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Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen setting the agenda

There’s an old political saying, “Whoever controls the agenda controls the solution.” The main political agenda in the United States and in France, immigration and Islamist terrorism, has largely been set by the exhortation and unexpected popularity of two aspirants for power:

Marine Le Pen leader of the National Front in France (FN), and most recently also her niece the 26 year old golden girl, Marion Marechal-Le Pen; and Donald Trump in the U.S. The duo of Le Pen and Trump have been making and benefiting from essentially populist appeals, more ideological in the case of Le Pen than Trump, to the electorate.


French Minister puts police on Marine Le Pen’s ISIS Tweets

PARIS (AP) — France’s interior minister asked judicial police on Wednesday to look into tweets by far-right leader Marine Le Pen of gruesome photos of executions by the Islamic State group – her response to a broadcast journalist broadly comparing her party to the organization.

Le Pen tweeted the photos after Jean-Jacques Bourdin, known for his brash style, said on BFM TV that her National Front party and IS both focus on identity, so share a “community of spirit.”

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Marine Le Pen cleared of inciting hatred after comparing Muslim prayers in the street to Nazi occupation

Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right French Front National party, has been cleared of charges of inciting hatred after making comments comparing Muslim street prayers to a foreign occupation.

Ms Le Pen made the comments five years ago during the party’s December campaign trail in Lyon, France.

Four anti-racism associations filed a complaint after Le Pen said in a 2010 political meeting Muslim street prayers could be compared to the Nazi occupation of France in World War Two.


Marine Le Pen’s Anti-Islam Message Gains Influence in France

PARIS — Well before the attacks that killed 129 people in Paris on Friday, Marine Le Pen, the president of the far-right National Front party, was parlaying fear of Islam, migrants and open borders into political support. Now, with France angry and in mourning, she is seizing the opportunity to expand her appeal and show her clout, underscoring how far-right messages are resonating across Europe.

“France and the French are no longer safe,” Ms. Le Pen said in a speech the day after the attacks, demanding a crackdown on Islamists in the country.


Houellebecq’s ‘Submission’ Comes to America

On Jan. 7, the day “Submission” came out in France, the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo ran a caricature of the author on its cover. Bleary-eyed and sporting a wizard’s hat, the novelist was portrayed as a lugubrious prophet spouting asides like “In 2015 I’ll lose my teeth” or, more pointedly, “In 2022 I’ll observe Ramadan.”

On the same day two gunmen of the Islamic faith attacked the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 people. Mr. Houellebecq, who lost a friend—the economist Bernard Maris—in the attack, has been under round-the-clock police protection since.

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Marine Le Pen set to face trial for inciting racial hatred after she compared Muslims who pray in the streets to Nazis


National Front demands EU referendum in France

David Cameron’s pledge to hold an in/out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU has been backed by France’s far right National Front party, which wants the same in France, where views of the EU have soured over the years.

Should the French people also be given a vote on whether to stay in or out of the European Union?

That’s the view of France’s National Front party which has backed David Cameron’s stance in offering the British public a chance to decide whether the country’s future belongs in the EU or not.

Vice-president of the party Florian Philippot tweeted his views to his 43,000 followers.

“Like the British, the French deserve a referendum on the European Union,” he said…


Marine le Pen meets with grand imam of Al-Azhar told her opinions about Islam ‘need correcting’

“…National Front president Le Pen met Ahmed al-Tayeb, grand imam of Al-Azhar, at its Cairo headquarters during which he questioned her organisation’s “hostile opinions towards Islam and Muslims”, an Al-Azhar statement said.

Mr Tayeb added that the National Front’s “opinions must be reviewed and corrected”.


‘Send migrants back,’ France’s Le Pen says

Far right National Front leader Marine Le Pen says France should send migrants back across the Mediterranean Sea to stop them from taking dangerous boats to European shores.

Criticizing European immigration policy, she says on Europe-1 radio Sunday that France should send migrants back to their port of departure so “traffickers know that no migrant will come ashore on our coasts.”

European ships rescued nearly 3,700 migrants on Saturday alone…

The weekend total is 4100 so far.


Activists bare breasts to disrupt Le Pen’s May Day speech in Paris

(Reuters) – Three bare-breasted women making Nazi salutes disrupted a May Day speech by French far-right leader Marine Le Pen as she accused her political rivals of failing to tackle immigration and radical Islam.

The women from the Femen activist group, with “Heil Le Pen” and “Stop Fascism” written on their breasts, chanted anti-National Front slogans from the balcony of a five-star hotel room overlooking the stage, to boos from the crowd.

