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The Nation of Islam Factor

In his January 10 farewell speech, President Obama cited “violent fanatics who claim to speak for Islam.” That was the only mention of Islam in the speech, and the outgoing president kept his record intact.

For the past eight years, the most powerful man in the world has refused to connect Islam with any act of terrorism against the West in general or the United States in particular. The terrorists themselves do everything but take out an ad on the Super Bowl to trumpet Islam as their motive, but that has no effect on the president.

GOP rages over Obama’s surprise Manning commutation

President Obama commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning Tuesday in an 11th-hour surprise, allowing the convicted leaker of US Army secrets to leave prison nearly three decades early.

The move came just three days before he hands Donald Trump the keys to the Oval Office.

Manning, a transgender ex-Army intelligence analyst formerly known as Bradley Manning, is serving a 35-year sentence for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified government and military documents to the website WikiLeaks.

Obama’s decision to free Private Manning disgraces America

Barack Obama’s decision to commute the prison sentence of Private Manning is a final, disgraceful undermining of American interests by the outgoing US President.

Manning’s decision to dump vast swathes of stolen information with the Wikileaks organisation, which then published them, caused untold and untellable damage to America and her allies. It revealed operational details which should never have fallen into the hands of America’s enemies. Manning ensured that they were available not just to such groups and nations but to the entire world.

Puerto Rican terrorist among prisoners freed by Obama

An imprisoned Puerto Rican terrorist who refused to renounce violence to get clemency in 1999, was among those whose sentence was commuted Tuesday by President Obama.

Oscar Lopez-Rivera helped establish the violent Puerto Rican independence group FALN (Fuerza Armadas de Liberacion Nacional, Spanish for Armed Forces of National Liberation).

The group is best known for bombing Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan in 1975, an attack that killed four, as well as a 1982 strike on NYPD headquarters.

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Obama commutes Chelsea Manning to let Army leaker out by May – so will Julian Assange now turn himself in as he promised?

President Barack Obama is commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the army soldier who shared classified documents with Wikileaks, on his way out out of the White House.

Manning, who went by the name Bradley at the time of the crime, was sentenced to 35 years in prison in August of 2013.

Obama ordered her release day to be moved up on Tuesday to May 17, 2017.

WTF? Hussein appoints Ben Rhodes, Iran deal messenger boy, to Holocaust Memorial Council

With only three days left in office, US President Barack Obama announced several key administration posts on Wednesday, including the placement of Benjamin Rhodes, one of his top foreign policy advisers, on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

That’s Obama, poisoning the well.

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Barack Obama releases 10 Guantanamo Bay inmates before Donald Trump ‘loads it up with bad dudes’

Barack Obama has released 10 inmates from Guantanamo Bay before Donald Trump potentially tries to fulfill his promise to fill it with “some bad dudes”.

Mr Obama has persuaded Oman to take in 10 of the remaining few inmates being kept at the controversial prison.

The outgoing president is set to fail on his promise to close down the facility, which forms part of a US air base in eastern Cuba, before he leaves office on Friday.

Obama’s Mideast Legacy Is One of Tragic Failure

The Middle East is a more dangerous place after eight years of the Obama presidency than it was before. The eight disastrous Obama years follow eight disastrous George W. Bush years, during which that part of the world became more dangerous as well. So have many other international hot spots.

In sum, the past 16 years have seen major foreign policy blunders all over the world, and most especially in the area between Libya and Iran — that includes Israel, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and the Gulf.

With regard to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, the Obama policies have made the prospects for a compromise peace more difficult to achieve. When Israel felt that America had its back — under both Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush — they offered generous proposals to end settlements and occupation in nearly all of the West Bank.

Obama’s transparent presidency

“…Obama’s speech at Cairo University was the most important speech of his presidency. In it he laid out both his “aspirational” vision of relations between the West and the Islamic world and his plans for implementing his vision. The fundamentally transformed world he will leave President-elect Donald Trump to contend with next Friday was transformed on the basis of that speech.

Obama’s address that day at Cairo University lasted for nearly an hour. In the first half he set out his framework for understanding the nature of the US’s relations with the Muslim world and the relationship between the Western world and Islam more generally. He also expressed his vision for how that relationship should change.

The US-led West he explained had sinned against the Muslim world through colonialism and racism.

It needed to make amends for its past and make Muslims feel comfortable and respected, particularly female Muslims, covered from head to toe.

As for the Muslims, well, September 11 was wrong but didn’t reflect the truth of Islam, which is extraordinary. Obama thrice praised “the Holy Koran.” He quoted it admiringly. He waxed poetic in his appreciation for all the great contributions Islamic civilization has made to the world – he even made up a few. And he insisted falsely that Islam has always been a significant part of the American experience.”

Saint Barack? Liberals will canonize Obama, but history will likely take a dimmer view.

Barack Obama is fond of the idea that history has an “arc,” a dubious proposition, born of Obama’s belief that human relations and events, ordered by politics, move in only one direction—upward, according to a modern progressive’s notion of what that word means. In fact, the passage of time has a habit of sanding down the flaws of history’s gods and monsters, sanitizing the bloody and dehumanizing cost of war and conquest, and turning even the worst actors into mere points on a timeline. Was Alexander the Great on the right end of the arc of history? To ask the question is to acknowledge that there is no such thing. History doesn’t play favorites.

Farewell, Radical-in-Chief

Obama says goodbye to a nation he despises.

President Barack Hussein Obama bid farewell last night to the nation he despises in what was, for him, a mercifully brief speech.

“America is a better, stronger place than it was when we started,” he said in all apparent seriousness.

After sending aid and comfort to an Islamic supremacist dictator in Egypt, he falsely claimed to have pulled the rug out from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear weapon program. The Nobel Peace Prize winner left out how his illegal war destabilized Libya and the fact that the U.S. military deeply distrusts him.

Obama actively considering commutation for cross-dresser Bradley Manning

President Obama has put Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst serving a 35-year sentence for leaking classified material, on his short list for a possible commutation, a Justice Department source told NBC News.

A decision could come as soon as Wednesday for Manning, who has tried to commit suicide twice this year and went on a hunger strike in a bid for gender reassignment surgery.