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For all your apocalypse needs…

From underground bunkers and tactical weapons to heavily armored vehicles, they were taught new ways to deal with a zombie apocalypse or a natural disaster – and also met some TV stars.

Hundreds of survivalists and so-called ‘Preppers’, of all ages and levels of ‘experience’, descended on the Salt Lake City, Utah, suburb of Sandy on Friday for the nation’s first ever PrepperCon.

During the two-day expo, they were shown specially-equipped underground bunkers, learned new ways to store food, tried out solar powered flashlights – and even dressed up as zombies.

They were also greeted by actors from the AMC hit show ‘The Walking Dead’, including Addy Miller, who took pictures with fans and acted as a judge in an emergency preparedness food cook-off.


I will survive: When civilization collapses, will you be ready?

AFTER “the Crunch”—the total collapse of the global economy—trade seized up, the power grid shut down and paper money became worthless. Riots gutted city centres. Looters picked them clean. Americans went back to growing their own food and bartering with their neighbours. Those who had failed to stockpile beans and bullets were soon hungry and defenceless. The “Great Die-Off” hit Florida especially hard. Millions of suntanned retirees died of starvation or chronic diseases after the government stopped paying for their pensions and pills.