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Trudeau Defends the Niqab During French Leaders Debate

The first French-language leaders’ debate gave a somewhat subdued Justin Trudeau a platform to sharply defend his stand on one of the most divisive and emotional issues of the federal election: the niqab.

But Trudeau also used that heated discussion€” and almost every chance he got during the two-hour exchange  to redirect attention back to his key messages on the economy and growth.

“I think that if a man can’t impose his will on how a woman should dress, we shouldn’t let the state impose how a woman shouldn’t dress,” the Liberal leader told his four opponents.

Polls say an overwhelming majority of Quebecers  and many Canadians across the country — disagree a woman should be allowed to wear religious face coverings during citizenship ceremonies.


Saudi Diplomat Accused of Raping Nepalese Maids

Saudis are our friends:

Two Nepalese maids who alleged they were beaten and raped by a Saudi diplomat in India were taken to a women’s shelter in Nepal on Thursday.

The women had their faces covered and were protected by several police officers on arrival at the Kathmandu airport. They were whisked away in a waiting van to a women’s shelter, and did not speak to reporters.

The women, who were working as maids in the diplomat’s house near New Delhi, were picked up on Monday after a non-governmental organization tipped off police. The police said a medical examination of the women confirmed they were raped, and a case of rape and illegal confinement was registered against the diplomat, who has not been named.

He has claimed diplomatic immunity, and the Saudi Embassy in a statement Wednesday denied the allegations against him. The embassy also complained that the police violated diplomatic protocol by entering the diplomat’s residence.


On the Korean Front

South Korea becoming more “diverse“:

Some 1.74 million foreigners live in Korea at present, accounting for 3.4 percent of the total population, according to the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs.

But data compiled by regional governments reveal a more diverse demographic landscape where foreigners account for more than five percent in 12 metropolitan cities.

Societies are usually considered multicultural when foreigners account for more than five percent of the population.


Surely President Park understands that China hopes to envelope the Korean Peninsula one day?

President Park Geun-hye joined Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Thursday for a massive military parade commemorating the end of World War II. She stood alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin and other dignitaries in Tiananmen Square as thousands of troops and millions of dollars worth of equipment passed by in the carefully choreographed event….

Park decided to attend despite the West’s anxiety as she walks a fine line between her government’s close political ties with the United States and a booming economic relationship with China.

China now accounts for a full quarter of Korea’s overseas trade and has become the nation’s top trading partner. The South Korean government also often looks to the Chinese for their influence over the increasingly unpredictable North Korea.

“The main reason for the decision to attend the military parade was the belief that China’s cooperation is essential, not only for peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula, but reunification as well,” a government official said.


Multiculturalism and the Rise of Domestic Terrorism

In a speech launching a five-year plan to combat homegrown terrorism, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that “Many people born in Britain have little attachment to the country and that makes them vulnerable to radicalization.”

It’s not as though Muslims who live in Britain don’t eat fish and chips or root for their local football club. But, apparently, a not insignificant number can indulge in British pastimes and still feel unconnected to the country they live in. In her 2006 book Londonistan, Melanie Phillips described how a separate and alien culture had developed in England as a result of Britain’s experiment in multiculturalism—an experiment that had been fostered by British elites in media, government, and even in churches.


A Road Test for Multiculturalism

If you ever need to be reminded how superior the West is, just hop in a taxi. The drivers come from anywhere-but-here and pretty much all of them are ambassadors of suck. The days of the charming, loudmouth cabbie with the cigar stub and rude jokes have been replaced with rude jerks from Pakistan, Russia, Central America, and Africa. When they’re not driving like there’s a zombie apocalypse, they’re stinking up the cab, chatting on the phone, antagonizing customers, whining, and leaving bags of urine on the street. It’s not racist to be a Western chauvinist. I hate them all equally, especially the Russians. They are humorless ingrates who complain all the time like they didn’t just win the immigration lottery.


