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Runaway Saudi sisters say government women monitoring app ‘inhuman’

Two runaway Saudi sisters on Wednesday urged Apple and Google to pull an “inhuman” app allowing men to monitor and control female relatives’ travel as it helped trap girls in abusive families.

Maha and Wafa al-Subaie, who are seeking asylum in Georgia after fleeing their family, said Absher – a government e-services app – was bad for women as it supported Saudi Arabia’s strict male guardian system.


Saudi Arabia executes 37 citizens over alleged terrorism offences

Saudi Arabia has executed 37 citizens across the country for alleged terrorism-related crimes, publicly pinning one of their headless bodies to a pole as a warning.

The mass execution on Tuesday was the biggest in a single day in Saudi Arabia since January 2016, when 47 people were killed, including a prominent Shia cleric whose death prompted protests in Iran and the ransacking of the Saudi embassy in Tehran.

The executions took place days after four Islamic State gunmen died while trying to attack a Saudi security building north of the capital, Riyadh, and following Easter Sunday bombings claimed by Isis that killed more than 300 people in Sri Lanka.


Babies born out of wedlock abandoned on Saudi streets due to fears of punishment, campaigners warn

Babies born out of wedlock are abandoned on the streets in Saudi Arabia as women fear retribution and punishment for having a child outside of marriage, campaigners have warned.

Abortion is illegal in the Middle Eastern country unless a woman’s health is at risk and sexual relations outside of marriage are criminalised – with unmarried women faced with prosecution and even jail if they are found to be pregnant.

Under the kingdom’s restrictive guardianship system, women are legal minors and cannot marry, divorce, travel, get a job, be released from prison or have elective surgery without permission from their male guardians. Women are also forbidden from mixing freely with members of the opposite sex.


Saudi Arabia arrests eight women’s rights activists in fresh crackdown

At least eight writers and activists, including two dual US citizens and a heavily pregnant woman, have been arrested in Saudi Arabia, despite recent pressure from western governments to release human rights advocates already in jail.

The latest round of arrests targeting critics of crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, the country’s 33-year-old de facto ruler, is the first since Washington Post columnist and US resident Jamal Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last October.

Those detained were vocal supporters of women’s rights in the country and had ties to activists already imprisoned. Most were taken from their homes in the capital Riyadh on Thursday.


Saudi women refugees in Germany: Still living in fear

“Where are you hiding? We know you are not in your apartment.” Ayasha* scrolls further. “We will get you. Even if you go to the end of the world, we have people who can track you down.”

Ayasha sits barefoot in sweatpants and a T-shirt in her kitchen, in front of her a folder. In it, she has collected all the threatening messages she has received, printed and had translated into German by an official interpreter.

Another message reads: “The embassy has people who can get information about you through the city administration.” It was sent from a Saudi number she recognizes: The threats came from her own family.


At least 17 Saudi students from eight states and Canada have vanished after being convicted or charged with manslaughter, rape and child porn – and there’s growing evidence their government is flying them home

Saudi students from at least eight different states have fled the U.S. after being charged or convicted of serious crimes including manslaughter, rape and possession of child porn, it has been revealed.

After the Saudi government was accused last month of helping five citizens studying in Oregon flee after they were accused of crimes, an investigation by The Oregonian has found similar cases in Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

Another two cases were discovered in Nova Scotia, Canada.


UN inquiry says Khashoggi murder ‘planned and perpetrated’ by Saudi officials

A United Nations-led inquiry into the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi said on Thursday that evidence pointed to a brutal crime “planned and perpetrated” by Saudi officials.

Khashoggi’s killing by a team of Saudi operatives on Oct. 2 provoked widespread revulsion and tarnished the image of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, previously admired in the West for pushing deep changes including tax reform, infrastructure projects and allowing women to drive.

That should earn Saudi a rap on the knuckles! With a soggy falafel.


Saudi sisters whose bodies were found bound together in New York’s Hudson River committed SUICIDE and were NOT murdered, medical examiner rules

Two Saudi Arabian sisters whose bodies were bound together when they mysteriously washed up in New York City had killed themselves, a medical examiner has ruled.

The bodies of Tala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 23, were discovered in October in the Hudson River on Manhattan’s Upper West Side – two months after they were last seen in Virginia where they had been living in a shelter amid allegations they were abused at home.

They were found fully clothed and facing each other with their feet and waists taped together.


Saudi Arabia Rolls Out The Welcome Mat For Its Rapists & Child Porn Loving Citizens Facing Charges Abroad

Saudi man facing sexual assault charges in Nova Scotia ‘fled’ after embassy posted bail

A 28-year-old Saudi man charged with sexually assaulting a Cape Breton woman has gone missing, with a leading immigration lawyer saying it may be a case of the Middle Eastern kingdom helping a citizen flee while awaiting trial.

Nova Scotia’s prosecution service says Mohammed Zuraibi Alzoabi had $37,500 of his bail posted by the Saudi Arabian embassy last year in relation to the alleged sexual assault, assault and forcible confinement of the woman between Aug. 1, 2015 and March 26, 2017.

Saudi government helped 5 of its citizens at Oregon colleges flee the US after being convicted or charged with manslaughter, rape & child porn’

The Saudi government is accused of helping five students studying in Oregon flee the U.S. after they were charged or convicted of serious crimes including manslaughter, rape and possession of child porn.

The latest student, Abdulrahman Semeer Noorah, 23, is believed to have fled on a private jet with the help of his country’s consulate in June last year just weeks before he was due to stand trial for killing a 15-year-old girl.

Noorah’s case made international headlines last month following uproar over the killing of U.S.-based Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered inside the country’s consulate in Istanbul in October.

Nuke Mecca Now.


A Sculpture Celebrating Saudi Arabia Erected on Ground Zero

Shaped to resemble a piece of candy, the nine-foot-tall statue bears the Kingdom’s emerald flag emblazoned with the Arabic inscription, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the prophet.” It was created by French sculptor Laurence Jenkell in 2011 as part of the larger installation “Candy Nation” which depicts G20 countries as sugary delights, and has since been featured in over 25 countries. All 20 sculptures are currently on display outside the Oculus shopping center.


Why a Saudi woman can be arrested for disobeying her father

Saudi Arabia drew international plaudits last year when it lifted a longstanding ban on women driving.

However, restrictions on women remain – most notably, the “male guardianship system”, a woman’s father, brother, husband or son has the authority to make critical decisions on her behalf.

These restrictions were highlighted in early January, when a young Saudi woman fleeing her family barricaded herself in a hotel room in Bangkok saying she feared imprisonment if she was sent back home.

Rahaf al-Qunun: Saudi woman pleads for asylum


Thailand says it WON’T send Saudi teenager, 18, back to her home country after she barricaded herself in Bangkok hotel room to avoid being returned to family she says will KILL her

Thailand has said it will not send a Saudi teenager back to her homeland after she barricaded herself in a Bangkok hotel room to avoid being returned to family she fears will kill her.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, ran away from her family while they were on a trip to Kuwait three days ago and had flown to Thailand in the hope of reaching Australia to seek asylum.

But she has been at Bangkok airport since Saturday when she was denied entry by Thai immigration officials.