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‘JEWISH JIHADISTS’: Joy Reid’s Blog Published Posts Blaming Jews For Terrorism

Embattled MSNBC host Joy Reid once promoted the conspiracy theory that “Jewish Jihadists” were responsible for Islamic terrorism, according to newly discovered screenshots obtained by The Daily Wire.

Screenshots from a post dated July 21, 2006, show that “JReid” blamed Jews in Israel for Islamic terrorism and appeared to go as far as justifying terrorism against Israel.


Mark Levin: The Media ‘Have Blood On Their Hands’

Conservative author and radio host Mark Levin blasted the mainstream media’s coverage surrounding Israel’s response to the Palestinians’ violent protests following the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. The media, Levin said, “have blood on their hands” for continuing to fall for the tactics of Hamas, who use human shields as props for the cameras so the press will unfairly blame the Israeli government for the violence.


Nine Flaws With New York Times ‘Israel’s War on George Soros’ Article

An opinion article in the New York Times improbably used George Soros as a bludgeon with which to attack Israel and its elected prime minister.

I counted at least nine flaws with the article. It appeared in the Times online under the headline “Israel’s War Against George Soros,” but a more apt headline might have been “The New York Times’ War Against Israel.”

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Washington Post’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief Peddles Anti-Israel Fake News

I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to anti-Israel reporting in the so-called mainstream media, the New York Times consistently takes top prize. Its writers have attempted to mainstream hate sites, romanticized rock throwing and have openly stated that they could not be impartial when writing about those pesky Jews. Given its current radical trajectory it’s safe to say that NYT will retain this dubious distinction for the foreseeable future. But another paper is giving the NYT a run for its money.


NY Times Publishes Op-Ed by Palestinian ‘Political Prisoner’, Doesn’t Mention He’s a Convicted Terrorist

What the author, and the New York Times, fails to mention is that Barghouti was sentenced in 2004 to five consecutive life sentences for coordinating a series of terrorist attacks on Israeli law enforcement and civilians, including a failed suicide attack that only killed the attacker.


CNN swallows the myth of Israel dominating US foreign aid

There are a lot of problems with this story, geared to make it look like Israel is taking the lion’s share of the US budget spent overseas.

Here’s what is not being said up front: The US government, for whatever political or bureaucratic reasons, uses two departments to hand out foreign aid, both military and non-military: the State Department and the Defense Department. Yes, the Defense Department sends out non-military aid as well.

The thinktank quoted by CNN decision to  discuss only military aid  and only from the State Department budget. not total aid. The same document they link to shows over $50 billion in foreign aid in 2014 when you include non-military aid so Israel’s percentage goes down from more than half to around 6%.


New York Times Again Blasted for ‘Skewed’ Headline in Coverage of Palestinian Stabbing Attacks

Media watchdogs and Jewish groups on Sunday admonished the New York Times for publishing a headline about Palestinian stabbing attacks in Israel which “blur Palestinian culpability” in the incidents.

The “skewed” headline, “Israeli Police Officers Kill Two Palestinian Men,” appeared in Sunday’s edition of the prominent newspaper and detailed in the opening paragraph that the two “Palestinian men were fatally shot by the Israeli police after attacking officers with knives.”

“Why report the effect without the cause? Why continue to depict Palestinians as ‘just victims’?” watchdog group CAMERA asked in a blog post. “What is so hard about… [a] straightforward headline accurately depicting the nature and chronology of events?”…


Richard Falk defends Palestinian resort to violence, praises Hamas for pursuing “peaceful co-existence,” attacks UN Watch for “defamatory campaign”

Former U.N. investigator Richard Falk hails Hamas’ “spirit of resistance,” justifies the Palestinian use of violence, says Hamas aims for “long-term peaceful co-existence,” and attacks UN Watch for ruining his 6-year term as Special Rapporteur on Palestine.

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Pimping Hamas Propaganda: BBC’s Bowen Blows Khaled Meshaal’s Trumpet

For the BBC’s scandalously biased “Middle East editor” Jeremy Bowen, as for other employees of Britain’s bloated left-leaning “national broadcaster” including members of Bowen’s equally biased team, the Guardian and Ha’aretz are clearly the go-to newspapers for opinion pieces regarding Israel.

Those two newspapers typify, of course, the jaundiced opinions of the Beeboids (as the Biased BBC website terms the Corporation’s hacks) themselves.

Bowen, Danahar, Donnison and the rest of the bunch can be relied upon to tweet and bignote (without any countervailing balance) articles in those papers that present Israel in a bad light.