‘Relocate Syrian refugees within Europe’ says UN

As the Syrian war enters its fifth year, the UN’s refugee agency is calling for a new approach in Europe to support some of the 3.9 million people who have fled the conflict.

Under the UNHCR’s new proposals, presented to the EU, some Syrians would helped to from their arrival points in southern Europe to elsewhere on the continent, in order to stop Mediterranean countries being overwhelmed by refugees and asylum seekers making illegal, often unsafe journeys to other parts of Europe, including Sweden and Germany.

“The situation in the Mediterranean is such that we think that it’s urgent to come with a fresh and bold look at what is happening, and to look at proposals to deal with this situation,” UNHCR spokesperson William Spindler told The Local Italy.

Last year over 170,000 people arrived by boat to Italy, with Syrians making up the largest group. UN figures however show that only a minority seek asylum within Italy, with most Syrians travelling across European borders illegally to settle elsewhere.

In Sweden, 50,235 people have sought asylum in the past three years. Sweden currently takes in more refugees per capita than any other European country and the Swedish government has pledged 1,200 resettlement places.

Recognizing this trend, Spindler said legal routes between southern and northern European countries must be opened up. The UN is calling for an agreement which would stop Syrians having to smuggle themselves across European borders, without altering the EU’s Dublin regulation on asylum seekers…

Related: ‘Segregation in Sweden will continue to rise’: Segregation between ethnic Swedes and people from foreign backgrounds has widened in the past two decades in some of the biggest towns in Sweden, according to the Dagens Nyheter daily.

Together with Statistics Sweden, the newspaper has mapped out ethnic segregation in 30 of Sweden’s largest municipalities, using a value it calls “the segregation differential”. The survey suggests that ethnic segregation has grown in all but two in the past two decades, Luleå in the north of Sweden and Solna near the capital.

Economics professor Olof Åslund, Director General of the Institute for Labour Market and Education Policy Evaluation, told Dagens Nyheter: “That the number of immigrants and native Swedes differs suggests segregation. We can tell that over a period over of time it is on the increase – it is noticeable. The number of people from foreign backgrounds has gone up and it has risen more in areas that already have a large number of immigrants.”


In the U.S., diversity is the new majority

A just-released Census Bureau report shows that by 2044, whites will no longer comprise a racial majority in the United States. By then, the nation — like today’s Los Angeles — will be made up of a kaleidoscope of racial groups, including Latinos, blacks, Asians, Native Americans and multiracial Americans.

This “no racial majority” scenario, even three decades away, provokes fear in some white Americans: fear of change, of losing privileged status or of unwanted people coming into their communities. But it is a change that should be welcomed.

The fact is that “no majority” America is here and thriving in 2015. According to the new projections, it is here among children younger than 5, and it is here among all students in the nation’s public schools. It will be here for the nation’s under-30 population in less than a decade, deepening the transformation that has already come to pockets of many urban cores and large swaths of the nation’s coasts and the Southwest.

Interracial marriages are at an all-time high, especially among the young and especially in the most diverse sections of the country. And in just 16 years, there will be minority white populations in 12 states, including California (Los Angeles crossed this threshold in 1990), Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia and New Jersey, according to a recently released States of Change project report that I wrote with Ruy Teixeira and Robert Griffin.

Fear of a racially diverse nation seems to be greatest in parts of the population and the country that have yet to experience this change. These include a slew of communities and states that have recently enacted laws tough on immigrants in the country illegally even though relatively few immigrants live there, legally or illegally. In the broader population, fear is greatest among the least-diverse age groups — baby boomers and seniors, many of whom grew up in an era of low immigration and extreme segregation and interacted less with minority populations…


Bus Burnings… It’s a thing in France

Another burned bus!

A new bus was set on fire in the night from Saturday to Sunday, about 1 am 30. This time, it’s Colmar the loss occurred. Châtenois Colmar and firefighters were initially moved to a car fire and a few minutes later, they had to step on the burning bus. This is the 17th bus hit by this black series Central Alsace in a little over a year.


