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Pamela Geller, Asma bint Marwan, and America

If America is not able to find an antidote to the Islam’s policy of assassinating every voice raised against it — which pamela1[1]makes organised resistance against it impossible — no other entity will, and world will return to 7th century Arabia, and will freeze there till the Sun runs out of hydrogen.

If America, the last best hope, does not find an antidote to the low-level, random, but unceasing violence of Islam, we are all doomed to a most painful and brutal annihilation.

Are we going to surrender the world to the 7th barbarians, just because they never gave up violence, and we became civilised?


Dutch parliament says ‘no’ to Mohammed cartoons

The Dutch parliament has decided against allowing anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders to stage a show of American cartoons based on the prophet Mohammed.

The organisation which oversees the running of parliament, known as the Presidium, turned down Wilders’ request because the proposed show does not meet the criteria parliament has agreed.

Exhibitions in parliament must focus on the role of parliament and should not offer a platform to party political statements. In addition, exhibitions should not be controversial, the rules state…


Muslim Apologist in ‘Arab News’: Hate speech vs. free speech

No two words in America’s constitutional law are more everyday, more commonplace and even more pedestrian, than “free speech.” But the significant role they play in the public debate — protecting people’s right to impart and receive ideas — also makes them sacrosanct.

The law, however, draws a distinction, attenuated though the distinction may be, between free speech and hate speech, or, if you wish, between vilification and the protections afforded the vilifier by the First Amendment.

What do we do, in other words, when there are individuals in our community who are so demented, mean-spirited or racist that they are wily enough to use one of the country’s most cherished freedoms in order to insult, slander and mock others in pursuit of promoting a reprehensible cause like Islamophobia in America?

Clearly, the answer is self-evident: We must do everything to deter them from successfully leveraging the First Amendment privileges as a defense of their right to incite others to violence.

You probably had not heard of a disturbed woman — and this columnist is not the first political commentator to identify her as such — called Pamela Geller, who heads a group called Stop the Islamization of America, that is, till late last week, after she sponsored an incendiary anti-Muslim event in Garland, Texas, an event that she effectively wished would conclude in an act of violence. Well, her wish was granted…

There is no ‘hate speech’ exception. The writer suggests ‘we must do everything’ to prevent ‘hate speech’.  Does that include using violence? 

The idea that Pamela Geller was hoping for violence is absurd. How could she be so certain that she herself wouldn’t be the target (she likely was) and that the killers wouldn’t succeed?


The Nazis Lost, So Caricaturing Them Is “Punching Down” – satire

By Garry Trudeau, cartoonist

People trying to defend Charlie Hebdo’s artists on free speech grounds might have an argument, but the exercise of free expression carries responsibility. One may not abuse that right just to offend a persecuted minority – which is why I pose the question: with the Nazis out of power and long ago subjected to humiliating defeat, who among us would now exploit that downtrodden Nazi status by caricaturing them? That would be punching down, when satirists must always punch up…

…The next time you see Neo-Nazis or their ilk demonstrating against immigrants, Jews, or some other group, let it go. They’ve suffered humiliating defeat, and we must bite our tongues – and our caricaturists’ pens – before we boorishly and unwisely bash those who do not enjoy the political advantages we take for granted….

…Mockery, as Charlie Hebdo’s treatment of Muslim mores shows, must only be directed at those who wield genuine power. Muslims only control several dozens countries and the bulk of the oil trade, plus all the government-controlled journalism in their societies and ownership of several Western outlets. And the Nazis no longer control a thing. All the more so must we avoid insulting them…


The Daily Mail blacks out cartoon of Muhammad while reporting on Texas attack

On Sunday, two heavily armed police officers can be seen securing art work following the shooting. The art competition, which was awarding $10,000 to the best caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, had been condemned by critics…

The Daily Mail has a lot of photos and it’s not far left but it is still not classically liberal.

Consider the title of another piece of The Mail’s reporting: Extreme ‘free speech’ group refused to cancel provocative ‘Muhammad Art Exhibit’ despite protests – and told the world they ‘know the risks’

And there’s this: ‘This is a war’: The woman behind anti-Islamic Muhammad cartoon contest and her long history of hatred

I’ve notice their coverage of Israel is pretty negative too.

As for the MSM, I certainly wouldn’t expect the New York Times to show the picture either.

h/t Creeping Sharia


Today is Your Last Chance to Submit Your Entry to $10,000 Muhammad Cartoon Contest

The deadline is fast approaching to enter AFDI’s first annual Muhammad cartoon contest. The winning prizedrawmuhammadfinal700-162x300[1] is $10,000. The People’s Choice Award is $2,500. One more day. Hustle it up, folks. You may send as many entries as you like. To be considered for the Contest, entries must be received by midnight tonight.

Email your submission to


Muslim in Denmark: If you don’t stop the Mo cartoons we’ll hate you

…Is this a war on the freedom of expression? Anybody’s guess is as good as the next. Yet when the emotions have run their course, tough questions must be asked. How did we get into a situation in which a home-grown youth shoots dead innocent people going about their business? Answers are hard to come by. Going forward however, the nation must re-examine its multicultural relations.

Harming policemen and women who sacrifice themselves to protect the rest of us must not be tolerated. Killing innocent people must be abhorred, condemned and severely dealt with. Impressionable young men must be shown a sense of belonging to curb the possibility of them becoming the prey of the manipulative ideologies of extremists.

The media must exercise its freedom. Freedom of expression gives them the right to choose what to publish and what not to publish. By intentionally insulting Islam time and again, the media is insinuating that they do not regard Muslims as part of their clientele. In any business, the customer is king; if newspapers believed that Muslims are part of their readership, they would not insist on offending them time and again, would they?

