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Houellebecq supports Israel, has had it with the Palestinians

According to news site Walla, Houellebecq – who is not Jewish – has identified as pro-Israeli for several

Don't smoke, kids.

Don’t smoke, kids.

years. He reconfirmed this position in the interview, and explained: “Israel is more moral than the Palestinians. At first I was neutral, but the Palestinian suicide bombings shocked me. Unlike the Israelis, who strike at pre-marked targets, the Palestinian attacks are blind, and that is much less moral. The end does not justify the means, and that is why the Palestinians have lost legitimacy in my eyes.”

“What connection is there between Muslims in France and the Palestinians?” he asked. “Why do the Muslims in France not raise a hue and cry about what is happening to their brothers in Africa and Asia, but only (do so) about their Palestinian brothers? It is only the fault of the radical Left’s anti-Israeliness and its connection to Islam.”

If you haven’t read Submission I highly recommend it.      h/t Avi Sion


Houellebecq’s ‘Submission’ Comes to America

On Jan. 7, the day “Submission” came out in France, the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo ran a caricature of the author on its cover. Bleary-eyed and sporting a wizard’s hat, the novelist was portrayed as a lugubrious prophet spouting asides like “In 2015 I’ll lose my teeth” or, more pointedly, “In 2022 I’ll observe Ramadan.”

On the same day two gunmen of the Islamic faith attacked the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 people. Mr. Houellebecq, who lost a friend—the economist Bernard Maris—in the attack, has been under round-the-clock police protection since.

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Michel Houellebecq: ‘Am I Islamophobic? Probably, yes’

Shadowed by the plain-clothes police protection officer that now follows him round the clock, Michel Houellebecq, France’s most successful living writer, shuffles into his Paris publisher’s office. His quiet, otherworldly aura is enhanced by the anti-fashion statement of this ageing literary enfant terrible: too-short cord trousers that swing round his ankles, a C&A parka he is rarely without, comfortable shoes and the black backpack he takes everywhere containing his stash of Philip Morris cigarettes, which he smokes between his middle and ring fingers, smoothing his frizzy combover with a nicotine-stained finger.


Tearful Michel Houellebecq breaks silence on Paris shootings: ‘Je Suis Charlie’

Last week’s issue of Charlie Hebdo, featuring a cartoon of Michel Houllebecq (Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images)

Houellebecq’s sixth novel, Submission, was published last Wednesday, the day of the massacre of 12 people in and outside Charlie Hebdo’s offices. The author of Atomised then cancelled his promotional tour and went into hiding.

In an interview recorded by Canal Plus’s Grand Journal last Thursday, but only broadcast on Monday night, the normally blasé Houellebecq appears grief-stricken at the news of the killings – in particular the death of economist Bernard Maris, a friend.

Barely able to speak, he says: “Yes, I am Charlie. This is the first time in my life that someone I know has been assassinated.”

Houellebecq decided to leave Paris after he heard about the killings.

Bernard Maris, 68, was a respected Left-wing economist and contributor to Charlie Hebdo who admired Houellebecq, even paying tribute to the author in a work called: “Houellebecq Economist”.

“We were supposed to take part in a debate at the end of March because he was about to publish a new book,” said Houellebecq.

“I am stopping the promotion [of Submission] because I don’t want to talk about my book at the moment. I am not in good shape,” he said.

The book has topped the order list on Amazon France…