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Palestinians join ICC with Israelis in sights

A Palestinian demonstrates against Israeli action in the occupied West Bank Photo: AFP/Getty Images

(AFP) – The Palestinians formally gain membership of the International Criminal Court on Wednesday with the aim of pursuing Israelis for war crimes, despite uncertainty over the move’s wider ramifications.

The accession is another step in the Palestinian diplomatic and legal international campaign, which gained steam in 2014.

It has uncertain consequences, not only because it is highly unlikely Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israelis will find themselves being tried at the ICC, but also because it constitutes a new deterioration in the strained relationship.

But the Palestinians are beyond caring.

Exasperated after decades of failed negotiations with Israel, with no perspective for the state they have been yearning, they have decided to take their case to the international arena…

Notice that AFP does not mention that negotiations have failed because of the Palestinians themselves.


UK Columnist: ‘Israel Now More Wicked and Dangerous Than Hamas’

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a columnist for The Independent, has much a long history when it comes to poisonous diatribes against Israel and Jews who support the state. She regularly describes Israel as a “racist” and “apartheid” state yet claims that some of her best friends are Jewish.

Her latest screed continues in this vein with some particularly disturbing comments even by her low standards. Chief among these is this statement:

Hamas is a wicked and dangerous force in the Middle East. But Israel is now more wicked and dangerous.

A look at the evil and anti-Semitic Hamas Charter, not to mention Hamas’s deliberate targeting of Israeli civilians as recently as last summer, is enough to demonstrate that the real wickedness on display here is Alibhai-Brown’s despicable claim that Israel is more virulent than a vicious terror organization…


MSNBC Invites Illiterate Hamas Apologist to Denounce Republicans

Welcome to MSNBC, the news network for sociology professors who go on screaming rants about the CIA giving Castro cancer.

This week MSNBC decided to invite on Yousef Munayyer of the Jerusalem Fund. Munayyer got into some trouble on Hannity when he refused to answer whether Hamas is a terrorist group. But MSNBC has been good to him allowing him to claim that the accusation that Hamas uses human shields is racist.

So MSNBC brought him back to denounce Boehner’s trip to Israel…


Op-ed, Copenhagen Post: Anti-Islam is not the answer for terrorism

Author Zach Khadudu is a Kenyan by birth and a journalist by choice. He is a commentator and an activist with a passion for refugee and human rights.

“Je suis Charlie” was the rallying cry that resonated across the world after the unfortunate terror incident in France.

Even Bibi (Netanyahu) with his appalling human rights record was arm-in-arm with the rest of the world leaders to stand up for freedom of expression.

Maria Le Pen, the Pia K of France, saw an opportune time to push her anti-Muslim, anti-foreigner agenda.

In German, the anti-Muslim PEGIDA demonstrators gained renewed strength. Calls by Angela Merkel did little to deter thousands of people from attending their marches. In Denmark, spontaneous and organised demonstrators also took to the street to pour blanket blame on Islam and Muslims. In Belgium, which like Denmark, has a Muslim population of well over 5 percent, police raids on terror suspects ended in several fatalities including two policemen. Even in open-door Sweden, anti-Islam rhetoric gained momentum: mosques were attached and some injuries were reported…

…In the political arena, the tone is tough and extreme. Among the anti-Muslim movements in Germany and Denmark, it is clear-cut: get Islam out of Europe.

Yet what escapes most minds is the fact that Muslims are as much victims of terror as the rest of us. Muslims have been repeatedly asked to speak out and apologise for crimes they have nothing to do with. A whole community is constantly under fire to defend actions they are completely opposed to.

Fact is, as long as the tone remains combative and aggressive, there will be no solution…

Thanks a lot for the multicultural insanity, Western leaders. It now appears far too late to reverse it. Containment is the only option, but the elites — both left and right, with different motives — are determined for this wretched project to remain on schedule.  


Outstanding speech by Matti Friedman about reporting on Israel

How have the doings in a country that constitutes 0.01 percent of the world’s surface become the focus of angst, loathing, and condemnation more than any other?

We must ask how Israelis and Palestinians have become the stylized symbol of conflict, of strong and weak, the parallel bars upon which the intellectual Olympians of the West perform their tricks – not Turks and Kurds, not Han Chinese and Tibetans, not British soldiers and Iraqi Muslims, not Iraqi Muslims and Iraqi Christians, not Saudi sheikhs and Saudi women, not Indians and Kashmiris, not drug cartel thugs and Mexican villagers.

Questioning why this is the case is in no way an attempt to evade or obscure reality, which is why I opened with the checkpoint leading from Bethlehem. On the contrary – anyone seeking a full understanding of reality can’t avoid this question. My experiences as a journalist provide part of the answer, and also raise pressing questions that go beyond the practice of journalism…