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Calgary MP Deepak Obhrai Currently Running Tory Caucus

Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai stands in the House of Commons during question period in Ottawa, Friday, May 30, 2014. For a brief moment in history, Obhrai will be the man at the helm of the Conservative party caucus.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

Remember- this is the party that is not “diverse” enough and here this guy is holding down the fort. Liberals have no shame:

For a brief moment in history, Deepak Obhrai will be the man at the helm of the Conservative party caucus.

The longtime Calgary MP happens to be the longest, continuously serving member of the caucus, and as such gets to run the party’s first post-election, post-Stephen Harper meeting next week.



Stephen Harper’s dog-whistle: Islamophobia and Canadian politics

It is rare that a politician, elected or otherwise, openly admits that he or she is capitulating to the bigoted and “irrational” fears of his or her constituents, but that is exactly what Shawinigan, Que. Mayor Michel Angers did on Friday.

At a press conference he held to explain his council’s frankly inane decision not to allow the minor rezoning of an industrial park so that a small mosque could be built there, he bluntly acknowledged that, in opposition to his own beliefs, pressure from people “across the province” had motivated them.

While it is nice to see honesty from our political class, it makes the decision of him and his council no less gutless.

Angers went on to say “people in Shawinigan aren’t afraid of Muslims”, which is a rather absurd contention after calling these same people out for being irrationally afraid! It is obvious that growing numbers of Canadians, and by no means just in Quebec, encouraged by the media and the rhetoric of right-wing politicians, are very much afraid, irrationally so, of Islamics, Canadian or otherwise.

Fear of the “other”, of the immigrant or perceived outsider and the use of racially charged or bigoted rhetoric has long been a staple in the right’s political armoury and 2015, an election year, is certainly proving no different in Canada…


Rabble: We are All Canadians: Toronto and York’s Labour Council calls for solidarity over fear

Responding to what they perceive to be a rising tide of Islamaphobia in Canada, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council has adopted a statement of solidarity, calling on workers to recognize their commonalities as opposed to their differences.

“It started after the Charlie Hebdo tragedy and the incredible mixed reaction to that,” said President of the Toronto York Region Labour Council John Cartwright. “Muslim and Arab residents of France, whether born there or immigrants, are clearly suffering incredible prejudice and backlash. And of course we’ve seen the debate in Quebec not that much earlier about the Charter of Values and our own activists of colour were just horrified that that would be moving forward.”

“As we looked at the backlash that was building in Europe in particular we thought we should speak out sooner than later to challenge the existing prejudices,” said Cartwright, who also added that “people are horrified by the brutality of ISIS and that is very fertile ground for Harper to roll out his anti-terror agenda. We can’t overlook how appalled most Canadians are by that cruelty and barbarity”…


Rant from Rabble: Do Black Lives Matter in Canada?

As events in Ferguson, New York, Oakland and beyond unfold, many Canadians have been quick to distance ourselves from the systemic racism that has plagued the U.S. since the times of the transatlantic slave trade.

With most Canadian historical accounts selectively highlighting the Underground Railroad, we overlook the history of enslaved Black people within Canada, de facto prohibition on Black immigration from 1896-1915, displacement of communities from Africville and Hogan’s Alley, made-in-Canada segregation laws, foreign policy from Haiti to Somalia, and pervasive institutional and interpersonal anti-Black racism…


Rabble: ‘From Ottawa back to ISIS: A Muslimah’s perspective’

On October 22, 2014, the day I was flying back into Toronto, the news of the Ottawa shooting unfolded.

I ditched the mainstream outlets for word on the twitter streets where it took all of an hour for mainstream media outlets, politicians and every third person on the #ottawashooting hashtag to sprout off about “terrorist Muslims.”

Tragedy became about using words like “terrorism,” “muslim” and “recently converted” to derail from actual news.