It was the second interruption to Le Pen’s attempt to address hundreds of National Front (FN) supporters in central Paris. Earlier her father Jean-Marie, the party’s founder, unexpectedly took to the podium to cheers despite a party disciplinary procedure against him over controversial comments about World War Two.

The 86-year-old former paratrooper left the stage without uttering a word and did not wait to listen to his daughter’s speech…


France: FN (Front National) victims of physical attacks

Gallic Watch has a list, translated from a French site. It includes the following:

Marie-Françoise Lagroua was posting signs when a young man and a young woman threatened to kill her. Then they insulted and struck her.

The young woman grabbed the bucket of paste and dumped it on her head. Only the arrival of a teacher with her pupils caused the attackers to flee.

Mme Lagroua’s lenses were broken during the attack and she has several bumps on her head.

There is quite a list: check it out.


French PM’s victory cigar proves a little premature

After hearing that the far-right National Front had not come out on top in Sunday’s local elections, French PM Manuel Valls is said to have sat back and smoked a cigar. However there’s more than one reason why Valls may have lit up prematurely.

Much has been made about how Marine Le Pen’s National Front failed to live up to expectations in the first round of the vote in France’s local elections on Sunday.

In the run-up to Sunday’s vote to elect representatives in France’s 101 “departements” , the FN (Front National), as the party is known in France, was expected to gain over 30 percent of the vote, according to polls.

But in the end an alliance led by former president Nicolas Sarkozy took first place in Sunday’s first-round polling with 29.4 percent of the vote, while the FN came second with 25.2 percent, according to latest figures from the interior ministry.

The Socialists trailed in third with an estimated 21.9 percent…

…Following the results there was much talk of the wheels having come off the Le Pen bandwagon, but portraying the outcome of the first round as a failure for the party leader is missing the point, and talk of Le Pen’s powers being on the wane is premature to say the least.

For a start, although figures show the centre-right UMP-UDI alliance picked up around 30 percent of the vote compared to 25.2 percent for the FN, if the results are analysed a different way then things look a lot rosier for Le Pen.

Figures from the Ministry of Interior reveal a more detailed breakdown party by party and when the centre-right alliance is broken up into individual parties like the UMP (Sarkozy), Union de la Droite and UDI, then the FN (National Front, Le Pen), which makes no political alliances, comes out on top after having polled 3,196,917 votes…



Gallia Watch: Manuel Valls calls for “stigmatization” of the FN

The ruling elite of France is “panic-stricken” at the possibility of a Front National victory on March 29 and in the 2017 presidential election. Prime Minister Manuel Valls makes no effort to hide his fear. In a March 8 interview on Europe 1, hosted by Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, Valls agreed his party had not been able to solve major problems, but at the same time insisted there would be no going back on the reforms that had been made.

Here from Le Figaro are excerpts of his remarks:

Prime Minister Manuel Valls revealed his fear that France would “shatter against the FN”

“The thing I dread, may I speak of my dread, my fear for my country? It is the FN at 30%, not in the second round, but in the first round of the departmental elections. An FN at 30% is a matter of extreme gravity. The thing I dread is an FN at 30% in the first round, because its platform is a disaster for the country.”

“I demand the stigmatization of Marine Le Pen; the Front National offers no solution. I call on all those who demonstrated on January 11, I say to them, ‘Get out and vote!'”

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Front National says it is victim of ‘huge political manipulation’ after accusations of €7.5million EU fraud

France’s far-Right Front National was on Tuesday facing a European corruption investigation over allegations it fraudulently paid 20 assistants to MEPs up to €7.5 million.

The European Parliament said the FN had listed the assistants on its French roster, even though under parliamentary rules they are only supposed to perform work directly linked to the work of the MEPs.

Martin Schulz, the European Parliament’s Socialist president, said he had formally notified the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) over potential irregularities.

Suspicions were raised after the far-Right group published a staff directory on its website indicating that many MEP assistants worked from its Nanterre headquarters.

In some cases the assistants were shown on the website not to be working for the MEPs listed on their employment contracts, said the European Parliament.

However, FN leader Marine Le Pen, herself an MEP, said her party was the victim of “huge political manipulation”.

“We have nothing to reproach ourselves for, in this or any other area,” she told reporters at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

Polls showed that the FN could win an unprecedented score in forthcoming local elections on March 22 and 29…

It does seem like a rather convenient time for the EU to discover this.  It does not sound like major scandal to me.  Is this a case where the EU — trying to get rid of Front National — hunts around for some type, any type of infraction that would normally be ignored?