Britain Funding Separateness, Not Integration

Small Heath School and its head teacher, Shanaz Khan.

Increasingly, segregated religious communities receive state funds in order to remain separate. That extremists would gain a foothold seems inevitable.

“We believe that single faith schools will mean more discrimination and a greater stranglehold of the most conservative, anti-women and communal individuals over our children’s education and our communities as a whole.” — Spokesperson for South Asian Women in London, 2002.

“Instead of greater integration, this political creed [multiculturalism] has promoted separatism by emphasising differences and encouraging minority ethnic groups to cling to the customs of their homeland. In Birmingham, this has resulted in the rejection of western values by the governing bodies of too many Muslim-dominated schools.” — Manzoor Moghal, British Muslim writer and activist.

Britain’s multicultural doctrine was introduced with good intentions. Its failures, however, have outweighed its benefits…


NYT on France: Laïcité under severe challenge from vibrant, growing religion of Islam

A mosque in the Bosquets district of Clichy-sous-Bois. Credit Pierre Terdjman for The New York Times

Laïcité, the concept of state secularism, is a defining principle of the French republic, right up there with the national motto of liberty, equality and fraternity. Developed in the French Revolution, which targeted the Roman Catholic Church as much as the monarchy, laïcité governs the public life of a nation that sharply delineates the realms of Caesar and God.

But laïcité, pronounced lie-EE-see-tay, is now under severe challenge from Islam, the vibrant, growing religion that arrived in France with post-colonialism. Islam does not easily accept the ban on the public exercise of religion, whether it is the full veil for women or gender-mixed swimming pools, Friday Prayer that overcrowds mosques or halal food in schools.

Now, in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings and an attack on a Jewish supermarket by Islamist gunmen, there are new questions about laïcité and whether it is being fairly applied in a France with an estimated five million Muslims — close to 8 percent of the population and making up the largest number of regular worshipers…

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Diversity dividend?

Dr. James Thompson of Psychological comments examines the so-called diversity dividend: the idea that having increasing diversity, meaning of course more women and non-whites, on boards of directors and in other positions in a company results in greater profit or a better stock market price.

Dr. Thompson finds the “data”, such as it is, all but completely lacking. There’s no empirical support for the idea.

Yet the good folks at Davos and in other centers of Hive Mind activity like academia constantly spout nonsense like the diversity dividend. My question is this: do they really believe their own BS?…


One-Sided Multiculturalism: A Byproduct of the Left’s Love Affair with Islam

As coverage of the recent bloodshed in Paris got underway, it became glaringly evident that a predictable narrative was being re-established amongst the far-left media outlets of The New York Times, MSNBC, and CNN. True to form, they examined this act of Islamic terrorism from a number of different vantage points – disenfranchised youth, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and U.S. intervention in the Middle East – quick to remind their audience that Islam is a “religion of peace” and that these acts do not represent the sentiment of most law-abiding Muslims


Biker gang takes over the streets of Miami

Hundreds of dirt bike and ATV riders took over Miami yesterday when they swarmed through city streets and highways, taunting police and pulling wheelies in an apparent tribute to Martin Luther King.

Video footage of the gang shows them weaving through traffic and past police cruisers as they travel in a convoy along Miami and southern Florida highways.

However, police were unable to stop the gang because of the sheer numbers involved and have blasted them for endangering the lives of other motorists…

…Joe Sanchez, a spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol, said: ‘We’re not going to put their lives as well as other motorists’ lives in danger by chasing these kids on dirt bikes and ATVs,’ The Miami Herald reported.

He added: ‘They basically have no respect for other motorists.’

A Miami police spokeswoman told the paper: ‘We have no idea who they are, we have no idea where all of these people came from, we don’t know where it initiated from.’

The riders – many of whom posted footage of the rally on Instagram – later told the paper it was their way honoring Martin Luther King…

Old-fashioned tribal show of strength.  Say, I have a great idea: we need more “diverse” people so we can have even more such tribes.