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‘Jihadists’ slaughter three refugee women in Greece – Including a young girl

‘Jihadist human traffickers’ slaughtered two women and a young girl in Evros Greece, local media say. Evros is near the Greek – Turkish border. Several points along it are being used as paths for human traffickers to sneak into Greece.


Lectures on sexual impropriety from a Clinton? CBS fails to ask Chelsea once about Bill’s sex assault allegations during three-minute interview in which she attacked Brett Kavanaugh

She told presenters that Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the court because of his ‘nakedly partisan’ testimony to senators, and said she personally opposes him because of his views on worker’s rights and women’s rights.


Full List Of Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Allegations By 12 Different Victims

An increasing number of people are waking up to the fact that modern liberals are the world’s premiere hypocrites, and nothing illustrates this point more clearly than a cursory glance at the way liberals have enabled Bill Clinton to get away with five decades of rape, sexual assault, and criminal harassment.


Germany Election – Girl (14) Mocked For ‘Racist’ Poem About Immigrant Stabbings

The upcoming German election has reached school premises after the 14-year-old daughter of a local rightwing Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician took part in a poetry competition. The girl, who spoke about immigration into Germany, was disqualified by organizers even though she clearly got a big applause from the crowds (see video).


Dutch Court Gave Shorter Sentence To Migrant Who Raped Disabled Woman To Spare Him Deportation

The prosecutor demanded the migrant receive 24 months in prison, but he received 20 months instead, with the court later admitting that the lighter sentence was handed out so that the Afghan would not risk losing his residency permit in the Netherlands. The judge said that is was “not the intention” that the punishment led to “far-reaching immigration consequences” for the rapist.


Sweden – Public Broadcaster SVT: Most Rapists (58%) Are ‘Foreign-Born’

Sweden counts down to its elections on 9 September. As one of the European ‘ultimate democracies’ where citizens are interested in politics and have a say in everything, the TV is covering the elections on a daily basis. Given that the Eurosceptic anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are riding high in the polls and most Swedes admit they worry about crime, public broadcaster SVT tackled a peculiar problem yesterday.

It had counted all court convictions to present a complete picture of Swedish rape cases.