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Girl, 13, dropped Rotherham rape complaint after police lost her clothes – court


A 13-year-old girl withdrew allegations of being repeatedly raped and physically attacked after police in Rotherham lost clothes that could have provided DNA evidence, a court heard.

The now-adult woman said South Yorkshire Police officers in 2003 had offered her ‘no protection’ after she told them she had been sexually assaulted on several occasions by Sageer Hussain.

…The woman, giving evidence behind a screen, was asked by Kitty Taylor, representing Hussain, why she had withdrawn allegations she had made in April 2003 around a week after speaking to police. She said: “I withdrew it because they wouldn’t give me any protection and told me they had already lost my clothes, there was no DNA, it was my word against his. That is why I withdrew.”


The Rotherham whistleblower

It is a scandal that sent shockwaves across the UK. Cases of mainly white girls – some as young as 10 – being groomed, raped, forced into prostitution, beaten and even killed, by gangs of older Asian men.

These horrendous crimes were told by the vulnerable victims to Rotherham youth worker Jayne Senior on an almost daily basis for 20 years.

They were desperate pleas for help that fell on deaf ears for nearly two decades when the 51-year-old reported them to the local police, to the council, and to social services, all of which failed to believe what Senior was telling them.

Senior, a mother of three, has now written a book called Broken And Betrayed, revealing how she became the whistleblower who risked imprisonment to provide evidence to bring these cases to court.


‘Muslim lives matter’: Muslim demonstrators clash with police in Rotherham

Who could show his face in public as a police officer in Rotherham? Anyway…

‘Police estimate around 150 Britain First protestors turned up, as well as 300 Unite Against Fascism activists and many more demonstrators from the local Muslim community.

Britain First made their way from the train station to the town hall to sing songs. The Muslim Lives Matter demonstration marched through the centre of town with signs displaying the UNITE union’s logo and others reading “No To Nazis” and “Never Again.”

In the first video (below), the Rotherham Unites Muslim Lives Matter demonstration can be seem chanting “Who’s [sic] Streets? Our streets!” and “Enough is enough; Muslim Live Matter!”

….The videos below show what appears to be young Asian men throwing missiles at police in what has been described as a “riot” in the Wellgate area of Rotherham. People became trapped in an adjacent pub, which was described as “under attack.”


Rotherham scandal: IPCC to investigate 44 police officers over handling of child sex claims

The investigation into how police handled child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham has been expanded, it emerged last night, after the police watchdog said it had received complaints involving more than 100 allegations against 42 named officers.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced that since their inquiry began four months ago, it has received 30 complaints relating to South Yorkshire Police’s handling of reports about CSE.

The IPCC initially began investigating the 10 police officers involved in the incidents highlighted by the Jay Report, which described how at least 1,400 children were raped, trafficked and groomed in the South Yorkshire town between 1997 and 2013.

The watchdog said yesterday it has now identified a total of 42 police officers, both retired and serving, from the complaints it has received over the past few months.


Rotherham: apparently there’s a Gypsy angle

Make it stop.

Roma gipsy immigrants are illegally marrying underage girls as young as 12 before bringing them to the UK to live.

Girls as young as 12 and 13 are regularly being married off in exchange for thousands of pounds in countries including Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary before being brought to Britain.

…The arranged marriages of girls under 16 is common in Roma communities, where families follow the Gypsy code Pachiv which encourages girls to marry soon after reaching puberty. 

The code dictates that the head of the large family group is always obeyed and in some cases large sums of money can be involved when matchmakers seek out a suitable young girl for marriage.

This isn’t particularly about Rotherham, of course. The Mail just wanted to put that in the headline.


Muslim grooming gangs are still targeting young girls for abuse in Rotherham, town’s Labour MP claims

Sex gangs are continuing to prey on vulnerable young girls in Rotherham despite last year’s damning revelations of systemic and sustained abuse of more than 1,400 girls, the town’s MP has claimed.

Sarah Champion, the town’s Labour MP since 2012, has revealed recent publicity had prompted many women to come forward to speak to her about how they had been abused, with around 10 percent of them describing new incidents.

It comes just weeks after a criminal investigation was launched into a damning new report that found Rotherham Council was ‘not fit for purpose’ and still ‘in denial’ about the 1,400 young girls who were abused in the town over 16 years.


Rotherham victims “sacrificed to save Labour” says survivor

“Girls like me were sacrificed because no-one wanted the boat rocked because they knew it’d cost them votes if the finger of blame was pointed and because they thought we were worthless.”

Solicitor Dave Greenwood, who represents 38 victims, added: “There was an echelon of people who scratched each other’s backs. But I think there’s an ‘X Factor’ at play here. It’s quite apparent there was a feeling of the need to maintain the Asian vote to preserve Labour’s majority in the town.”

Not exactly news to any readers of this blog I suppose.


One Million Child Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs in the U.K.?

“In a gut-wrenching development, it may turn out that last year’s report detailing a decade-and-a-half of sexual exploitation inflicted on at least 1,400 children from Rotherham, England—and the PC-driven effort to cover it up–may represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The city’s Labor MP Sarah Champion believes as many as one million children may have been victimized, describing it as a “national disaster” that requires the establishment of a task force to deal with the “horror.”

