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Report: Shooting at NSA – National Security Agency in Maryland

FORT MEADE, Md. – One person is reportedly in custody as police continue to investigate the report of a possible multiple shooting near a visitors gate that leads into the National Security Agency complex on Fort Meade in Anne Arundel County.

The reported shooting was said to have happened near the military installation’s visitors gate off of Route 32 at Canine Road around 7:15 a.m. Wednesday. Aerial images from SkyFOX show a black SUV with body damage that apparently crashed into white security barriers near the gate. The Associated Press first reported that one person was in custody,

Twitter NSA Shooting

Reports of two to 3 wounded, shooter in custody. Below, suspect and bullet riddled SUV.


Deep State-Fake News Marriage: CIA, NSA, FBI Operatives Join Media In Droves

“I am reluctantly turning in my badge and leaving an organization I love,” wrote FBI agent Josh Campbell, in a February 2 op-ed for the New York Times.” He is leaving the Bureau, he said, so he can “join the growing chorus” of voices denouncing “the relentless attacks on the bureau” by President Trump. The attacks by the Trump administration and Republicans on the politicized, upper-echelon bureaucrats at the FBI, said Campbell, “undermine not just America’s premier law enforcement agency but also the nation’s security.”


U.S. Spies, Seeking to Retrieve Cyberweapons, Paid Russian Peddling Trump Secrets

BERLIN — After months of secret negotiations, a shadowy Russian bilked American spies out of $100,000 last year, promising to deliver stolen National Security Agency cyberweapons in a deal that he insisted would also include compromising material on President Trump, according to American and European intelligence officials.

The cash, delivered in a suitcase to a Berlin hotel room in September, was intended as the first installment of a $1 million payout, according to American officials, the Russian and communications reviewed by The New York Times. The theft of the secret hacking tools had been devastating to the N.S.A., and the agency was struggling to get a full inventory of what was missing.


Can you hear me now?: NSA can find & track people with ‘voice-matching technology’

Declassified documents reveal the National Security Agency has been using secret “speaker recognition” technology to identify people by their unique “voiceprint” for more than a decade.

The NSA has been recording and gathering private phone calls for years, but it used to be difficult for the agency to identify unknown speakers. In the past, signals intelligence (SIGINT) transcribers worked on the same targets for years before they became familiar enough with a speaker’s unique voice to be able to verify their identity.


Russian Hackers Breached The NSA Through Russian-Made Antivirus Software

Russian hackers managed to steal National Security Agency (NSA) data on how the U.S. hacks into foreign networks by making use of the Russian-made antivirus software Kaspersky.

These Russian hackers, working on behalf of the Kremlin, stole code from the home computer of an NSA contractor after he took highly classified data back from NSA networks and stored it at his residence, The Wall Street Journal reports.


US spies hacked global banking system – report

The mysterious hacker group known as “Shadow Brokers” released files late on Friday showing that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had found and exploited numerous vulnerabilities that allowed them to penetrate the SWIFT banking network.

The breach, which was carried out due to vulnerabilities in older versions of Microsoft Windows software, allowed NSA spies to monitor money flows among some Middle Eastern and Latin American banks.

Former CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden described the NSA’s hack as the “Mother Of All Exploits,” in reference to the massive US bomb dropped last week on Afghanistan. Snowden previously released files showing the NSA had the ability to intercept SWIFT messages.


Here’s how to tell if your web traffic travels through an NSA listening point

A Canadian project by Internet Exchange Maps, called IXmaps, tracks the internet exchange points your information passes through. These “points” are buildings where your information passes along a wire and can be collected by the NSA.

For financial and political reasons, many Canadian internet routes pass across the border into the U.S.—a phenomenon known as “boomerang routing”—before going back into Canada to its original destination. Since Canadian citizens have no privacy rights in the U.S., their data is often collected and stored without question.


Mystery Hackers Blow Up Secret NSA Hacking Tools in ‘Final F–k You’

A mysterious hacking group has been bedeviling the U.S. intelligence community for months, releasing a tranche of secret National Security Agency hacking tools to the public while offering to sell even more for the right price. Now with barely a week to go before Donald Trump’s inauguration, the self-styled “Shadow Brokers” on Thursday announced that they were packing it in.

“So long, farewell peoples. TheShadowBrokers is going dark, making exit,” the group wrote on its darknet site. “Continuing is being much risk and bullshit, not many bitcoins.” The message was accompanied by a parting gift, described by the group as a “final fuck you”: an apparently complete NSA backdoor kit targeting the Windows operating system. The kit is comprised of 61 malicious Windows executables, only one of which was previously known to antivirus vendors.


John Brennan: Trump’s ‘Nazi Germany’ tweet to US agencies was ‘outrageous’

Brennan called the comparison of the CIA, NSA, FBI and the director of national intelligence offensive to American officers.

“What I do find outrageous is equating an intelligence community with Nazi Germany,” he said. “I do take great umbrage at that, and there is no basis for Mr Trump to point fingers at the intelligence community for leaking information that was already available publicly.”

  1. The information was not available publicly.
  2. The sting of an insult is proportional to its accuracy.

NSA contractor arrested in hacking plot

The feds secretly busted a National Security Agency contractor who stole and possibly leaked highly classified computer codes developed to launch hack attacks against hostile foreign governments, authorities said Wednesday.

Harold Thomas Martin, 52, of Glen Burnie, Md., was taken into custody by the FBI on Aug. 27 and charged with theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials by a government employee or contractor, authorities said.

If the documents were leaked, the US Justice Department said in a statement, the disclosure could “cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the US.”


NSA and the No Good, Very Bad Monday

Monday was a tough day for those in the business of computer espionage. Russia, still using the alias Guccifer2.0, dumped even more DNC documents. And on Twitter, Mikko Hypponen noted an announcement on Github that had gone overlooked for two days, a group is hosting an auction for code from the “Equation Group,” which is more commonly known as the NSA. The auctioneer’s pitch is simple, brutal, and to the point…


Hacking group auctions ‘cyber weapons’ stolen from NSA

A mysterious online group called the Shadow Brokers claims to have infiltrated an elite hacking unit linked to the National Security Agency and stolen state “cyber weapons”, and is now auctioning them off to the highest bidder.

The stolen malware is said to belong to Equation Group, a sophisticated hacking team believed to be operated by the NSA. So far, the Shadow Brokers have only released a few taster files and images of the cache, but security researchers said they appear to be legitimate.

The leak, announced in broken English by the group in a series of posts on Twitter, Tumblr, Pastebin and Github, was accompanied by claims that the group was in possession of state-sponsored “cyber weapons”.