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Trudeau says he sent letter to Myanmar’s Suu Kyi about Rohingya Muslims

OTTAWA — Aung San Suu Kyi must publicly condemn the atrocities being committed against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, or else her rhetoric and global reputation as a champion of human rights will mean nothing, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“It is with profound surprise, disappointment and dismay that your fellow Canadians have witnessed your continuing silence in the face of the brutal oppression of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim people,” Trudeau wrote Monday in a letter to Suu Kyi, the de facto leader of Myanmar.
The powerful military in Myanmar is accused of burning down the homes of Rohingya Muslims, forcing more than 400,000 members of the persecuted minority to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh, according to the latest UN figures.


Rohingya Muslim Terrorists vow to continue insurgency against Myanmar

BALUKHALI, Bangladesh — Nazir Hossain, the imam of a village in far western Myanmar, gathered the faithful around him after evening prayers last month. In a few hours, more than a dozen Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army fighters from his village would strike a nearby police post with an assortment of handmade weapons.

The men needed their cleric’s blessing.

“As imam, I encouraged them never to step back from their mission,” Mr. Hossain recalled of his final words to the ethnic Rohingya militants. “I told them that if they did not fight to the death, the military would come and kill their families, their women and their children.”

Also… India to deport 40,000 Rohingya Muslims due to terror links with Pakistan

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India’s home ministry said on Monday it would confidentially share intelligence information with the Supreme Court showing Rohingya links with Pakistan-based militants, in a bid to get legal clearance for plans to deport 40,000 Rohingya Muslims.

The Supreme Court is hearing an appeal lodged on behalf of Rohingya against the deportation plan proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government.


Rohingya ‘extremists’ trying to build stronghold – Myanmar army

Myanmar’s top general has blamed Rohingya people for the crisis that has led to hundreds of thousands crossing into Bangladesh.

Gen Min Aung Hlaing said the Rohingya “has never been an ethnic group”, and accused “extremists” of trying to form a stronghold in northern Rakhine state.

His army is accused of targeting civilians in an offensive there, forcing Rohingya to flee.

Myanmar denies this, and says it is responding to deadly militant attacks.

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Reporting on the Rohingya: “The Tip of a Huge Iceberg of Misinformation”

“…In the last month, the world media reports, 250,000 Rohingya have now fled the latest cycle of violence, that began with Rohingya attacks on the military in mid-August, for Bangladesh. In fact, Aung San Suu Kyi has spoken out, but not in the way that many expected. They wanted her to categorically denounce the Burmese military and to depict the Rohingya as entirely innocent victims of Buddhist attacks; this she has refused to do. She believes the story of the Rohingyas in Myanmar is more complicated than the outside world believes. She has noted that “fake news” about atrocities in Myanmar have been relied on by much of the world’s media. More than a few of the stories about the Rohingya have indeed been accompanied by photos purportedly showing the violence against them, but which, in fact, have turned out to be photos of other atrocities experienced by other peoples, having nothing to do with Myanmar. Even the BBC’s south-east Asia correspondent, Jonathan Head, concedes that “much of it [the photos, and the coverage] is wrong.” A closer look reveals that many of the pictures supposedly from Myanmar have come from other crises around the world, with one of those tweeted by Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek even dating back to the Rwandan genocide in 1994.”


‘Burma Calling’: Al-Qaeda Orders Jihadists to Rescue Rohingya ‘by Force’

Al-Qaeda has called for jihadists to report to Burma to fight for the Rohingya minority as they fall victim to “a conspiracy hatched by the forces of International Disbelief against Islam and Muslims.”

In a statement issued by al-Qaeda’s general leadership, the terror group said the “conspiracy” is “marked by the usurpation of the rights of Muslims, occupation of their lands, defilement of their holy places, all under the guise of fighting terrorism!”


Is Saudi Wahhabism fueling Rohingya Muslim insurgency?

In a DW interview, ICG’s Tim Johnston said that Rohingya insurgency has links with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, but the motivating force is not so much jihadist ideology as anger at the treatment of Rohingya in Myanmar.

The International Crisis Group (ICG) said in a report on Thursday that a group of Rohingya Muslims that attacked Myanmar border guards in October had links with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Following the attacks that killed nine policemen, the country’s security forces launched a crackdown in the Muslim-majority Rakhine state in northwestern Myanmar. At least 86 people have reportedly been killed and the some 27,000 members of the largely stateless Rohingya minority have fled across the border to Bangladesh since the military operation.


Myanmar: Anti-Muslim monks meet to defend new race laws

YANGON – Myanmar’s self-appointed guardians of race and religion have taken to a stage in the country’s national stadium to declare their anti-Muslim politics as “necessary under the circumstances”.

Speaking in Yangon at the finale of a two-week national tour for the newly enacted race and religion protection laws, Ma Ba Tha has declared that their political work was required to protect the country’s majority Buddhist population during what it called a period of transition.

The saffron-robed guardians monks are challenging the ruling government and Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy party in the Nov. 8 election — the country’s first since a nominally civilian government was introduced in 2011, ending nearly 50 years of military rule.


Anti-Muslim Buddhist group moves toward Myanmar’s mainstream

Swathed in crimson robes, 77-year-old Ashin Tilawkar Biwonsa shuffles through a crowded conference room with the help of an aide, his supporters standing in respect as he takes a seat at the head of a table under a portrait of his own image.