Champion picks up the story following the release of a report, titled “The Independent Inquiry Into Child Exploitation in Rotherham, 1997-2013.” “The day after the first report broke the victims started coming to me,” she told the Daily Mirror. “They couldn’t go to the police, they couldn’t go to the (Rotherham Borough) Council.”

So who do you go to?”


More… Sex gang victims were ‘sacrificed’ to avoid Labour losing votes in the Asian community

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Rotherham is yet another massive failure by our social workers

Among the few people who come out well from the scarcely believable mass-child abuse scandal in Rotherham are Louise Casey, the author of last week’s chilling report, and Sarah Champion, the town’s Labour MP, who rightly described the report as revealing “a new horror on every page”.

Pretty much everyone else in this dismal saga couldn’t have come out worse, from the councillors “in denial” to the police.

What might have merited rather more coverage, however, was the terrifying part played by the social workers in Rotherham, who had been ignoring warnings from local “youth workers” since 2002.

Casey describes how these workers seemed interested only in abuse allegedly taking place within families in the town. They were not concerned by the far worse crimes perpetrated on 1,400 girls by gangs of outsiders.

But even Casey does not focus on how many of these girls were in council “care” (according to earlier reports as many as a third), making the council directly responsible for them.


South Yorkshire Constable Hassan Ali dies in crash before investigation into his role in Rotherham Muslim Child Rape Gangs Concludes

A police officer understood to be under investigation by a watchdog in relation to the Rotherham child abuse scandal has died following a car crash.

South Yorkshire PC Hassan Ali, 44, died in hospital nine days after he was hit by a car in Sheffield on 28 January.

Mr Ali was being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) over allegations made about him, the BBC understands.

He was not on duty at the time of the crash in Staniforth Road, Darnall.

A force spokeswoman said she could not confirm PC Ali’s involvement in the IPCC investigation.


Diversity Hiring…

“It is understood PC Ali was under investigation at the time of his death over allegations that he had twice asked a victim of the sexual exploitation scandal out on a date.

A total of four complaints had been made against PC Ali and case had been referred to the IPCC which was considering whether to launch a full investigation into the allegations.

According to the Sheffied Star, one of the complainants, who is now an adult, claimed PC Ali had first asked her out when she was 17 and then did so again four years later.”


Political correctness raped Rotherham’s children

Now it’s official: A culture of political correctness led to the rape and abuse of thousands of children in Labour Rotherham. This is what multiculturalist ideology has led to, and all those in media and politics who pushed the PC agenda should now hang their heads in shame

The latest investigation, sanctioned by the government, has finally come out and said it: political correctness was at the heart of the appalling sex abuse scandal in Labour Rotherham where the cries of thousands of children, who were raped and sexually abused, were ignored because the perpetrators were mainly of Pakistani Muslim origin, and that just didn’t fit the narrative.

Whose narrative? Let’s be clear. Political correctness is quintessentially an ideology of the political Left. It has been pushed, mainly, by the Guardian newspaper, and then given a far wider audience through mainstream media, the BBC at the head of the field.

From there, this pernicious ideology spread like a virus through all sections of society, including local councils and the police.


Rotherham: Officer to victim: ‘Don’t worry – you aren’t the first girl to be raped by XX and you won’t be the last’.

A photo of decaying post-industrial England. Source.

A criminal investigation has been launched today after a damning new report found Rotherham Council is ‘not fit for purpose’ and still ‘in denial’ about the 1,400 young girls who were abused in the town over 16 years.

Investigators concluded girls as young as 11 were left to be abused by mainly Asian men between 1997 and 2013 because the council’s staff and politicians feared being labelled racist…

…Police were said to be aware that a victim was ‘raped with a broken bottle’ and some girls were ‘ordered to kiss perpetrators’ feet at gun point’ but never took any action.

In one case an officer told a victim: ‘Don’t worry- you aren’t the first girl to be raped by XX and you won’t be the last’…

…’Almost all’ of the perpetrators are believed to be part of predatory Pakistani gangs, with victims claiming they were at times ‘raped once a day’ for many years, an inquiry by Professor Alexis Jay found last year…

…The report highlighted ‘a culture of covering up uncomfortable truths, silencing whistle-blowers and paying off staff rather than dealing with difficult issues’…

One current council officer said politicians ‘wanted to use any other word than Asian males. They were terrified of [the impact on] community cohesion’…

Read it all.  

Flashback: My sister was told she would be banned from the United Church’s (now defunct) Wondercafe site if she posted anymore links to the story in June 2013.  
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Two councillors and corrupt police officer accused of having sex with victims of Rotherham Muslim rape gang scandal

A corrupt police officer and two local politicians – including one serving councillor – have been accused of having sex with abuse victims in Rotherham, it was revealed today.

The PC also allegedly passed on information to gangs who are believed to have abused 1,400 children and vulnerable young girls over a 16 year period.

It came as a long-awaited independent inspection report into Rotherham Borough Council’s is due to be published today, which could recommend the local authority is stripped of its powers.

The two Rotherham councillors accused of having sex with abuse victims have been passed on the National Crime Agency, which is investigating the years of abuse in the town.

The police officer has been referred to Independent Police Complaints Commission by his force, South Yorkshire Police, according to The Times.