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Trans activists and progressive politicians block funding for Vancouver rape shelter


I was outraged yesterday to discover that Vancouver City Councilors Sarah Kirby-Yung, Pete Fry, and Christine Boyle, at the drone-like beckoning of trans-ideologue and BC NDP Vice President Morgane Oger, presented a resolution to deprive the Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR) women’s shelter of funding unless it began allowing male-bodied individuals access to its intimate services.


German mother could face prosecution for posting picture of daughter’s ‘dark skinned’ sex attacker on Facebook

German police stopped a mother from searching for the alleged sexual molester of her 12-year-old daughter on Facebook.

Her post was soon shared thousands of times containing pictures of a black man. The post did not go into further detail other than asking if people knew this man.


Sex attacks up 70% in just one German city – “You can’t really do anything alone anymore”

Freiburg is a city that has been rocked by migrant related incidents. On 14 October this year, a teen girl was raped by seven Syrians and two years ago teenager Maria Ladenburger was raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant.