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Orlando nightclub shooting victims’ families sue Facebook and Twitter for ‘providing support’ to Isis

Are social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter responsible for helping spread and disseminate extremist information and propaganda with deadly consequences. And if so, should they be held responsible?

That is certainly the contention of several relatives of the people killed in a gay Florida nightclub shooting, who filed a lawsuit claiming Twitter, Facebook and Google provided “material support” to Isis and helped to radicalise gunman Omar Mateen.


Omar Mateen’s father appears at Clinton rally


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a campaign rally on Monday in Kissimmee, Florida, a town just 30 minutes south of Orlando, Florida. She spoke to the crowd about the victims of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub.

He said he was invited, the Clinton team seems to deny that. But he’s sitting right behind her. I don’t think they let just anyone sit where they’ll be in the frame with the candidate. So… what the?

Video of Mateen talking to a film crew after the rally at link.


Fort Pierce Islamic Center’s Terror-Related Past and Present

Syed Shafeeq Ur Rahman, imam of the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce (ICFP), claims that his mosque – the same mosque where Orlando terrorist shooter Omar Mateen regularly prayed at – condemns radical Islam. But if that is so, then why, following the shooting, would the mosque retain a spokesman who is a leader from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group that has numerous associations with the terrorist organization Hamas?


Lynch: “Partial Transcript” Of Orlando 911 Calls Will Have References To Islamic Terrorism Removed

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Attorney General Loretta Lynch says that on Monday, the FBI will release edited transcripts of the 911 calls made by the Orlando nightclub shooter to the police during his rampage.

“What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” Lynch said. “We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State].”

h/t SDA

(Video at link. I’d embed it here but I don’t know how to embed non-Youtube videos. If anyone wants to explain how it’s done that would be great.)


Failure to Connect the Dots Leading up to the Orlando Jihadist Massacre

The Left is attempting to paint the Orlando massacre as primarily an attack on the gay community, made possible by easy access to guns. That is, according to the Left’s narrative, homophobia and gun violence are the ingredients that lit the fuse. Typical of this distorted way of thinking was the New York Times lead editorial on June 14th, which claimed the United States was being “terrorized again – and again, and again, and again – by the uniquely deadly combination of twisted hatred and weapons of mass destruction as easily available as cough medicine.”

This gross oversimplification plays down the role of ISIS-inspired jihad in fueling the massacre. The shooter, Omar Mateen, pledged allegiance to ISIS, drawing on its strict interpretation of sharia law to justify his rampage.


Orlando survivor describes how homophobic gunman spared black people because they ‘suffer enough’

Patience Carter was enjoying a night out at the Florida LGBT club with friends Tiara Parker and Akyra Murray. The 20-year-old was held hostage by homophobic shooter Omar Mateen, 29, in the club bathrooms during a three-hour siege situation.

According to Carter, Mateen said: ‘I don’t have a problem with black people.

‘This is about my country. You guys suffered enough.’


EXCLUSIVE: FBI raid on Orlando gunman’s in-laws – agents move in on California home after Omar Mateen’s wife revealed to have known about ISIS fanatic’s plans in advance

  • FBI agents arrived at Rodeo, California, home where Mateen’s wife Noor Zahi Salman’s mother lives 
  • Two woman approached first and shouted FBI before being let in, along with male agent 
  • Palestinian-American Zahi Salman, 50, and one of her four daughters are thought to have been home when federal agents arrived
  • Noor has admitted to the FBI that she knew her husband was planning some sort of attack – and had previously driven him to the Pulse nightclub
  • Salman, 30, said she was present when he bought ammunition and had driven him on another scouting mission  – to Disney World
  • She is being questioned by federal agents and could face charges because she knew of plan but did not dial 911  
  • Was seen entering their Fort Pierce, Florida, apartment on Monday night 
  • Federal grand jury being convened to consider charges, Fox News reported

REPORT: Orlando shooter was a regular at the gay nightclub he attacked, used multiple gay dating apps

The man police say killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando early Sunday morning had visited the club at least a dozen times before carrying out his attack, a witness told the Orlando Sentinel on Monday.

The suspected shooter, 29-year-old Omar Mateen, may have also used several different gay dating apps, according to reports from MSNBC and the Los Angeles Times.

And a former classmate of Mateen’s told The Palm Beach Post he believed Mateen was gay, and that Mateen once asked him out romantically.

Three additional witnesses confirmed that they had seen Mateen at the gay nightclub more than once before.

“Sometimes he would go over in the corner and sit and drink by himself, and other times he would get so drunk he was loud and belligerent,” one witness, Ty Smith, told the Sentinel.

Read the whole thing.               h/t Ace of Spades HQ


Milo: The left chose Islam over gays. Now 100 people are dead or maimed in Orlando

Over 100 people have been killed or maimed at a gay dance club in Orlando by Omar Mateen, a Muslim terrorist. How many more innocent gays need to die before we admit that America, and the world, has an Islam problem? I don’t mean a “radical Islam” problem or an “extremist Islam problem.” Violence is not the extreme in Islam any more: it’s the norm.

…America has to make a choice. Does it want gay rights, women’s emancipation, and tolerance for people of all nonviolent faiths — or does it want Islam?


Obama calls for gun control action and DOESN’T link Orlando terror attack to Islam in address to nation

President Obama furthered his gun control message today when addressing the massacre in Orlando that killed 50 people, making it the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. 

50 homosexuals were murdered by an Islamic jihadist so all U.S. heterosexual Christians must be stripped of their Constitutional rights.

Wait: that’s homophobic, islamophobic, and racist isn’t it? As is everything the left doesn’t agree with.


Obama Explains Why He Doesn’t Use The Term ‘Radical Islam’ For Islamic State, Al Qaeda

This guy was an awesome choice for leader of the free world!

This guy was an awesome choice for leader of the free world!

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he refuses to describe the Islamic State and al Qaeda as groups fueled by “radical Islam” because the term grants them a religious legitimacy they don’t deserve.

“They are not religious leaders; they are terrorists,”… “They no more represent Islam than any madman who kills in the name of Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism,” he said. “No religion is responsible for terrorism. People are responsible for violence and terrorism.”

And there’s some more blathering. He’s going to go away soon, right?