The vitriol wasn’t far behind, a thin fabric masking the stench of racism and xenophobia arrived in its usual glory, and people felt no ways about pronouncing their misplaced disgust…

Hawa Y. Mire is a diasporic Somali storyteller, writer, youth advocate and strategist with a focus on Blackness, (dis)connection and (un)belonging. Hawa has worked locally, nationally and internationally with service providers focusing on the combined use of arts-based dialogue and expression, experiential learning and root-centred education to support, mentor, and spark innovative leadership. Follow her @hymire.


Rabble: Canadians rally to oppose Harper’s war

This four-video series of the Rally to Stop Harper’s War, organized by Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, focuses on specific talks.

Sid Lacombe discusses the Ottawa shootings, increased repression of dissent and the “Australia Model.”

Carolyn Egan discusses the dangers of Islamophobia, linking the war to how Islamophobia played itself out in Ausma Malik’s campaign for school board trustee.

Rajean, President of Ryerson Student Union, and James Campbell, a teacher gave their views on why educators should oppose the war.

And finally, Ali Mallah talked of the United States’ collusion with the dictators they sought to overthrow.

Many of us do are dubious about this new adventure—simply on the grounds that it is unlikely to accomplish anything. After Afghanistan and Iraq we are wiser and more knowledgable about the intractable problems of these societies. Our reasons are not the same as the paranoid Rabble’s.


Rabble: Demonizing those Canada calls ‘radicalized’

Scare headlines about young people becoming “radicalized,” going overseas, being transformed into robotic Super Muslims, graduating from Beheading School, and being returned to Canada ready to strike at the heart of our values, freedoms, and traditions have filled the media in the past few months, leading to an upcoming Canadian campaign of bombing Iraq and repressive new legislation to be introduced this week in Parliament.

Given the Fourth Estate’s role as stenographer to power, it is unsurprising that the many articles asking “why” young people are attracted to overseas adventures are all playing into the same “blame Islam” game that results in horrible “jihad” headlines, increased fear, and suspicion of anyone who does not look like the CBC’s Peter Whitemansbridge.

Like similar moral panics that have framed particular groups as the new internal enemy, young people both idealist and alienated now fit the focus of terror suspect, especially if they are Muslim and plan to travel overseas to visit relatives, learn Arabic, or just backpack around. Yet despite all the hyped-up chatter, no one has produced any evidence to show a threat exists to Canada and Canadians from the small number who have joined up in battling the Assad regime in Syria or worked with ISIS…


Rabble: Canada’s halal food regulations don’t go far enough

The Government of Canada’s recent amendment to its Food and Drug Regulations, making it mandatory that any claims to a food product being halal be accompanied by the name of the certifying body or person, is a welcome first step.

The domestic halal market in the country is worth $1 billion annually and is growing exponentially with the increase in the Muslim population, which is expected to triple by 2031. In addition to Muslims, there are other groups which also comprise a significant proportion of halal consumers who value the halal products for health, safety, taste and cultural reasons.

The new labelling requirements provide these consumers with the vital information as to which certifier has deemed the product to be halal. This is a significant shift away from the current practice where many restaurants, food retailers and products affix a ‘halal’ sign without any information as to their justification for such a claim or to which standard they adhere to…


Christie Blatchford Accused of Being Sexist…

Oh cripes it’s just the Nuts of Babble arguing about Christie’s use of the term “Big Nuts”.

Fun Stuff.

Thrill as the accusations fly: duelling Babblers try to “Out-Politically Correct” each other in this bizarre thread entitled: Topic: please refrain from being ageist and sexist when you write.

Here’s a sampler from the babbler Remind (The Unmedicated):

I do not care why she used “big nuts”, and am not getting into a meta-debate as to what she meant, or did not mean, I care that neocynic used bigoted, sexist and ageist terminology here, to resopond to her, what do you NOT get about that? “

I smell a purge in the air….


Pro-life body denied rights on campus

National Post – Joseph Brean

After the student government at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay prohibited the campus anti-abortion group from handing out leaflets, putting up posters, receiving student money, using the school’s name, “approaching people to tell them about your club and beliefs,” or engaging in any “unsolicited conversations,” the pro-lifers were left with very few avenues through which to spread their message.
Last week, when the student union went a step further and voted the two-year-old advocacy group out of existence, LU Life Support decided it must appeal to a higher, off-campus power.