It is from here, at an unremarkable roadside monastery just outside the city of Yangon, that the abbot is propelling the radical Buddhist group he co-founded into the mainstream of Myanmar’s politics.


Thai Buddhists to help anti-Muslim Myanmar monks set up radio station

Thai Buddhists have offered to help a network of hardline anti-Muslim Myanmar monks set up a radio station to spread their message across a nation where sectarian hatred is on the rise.

More than a dozen Thai Buddhists were among hundreds who attended a two-day conference in Yangon over the weekend organised by the Ma Ba Tha movement.

During the meeting a Thai group which produces religious radio and television programmes in the kingdom promised to donate $44,000-worth of radio equipment to the Myanmar movement.

The offer was of “support not with money, but with equipment and the installation of a radio station, worth about 1.5 million baht,” Woottisarn Panaree, vice president of the National Thai Buddhism and Culture Mass Media Association, who attended the meeting, told AFP on Wednesday…


Taliban calls on Rohingya to ‘take up the sword’

‘Burma’s worst nightmare came a step closer to reality when a spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban’s most hardline faction called on the oppressed Rohingya to “take up the sword and kill in the path of God”.

Other attempts to improve the desperate position of Burma’s Muslim minority were futile, he said last week. “Protest demonstrations, marches [and] condemnation resolutions” were useless. Only violent jihad would make the difference.

…Popular Buddhist monks, DVDs of whose sermons are sold in street markets alongside Hollywood blockbusters, point out that all Burma’s neighbours were originally Buddhist countries. One by one, starting with India, where the religion was born, their creed, idolatrous in the eyes of Muslims, has been wiped out: in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia… In the form of the Rohingya, this discourse goes, the barbarian is at the gate.’

Do read the comments, and bear in mind that the Independent is a leftish paper.


After Thai crackdown and refusal of Indonesia and Malaysia to take boat people, Asia’s people smugglers close up shop

The rickety internet huts have fallen silent in the crowded camps of displaced Rohingya Muslims in western Myanmar, no one comes anymore to bargain for the release of loved ones being held for ransom in Thailand and Malaysia.

“Before, every day at least 10 to 15 people would come here to negotiate with human traffickers,” said Tun Win, a young man who offers a video-call service from one of the bamboo and thatch huts, “Now, it’s nothing.”

For now at least, the smugglers who preyed for years on the misery of Myanmar’s Rohingya appear to be going out of business, and Asia’s most acute migrant crisis since the ‘boat people’ exodus at the end of the Vietnam War is ebbing.

Until last month, their grim trade ran like clockwork…

People smugglers can be stopped. The Europeans are being fools.

Australia also turned back one of these boats a few days ago, leaving the smugglers with simply nowhere to go.


Australian navy turns asylum seeker boat back to Indonesia

A boat that was turned back by Australia in January 2014. Source.

Scores of asylum-seekers have come ashore in eastern Indonesia after their boat was intercepted by the Australian navy and pushed into Indonesian waters as they headed for New Zealand, according to police.

The 65 migrants from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka were spotted by the Australians, said Hidayat, an Indonesian police official on Rote Island in the east of the archipelago.

“According to their testimony, they were pushed back by the Australian navy and immigration after they were interrogated,” said the official, who like many Indonesians goes by one name. “They said they were on their way to New Zealand.” He said they were spotted by local residents on Sunday near a beach after their boat sank.

The new arrivals in Indonesia come as Southeast Asia is gripped by a human-trafficking crisis, which has seen thousands of migrants come ashore after a Thai crackdown threw the illicit trade into chaos…

…Last week, Australia offered another $5 million in humanitarian aid to potential illegal migrant populations in Myanmar and Bangladesh…


Make Muslim nations take refugees: Myanmar monk

Buddhist monk Wirathu, at Masoeyein monastery, Mandalay, says Muslims pose a serious threat in Myanmar. Picture: Anthony Klan Source: News Corp Australia

He is the face of the anti-Muslim sentiment that has sparked the Myanmar Rohingya region­al refugee crisis and left Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi silent and exposed, as international calls mount for the human-rights champion to speak out.

Buddhist monk U Wirathu is the leader of Myanmar’s nationalistic 969 Movement, which seeks to “defend” the country from a perceived threat of Muslim domination.

The creeds of 969, spread via DVDs and social media in a nation where the internet was banned until 2011, have won wide support and have fuelled violent conflicts that have left hundreds dead, mostly the country’s persec­uted Rohingya Muslim minority.

Speaking exclusively with The Australian at his Masoyen monastery in Mandalay, central Myanmar, Wirathu said Muslims posed a serious threat to the country, claiming they refused to deal with non-Muslims, forced Buddhist women who wed Muslim men to abandon their religion and waged “jihad” in areas where they were strong in numbers.

“One Myanmar Buddhist girl (who married a Muslim man) who was six months’ pregnant was beaten by her husband when he found out she had been visiting the Buddhist monastery,” Wirathu said. “Another girl was offering flowers to Buddha and she was killed by her (Muslim) husband.”

Anti-Muslim tensions are a major concern for Ms Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy, with a November election expected to be called on Monday…

The Dalai Lama is taking a different position: Dalai Lama urges Suu Kyi to act on Rohingya