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Trans activists and progressive politicians block funding for Vancouver rape shelter


I was outraged yesterday to discover that Vancouver City Councilors Sarah Kirby-Yung, Pete Fry, and Christine Boyle, at the drone-like beckoning of trans-ideologue and BC NDP Vice President Morgane Oger, presented a resolution to deprive the Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR) women’s shelter of funding unless it began allowing male-bodied individuals access to its intimate services.


German mother could face prosecution for posting picture of daughter’s ‘dark skinned’ sex attacker on Facebook

German police stopped a mother from searching for the alleged sexual molester of her 12-year-old daughter on Facebook.

Her post was soon shared thousands of times containing pictures of a black man. The post did not go into further detail other than asking if people knew this man.


Sex attacks up 70% in just one German city – “You can’t really do anything alone anymore”

Freiburg is a city that has been rocked by migrant related incidents. On 14 October this year, a teen girl was raped by seven Syrians and two years ago teenager Maria Ladenburger was raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant.


Underage girl enriched by over 100 ‘Asians’ – but it’s worth it!

I wanted to do a different story today. But it seems I should mention what looks like a competition among our ‘Asian’ friends to see how many can rape each white British girl they can get hold of. The latest record appears to be a young lady who was sexually abused by over 100 of our multi-cultural enriching friends before the age of 16. But as far as the ruling elites are concerned, this girl’s ordeal, and similar treatment of perhaps 30,000 white British girls like her, are a price worth paying for the diversity and multi-cultural enrichment brought to us by our ‘Asian’ co-citizens.