This Rabble/Babble reaction says it all about how the Lunatic Left sees the issue.

bigcitygal volunteer moderator (anti-racism forum) Babbler # 8938

So called pro-life groups have made a decision, that women do not have the right to decide what will happen with our bodies. This doesn’t sound like something that university levies should fund.

The Pro-Life (TM) industry is huge, with major funders and backers in the U.S. that have connections to Canadian groups, or Canadian branches of the U.S. groups. They are hardly a fringe group, marginalized and put-upon.

This is not a free-speech issue. Universities, unlike how they like to present themselves, are not places where all ideas are welcomed, freely exchanged and discussed.

Sheesh… as usual Big City Baiter manages to be right and wrong all at the same time;)


I want to be a woman…..

I was reminded of this classic bit from Python’s Life of Brian by Breath of the Beast, in this post The Progressive Struggle Against Reality , (do read Beasts post, though unrelated it makes cracking good fun of Ward Churchill), and again when I stumbled across this thread on

Topic: Men in the anti-choice movement

The topics focus is on this LA Times article, Changing abortion’s pronoun

(Cached link if the subscription wall won’t let you access the article)

The article attempts to shed light on the genuine regret and trauma men have experienced as a result of either their initial indifference to, or agreement with a partners decision to have an abortion. That said, the subjects of the piece do very little to garner sympathy for their cause and in fact set themselves up for easy ridicule – a specialty of mine,Lord knows how little I like to work;) PR 101 is needed to counter such statements as this; “We had abortions,” said Mark B. Morrow, a Christian counselor. “I’ve had abortions.” Oh please stop, my face is now frozen in a permanent wince.

And why oh why must everything be labelled? I mean “post-abortive men” sounds every bit as silly as my asking to be called Loretta.

The participants in the discussion on the Babble link are, surprise, even more deserving of scorn. While the article’s subjects are worthy of ridicule for their exhibitionist posturing I do not for a second doubt that their pain and regret are real. The Feminista’s on Babble in turn display a cold blooded contempt for humanity that is pathological. Every possible “right”, every possible “angle” that supports their pro-choice position is exploited, every right except that of the Child whose very existense they refuse to value or even recognize.

Take this quote from Mary123:

“Abortions and birth control pills add to the financial well being of countries by limiting unwanted children.”
That sounds far more capitalist than communista, No? I suspect it is representative of the contortions in logic required to manage their stance.

I can’t help but wonder at the make-up of the “Male” of the Babble species. Scott Piatowski, who in fact initiated the thread, states ” You know, I’ve long argued that feminism is not about hating men. But, even if it was, who could really say that this wasn’t justified?”

They seem in their zealousness to have adopted the role of Ideological Eunuchs.

Scott, you are right that feminism is not about hating men. So why are you on Babble?

Still the line of the day goes to Babbler Ken Burch:

“Is this the place to point out that, if any man actually HAS had an abortion, he has excellent grounds for a medical malpractice suit?
(Especially if he was just in for a tonsillectomy or something…)”

Watch the clip, it at least will make you smile.


Rabble/Babble: the fever swamp of the left grows ever more fetid

Babblers: In their own words -you gotta love em.

Topic: Rabble diversity etc.

Quote from Le Telespectateur:

“Rabble is a white supremacist organization because it is a product of a white supremacist society. In the same way rabble is patriarchal, colonial, etc. This is not to say that the people who work/write/whatever at rabble are necessarily the same way. Because people who work on rabble care about racism, sexism, colonialism, etc. they work to minimize the effects these structures have on the site and themselves.”


Topic: Don’t Say the A-word: Hollywood and Choice

What an odd little exchange, the gist of which seems to be abortion good, having baby BAD:

EmmaG rabble-rouser Babbler # 12605
posted 10 January 2008 08:06 AM

“If you are pro-choice, just accept that the stars of these films chose to give birth, not have abortions?
Why does it have to be such a political issue? Having a baby is a good thing.

