s office, the program is intended to help “defray the costs of security infrastructure enhancements.” Communities can claim expenses on items such as security assessments, alarm systems, fences, contractor fees, and labour and training costs on new security equipment.

A spate of recent unguided SLAPP missile attacks on the conservative blogosphere originating from the politically & ethically dim Section 13 (1) Strip have been the cause of seriously foul odours. To date conservative bloggers have only been able to react in disbelief at the merciless stupidity of Section 13 (1) fanatics who reside in the increasingly isolated & denormalized Strip. Days announcement has provided a means for Conservative bloggers to employ Anti-SLAPP missile defense systems to counter the dying efforts of Strip fanaticism.

The SLAPP missile is described by “Janes” as a “primitive vengeance weapon” – it doesn’t do a lot of damage to its intended victim and in fact is usually more harmfull to the sender. It is typically employed as a last ditch effort by fanatical die-hards in unpopular lost causes.

Good hunting conservatives….

This article is intended as parody for those with a sense of a humour, simulation may not have actually happened;)


Raise a Cheer: Liberal Dan McTeague Supports M-446

Lots happening on the Free Speech Front be sure to check out FreeMarkSteyn and don’t forget to buy the T-shirt.

From Deborah Gyapong:

Liberal MP Dan McTeague is one of the courageous and principled members of the Liberal caucus who has stood firm in support of life and family, including the traditional definition of marriage, when his party was ramming same-sex marriage through the House of Commons in 2005 and characterizing those who opposed the move as anti-Charter and anti-human rights.I spoke to Dan last week about freedom of speech and he is deeply concerned about the chill human rights complaints are placing on such a fundamental freedom.He supports his fellow Liberal MP Keith Martin’s private member’s motion M-446.


Michelle Malkin comes to the aid of Canadian Bloggers threatened with vexatious SLAPP suits by illiberal censors. Related: The Battle for the Blogosphere

Mike Brock holds forth on the lawfare team of Skipper & Gilligan.

Flashback: “Bernie Farber is a twit”


My right to be offended….

Muslim in Suffer – About:

Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh

This site is dedicated for my Beloved Muslim all around the world, who most of them are mistreated, today. I will present the truth, honest, and fair information about islam and muslim in suffer. Moreover, the information and fact from the west news media itself. Also, this site is counter measure of bias information from The West Mafia News Media, which already been dominated by JEWISH & CHRISTIAN Mafia.

Know what I like about the internet? Freedom.

Know what I don’t like? Censorship: Censorship is the removal or withholding of information from the public by a controlling group or body.

Know what I really don’t like: Any group of self appointed busy-bodies that attempts to interfere with my or any other individuals universal human right to freedom of speech. A right enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

Censorship: The Canadian Jewish Congress sought the power to censor internet content, for that their efforts are rightly condemned. The CRTC application filed by the CJC and discussed in Ezra’s post is reminiscent of police state activity and represents a despicable low for a once well regarded organization.

I linked to the blog Muslim in Suffer to illustrate a simple point. Whether I or anyone else for that matter may be offended by the content found on that site it remains the authors fundamental human right to publish his views. I am grateful for the right to freedom of expression both for myself and all others. No one has the authority, morally, legally or otherwise to restrict what I may write, read or speak and that includes my right to be offended.

So to all the censors out there – take a Flyin Leap At A Rollin Donut. My right to be offended is precious and I intend to keep it.


Swiss bank defends Wikileaks shutdown

Globe & Mail – Swiss bank defends Wikileaks shutdown

GENEVA — The Swiss bank that won a court order shutting down a whistle-blower website said Thursday that it just wanted stolen and forged documents removed.
“It wasn’t our intention to shut down the Web site,” bank spokesman Martin Somogyi told The Associated Press. “Our intention was to remove the documents.”
The closure of last week occurred because those operating Wikileaks refused to delete documents relating to some wealthy clients of the private bank, called Julius Baer, Somogyi said.

Ordered by a federal District Court judge in San Francisco, the shutdown prompted a worldwide backlash. Free speech advocates called it unconstitutional.

The Rest.

Related – Whistle while you work



From the delightfully named “Capitalism & Freedom” in Slovenia – (Oh yea, you find Slovenia on the Map, smartass):


There’s a solid agreement among economists that free and independent media contribute a lot to economic freedom and free political climate and that there is a correlation between economic freedom and freedom of the press. The evidence confirms this hypothesis very clearly. Countries that sustain high score on freedom of the press (link) also have significantly high score on economic freedom (link).


“Sweden had a monopoly on radio and television and the two state television channels were considered the dullest in the world outside the Eastern bloc.”


Good read with an economic slant and I like anything that makes fun of the Swedes;).