To paraphrase Washington Post editor Paul Farhi, just as journalists choose not to publish pictures of soldiers killed in war, nudity and pornography, we can as well choose not to offend sections of our readership by not publishing humiliating caricatures of their prophet. It is a question of respect.

To curb extremism, the drivers of radicalisation must be addressed: Islamaphobia and hostile foreign policy. Otherwise we are falling head-first into the evil circle of hate that produces hate.


Denmark’s refugee integration has ‘failed’

Enraged Muslims burn the Danish flag in a fit of cartoonphobia

Three out of four refugees who came to Denmark in the early 2000s are jobless ten years later – a “deeply frightening” “admission of failure”, government officials said.

A decade’s worth of efforts to integrate refugees into the Danish labour market have failed, a new analysis from the Confederation of Danish Employers (Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening – DA) shows.

Berlingske newspaper crunched the numbers from a DA investigation and found that just one out of every four refugees who came to Denmark between 2000-2003 was employed ten years later.

The head of DA said the Danish government has “truly failed” in its efforts to get refugees working.

“It is catastrophic that we are so bad at integrating refugees into the Danish job market. That is not acceptable for our refugees, and as a society we simply cannot afford to let this group be taken care of by public benefits,” Jørn Neergaard Larsen told Berlingske…


Denmark: Politicians want Mohammed Cartoons to be part of school curriculum

The public schools’ association for religion teachers, Religionslærerforeningen, has today urged that the controversial Mohammed Cartoons, which were first printed in Jyllands-Posten newspaper in 2005, should become part of the public school curriculum as quickly as possible.

And now, several political parties – including Socialdemokraterne, Dansk Folkeparti (DF) and Konservative – have voiced their support for that idea, although the degree of support varies.

”It would be natural for the cartoons to become part of the material that the teachers can choose to use,” Mai Mercado, the political spokesperson for Konservative, told DR Nyheder.

”But there is a freedom of method that means the teachers have a right to use other material should they choose to do so.”

But that’s not enough for DF. The right-wing party has called for the controversial illustrations to be obligatory learning in public school classes…


#DanishLivesMatter — Danish Men Killed, others wounded in attack on cartoonist in Copenhagen

Thanks to mass immigration, even the most objectively successful societies in the world now get to enjoy tribal warfare in their streets and assassination attempts because of Third World taboos. Francis Fukuyama used “Getting to Denmark” as his metaphor for how societies progress to the highest stage in human development. Because of the Western elite’s insistence on importing a new underclass, it’s taking on a whole new meaning.


Huge crowd of Muslim protesters picket Downing Street to protest at Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Muslims gathered to condemn the cartoons of Mohammed by the French publication Charlie Hebdo. Source.

At least 1,000 Muslim protesters gathered outside the gates of Downing Street to protest against the depictions of the Prophet Mohammed in Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine.

The protestors, many of whom were divided into groups of men and women, gathered just yards from the Cenotaph which remembers Britain’s war dead, and blocked half of Whitehall as they demonstrated.

It comes weeks after two terrorists attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the Paris-based satirical magazine which had published images of the Prophet Muhammad, killing 12 staff and wounding 11 others.

The protest was organised by the Muslim Action Forum, which said that the Charlie Hebdo cartoons had helped “sow the seeds of hatred” and had damaged community relations…

See also here.


Socialist Worker: What caused the Charlie Hebdo killings?

Gilbert Achcar is a professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London and the author of many books, including Clash of Barbarisms: September 11 and the Making of the New World Disorder, The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising and Marxism, Orientalism, Cosmopolitanism.

In the aftermath of the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and the wave of repression and Islamophobia that followed, Achcar talked to Ahmed Shawki in late January about the questions the left in France and internationally need to answer to organize an anti-racist, anti-imperialist response.

Summary: French leftists and the USA are evil racists and imperialists who don’t want to submit to Islam.


Iran to host Holocaust Cartoon contest in response to #CharlieHebdo Mohammed caricatures

TEHRAN — Iran’s House of Cartoon and the Sarcheshmeh Cultural Complex plan to hold another international contest on the theme of Holocaust denial in the near future.

The 2nd International Holocaust Cartoons Contest has been organized in protest against French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’s recent publication of the cartoons insulting Prophet Muhammad (S), the secretary of the contest, Masud Shojaei-Tabatabaii, said in a press conference on Saturday.

Shojaei-Tabatabaii, who is also the director of Iran’s House of Cartoon, added that world cartoonists are asked to submit their works before the first day of April.

The first place winners will receive a cash prize of $12,000, the second place will have $8000 and the third $5000.


The pic is one of the winners from Iran’s previous Holocaust Cartoon contest, others may be viewed here.

h/t ULHS


Thousands march in Pakistan in protest against Charlie Hebdo; policeman guarding polio workers shot dead in Karachi

Supporters of Jamaat-e-Islami chant slogans during a rally

Tens of thousands of Muslims took to the streets in Pakistan in anger at the Prophet Mohammed cartoons published by French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The largest rally was held in Karachi, where 25,000 people shouted slogans including ‘death to France’, ‘death to the blasphemers’ and ‘(We are) ready to sacrifice life for Prophet Mohammed’.

Anger remains potent over the repeated depiction of the Muslim prophet in the satirical magazine, whose Paris offices were attacked on January 7 by Islamist gunmen, killing 12 people…

Policeman guarding polio workers shot dead in Karachi KARACHI: Gunmen on Monday killed a policeman guarding a polio vaccination team in Karachi, police officials said, the latest blow to efforts to stamp out the crippling virus in Pakistan.

The attackers on a motorbike shot the policeman in the western neighbourhood of Papoosh Nagar and then fled, senior police official Chaudhry Asad told AFP.