Scout rabble-rouser Babbler # 1595
posted 10 January 2008 08:23 AM

quote: Having a baby is a good thing.


Michelle Moderator Babbler # 560
posted 10 January 2008 08:38 AM

EmmaG, if this is the beginning of another round of trying to sneak the prolife stuff through the back door deal, don’t bother. I have a long memory.

Topic: Latino and Black Hate Crimes: The New Face of Hate

Wow I am still spinning after reading this exchange!

martin dufresne rabble-rouser Babbler # 11463
posted 13 January 2008 08:18 PM

How convenient for U.S. white police chiefs, journalists and b-s readers to define the “new” hate crimes and racism as those of ethnic minorities! How does that African proverb go? “Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters.”

Makwa rabble-rouser Babbler # 10724
posted 14 January 2008 04:07 PM

Its not an accident that one of the first ‘hate crime’ charges in Canada was laid against a first nations person. This is how the power structure works to undermine those who challenge it.

Islamosocialist recent-rabble-rouser Babbler # 14520
posted 14 January 2008 05:53 PM

David Ahenakew in his own words:

“The Jews damn near owned all of Germany prior to the war. … That’s how Hitler came in. He was going to make damn sure that the Jews didn’t take over Germany or Europe. That’s why he fried six million of those guys. Jews would have owned the goddamned world.”

Makwa rabble-rouser Babbler # 10724
posted 14 January 2008 06:42 PM

quote: Originally posted by Islamosocialist:David Ahenakew in his own words:

“The Jews damn near owned all of Germany prior to the war. … That’s how Hitler came in. He was going to make damn sure that the Jews didn’t take over Germany or Europe. That’s why he fried six million of those guys. Jews would have owned the goddamned world.”

Yet another example of how those of us who struggle under the historical white supremacist structures internalize many of their racist ideologies.

No small wonder they named it Babble.


Panhandlers charged as man dies of stab wounds – calls it Homeless Stabbing In Toronto

Panhandlers charged as man dies of stab wounds

A man who refused change to a group of young panhandlers, then was attacked and stabbed repeatedly, died yesterday morning of his injuries.
After a night out in downtown Toronto with his friend, Ross Hammond, 32, was walking up Queen St. W. and Niagara St., near Trinity Bellwoods Park, when he was approached by four panhandlers in their early 20s.
A verbal confrontation quickly escalated into violence. Hammond was stabbed several times and his friend was physically assaulted.
“They (the panhandlers) were abusive, they were aggressive. Mr. Hammond and his friend took offence to it and it was a heated exchange and it certainly escalated very quickly,” said Toronto police homicide Detective Sgt. Gary Giroux.
More here

And Now for the take on this – note the Thread Title – Homeless stabbing in Toronto , let the Lefty dissembling begin!

Note how little effort is shown by many of the babblers to remember the real Victim and the Family, but also note that some sensible Babblers have come to the defense of the victim and the police. Let’s hope common sense wins the day on this thread (Yea I know, I may as well ask for a Pony while I’m dreamin). The sense of entitlement among many of the Babblers “defending this assault” is palpable.

Posted by Lefty Boy-

Originally posted by N.R.KISSED:

At this point how exactly does this cop know what happened? Was he there? If this was a fight just between two different groups who were otherwise identical would this cop be saying this? Seems as though he’s already made up his mind about their guilt, I guess they should be thankful he didn’t just execute them on the spot.


Just so everybody is clear I have a good knowledge of some of the people involved and their history of mental illness. CAMH is just down the road and Trinity Bellwoods park used to be one of the safer parks for homeless kids to bed down in. That was until recently. That was until self righteous condo owners who are new to the neighbourhood have taken it upon themselves to “take out the trash” as one prick told me.
Seeing these same people eating over-priced salad at Fresh and embracing progressive politics as a lifestyle make me want to scream. Oh yes help the poor and the homeless as long as I don’t have to see them.
As a final insult these same pricks who complain of “Crack” addicts are themselves doing lines of coke in the bathrooms of posh private member clubs just a few blocks down on King St.

