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‘Sorry not sorry,’ Wynne says in final televised Ontario election debate

TORONTO — Ontarians are already casting their ballots, as advanced polls opened this weekend, and Doug Ford is disrespecting them by not presenting a full platform, the NDP leader railed during Sunday’s provincial election debate.

Recent polls have suggested the NDP has surpassed Ford’s Progressive Conservatives in popular support, making party leader Andrea Horwath the main target in the third and final televised debate of the campaign. But she shot back at Ford after he slammed the NDP over an error in the party’s platform that means it will cost $1.4 billion more per year than expected.

“We did admit that there was a mistake and we fixed it right away,” she said.


The NDP circus has come to town

When one of your candidates posts a meme quoting Adolf Hitler, it’s difficult to feel any sympathy for Andrea Horwath’s complaint Saturday that attacks on her candidates are “disappointing.”

The meme shows Hitler standing in a car giving a Nazi salute and includes an inspirational quote from the Nazi Fuhrer that basically says if you don’t like the rules, get into power and change them.


NDP heavily favoured for provincial election: leaked poll

Most people would vote NDP according to an EKOS Research Associates poll leaked online on Thursday.

The unofficial EKOS poll showed that if the provincial election was held tomorrow, Andrea Horwath’s NDP party showed a 10 point lead at 40.9% over Doug Ford’s Conservative party, which came second at 30.9%.



Tory Begs Ottawa For Help After Illegal Migrant Influx

Use your pension to cover the costs, John:

The mayor of Toronto says the city will need to open an emergency reception centre over the next seven days to deal with an influx of refugees.

John Tory says the federal and Ontario governments should take action to relieve the growing pressure refugee claimants are putting on the city’s shelter system.

He says 10 new refugee claimants are added to Toronto’s shelter system each day — 334 additional refugee claimants have arrived since he last appealed for help on April 26.

At the current rate of arrivals, Tory says Toronto projects that refugees will represent more than 50 per cent of the city’s shelter residents by November.

Tory says he’s looking for a number of things from Ottawa and the province, including co-ordination and leadership to help with the immediate placement of new arrivals outside of the city’s shelter system.

He also wants dedicated provincial and/or federal staff to facilitate and operate the placement, sustainable funding, and reimbursement of all costs, including those incurred in 2017 and projected for 2018.

That reimbursement includes $64.5 million in projected costs for ongoing housing and operations, Tory said.


Rae Days Redux

Sit back and watch the train wreck:

(Sidebar: there is an accompanying poll.)

Last week in the province, the Liberals took aim at the New Democrats after the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario announced they were endorsing the NDP ahead of the June 7 election.

The Liberals pointed to a comment made by Marco Coletta, the NDP candidate for Richmond Hill, who reportedly called for Ontario teachers to take a 15-per-cent cut to their salaries during his nomination meeting in April.

“I think that the teachers’ unions should come to the table and say, you know what, we’re willing to do a 15-per-cent cut across the board,” Coletta said, as reported by “I hate to, especially when I’m talking to teachers, I hate to say that maybe there needs to be a pay cut.”


Reevely: Liberals’ attack on NDP platform ‘error’ a graze, not a direct hit

Kathleen Wynne, Charles Sousa and Eleanor McMahon — the Liberal premier, finance minister and treasury-board president, the boss and her money ministers — assembled at a trades school Monday morning to excoriate their left-wing rivals.


Is Horvath Being Suckered Into the Bribing Game With Teachers?

In a word, yes:

Hammond’s relations with Wynne have been particularly testy, so his defection may not set off a wholesale shift in support among Catholic, French and secondary school educators. But Horwath needs to understand that all alliances with teachers’ bosses are conditional, and all the conditions are on her, not them. Should she become premier, she will be expected to repay their kindness … and repay and repay and repay. The announcement of ETFO’s support came with a prepared list of promises already made: $16 billion for “crumbling” schools; a moratorium on school closures; more hiring for teachers, educational assistants and “education professionals;” a new funding formula and an end to bothersome testing the union dislikes.

It’s a pricy list, but if Horwath thinks that’s the end of the giving, she’s still in the early stages of learning. When Ontario teachers unions profess their devotion to quality education, what they mean is a dedication to generous contracts and compliant governments. The students are just leverage.


Largest teachers’ union ends love affair with Liberals

Her government spent nearly $500-million in the spring of 2013 to buy labour peace with the teachers unions before the 2014 election.

Premier Kathleen Wynne did a repeat performance with the province’s teachers unions last February (months before the last contract ran out), extending the contract by two years to keep the peace with teachers before next month’s election.

This is bad news for Wynne & Ford.


As campaign starts, Ontario’s election is Doug Ford’s to lose

….Asked if she trusts Ford, she replied, “I know enough about Doug that I’m willing to give him a chance.”

That’s no longer the case for Samuel Greenfield, who was also at the rally. He says he voted for Ford in his run for the party leadership but will not vote PC in the June 7 election because Ford disqualified Tanya Granic Allen as a party candidate last weekend.

Granic Allen is a staunch campaigner against Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum, developed under the Liberal government. She sought the party leadership and votes from the bulk of her supporters helped propel Ford to his victory.

Ford’s move was “an appalling betrayal of the conservative base,” said Greenfield in an interview.  “He supported [Granic Allen] when it was convenient to, now he dumps her when it isn’t. Why should we trust Doug Ford when it comes to any other issue?”

A small business owner in Thornhill, Greenfield dismissed the PCs as “a conservative party that no longer has conservative values.”