Ah the Left! Ya can’t tell the victims without a program!

More from the Globe & Mail Here.

And more of the usual “Poverty Activist” Suspects way in Here.

Share beacon of tolerance for those who hold faith in contempt II continues to set new lows in religious tolerance;)

It just gets better here is my original post, here is the link to the Babble Thread.

Have a look at these gems – Michelle Chief Islamofascist Apologist & Anti-Israel Bigot… er I mean Babble Moderator admonishes a fellow babbler for over the top commentary:

Original post:

The Wizard of Socialism rabble-rouser Babbler # 2912
posted 18 July 2007 04:07 AM

You just know that all these religious types long for the day when they could burn us at the stake for questioning them. Unfortunately for them, education and human right levels have risen to the point where that’s no longer de rigueur. But until we wrest tax exempt status from Catholicism, Inc. and the other religious corporations, none of us will ever truly be free. So the pope is a nazi. Fine. How about using some of that nazi gold in the vatican vaults and PAY YOUR FUCKING TAXES, you cheap fuck!!!

Michelles admonishment:

Michelle Moderator Babbler # 560
posted 18 July 2007 05:36 AM

quote: Originally posted by The Wizard of Socialism:”You just know that all these religious types long for the day when they could burn us at the stake for questioning them. “

Yeah, okay, the rest of your post I have no problem with, but this is over the line. Unnecessarily inflammatory, and not true. This discussion is already hot enough without this sort of commentary.

Well I suspect our friend The Wizard has never held a paying a job in his life, for a socialist to crack abbout paying taxes is low comedy. But for Michelle to find nothing at all wrong with Wizards reference to the Pope as a Nazi etc is just too rich. She is undeniably a bigot, both stupid and mean.

Do note that some Babblers have started to call Michelle on her obvious bigotry, they will likely be banned by the time you check out this thread.

“Now go and find all the threads where you have attacked people for their religious beliefs. How unfortunate that a moderator wants to drive away posters for being religious, which you are doing, Michelle. Look at your own bigotry.” – Contrarian

Hmm I wonder how Michelle is teaching her son Amir?

Share beacon of tolerance for those who hold faith in contempt

Who say’s the progressive left in Canada isn’t tolerant? Besides everybody I mean.

Christian Music Festival “Marred”

From Michelle the Babble Moderator and Chief Inquisitor:

“I have no problem with contempt for people’s religious beliefs. Just because you believe in some sky fairy that tells you what to do doesn’t mean I have to respect that, any more than you should respect me if I tell you that global warming is caused by Poseidon.”

I don’t wish them dead, however, or dance on their graves when they die. I save that for people like Ronald Reagan.”

Update: Here’s a new one from Michelle:

“Personal belief? Great, fill your boots. Want to make it political, throw it into the public arena? Well then, be prepared for a challenge and even contempt, because those of us who don’t want sky fairies dictating public policy or setting moral standards in society will be pushing back. Sometimes contemptuously.

“I do, however, feel that here in North America, where Christianity is the main political religious force, that should be the main focus here. You don’t generally find Muslims in North America trying to exert religious influence on public policy, but you see a lot of Christians trying it all the time.”

It should be pointed out that people are routinely banished from Babble for the crime of “Islamophobia”, which near as I can determine involves supporting Israel, questioning Radical Islam, or speaking out against Palestinian terrorist activity.

NB: This comment from Caissa represents the good that can be found on Babble but is all too often shouted down.

Michelle wrote: I have no problem with contempt for people’s religious beliefs. Just because you believe in some sky fairy that tells you what to do doesn’t mean I have to respect that, any more than you should respect me if I tell you that global warming is caused by Poseidon.

Can the same contempt be shown for individuals political beliefs on this site?