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Salon: “No civilization would tolerate what America has done”

Well-behaved Michael Brown supporters tip over a police car.

It seems police can get away with anything: choking men who have surrendered; shooting unarmed teens; knocking pregnant women to the ground. While the issues involving race, civil rights and the relationship between law enforcement and communities are essential for examination and correction, few are talking about how all of this fits into the larger pattern of America’s cultural decline and decay.

America has become a society addicted to violence and indifferent to the suffering of people without power. Whenever there is a combination of a culture of violence and an ethic of heartlessness, fatal abuse of authority will escalate, and the legal system will fail to address it.

Critics are right to condemn the criminal justice system for its embedded inequities and injustices, but they are hesitant to condemn the actual jurors giving killer cops get-out-of-jail-free cards. These jurors are representational of America: ignorant and cold. They hear testimony from eyewitnesses claiming Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown while he had his hands in the air, and set Wilson free without trial…

Eric Garner had not surrendered, he was resisting arrest, albeit on a minor charge. His general poor health contributed to his death. Nor is it clear that Brown, who had just committed a violent crime, had his hands up.   

These are not clear-cut cases.  Both men were committing crimes and resisting arrest.  But, lacking clear-cut cases, then just lie about some facts and  omit mention of others.

If the writer thinks “No civilization” would tolerate this, he clearly does not read the foreign news. The statement is ridiculous.


USA: Black poet: Darren Wilson saw Hulk Hogan and a Demon, not Michael Brown

In August Claudia Rankine, the lyric poet and playwright, visited Ferguson, Missouri, only weeks after Michael Brown’s death.

She had been invited to visit St Louis months before Michael Brown was killed to deliver a reading while she was finishing up her latest work, Citizen: An American Lyric, a book-length poem and her fifth collection. She spoke to people who lived in Brown’s neighborhood, just as she had with her black male friends whom she interviewed and asked about their experiences of racism in America for the collection.

Now her work, which had started as a re-telling of personal experiences of racism, as well as a general view of the country and race, had inadvertently become a companion to one of the most volatile moments in recent US history…

…Rankine is a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and professor of English at Pomona College and that two-decade long feeling of urgency she mentioned has seen her produce poetry that’s been short-listed for the National Book Award, and taken in subjects as unlikely as Zinedine Zidane’s infamous head-butt in the 2006 World Cup final and the portrayal of Serena Williams by the mainstream media…

…“Because racism works purely on perception – often times people don’t even know the other person – the book had to have a component that involved the visual. Looking and seeing and perceiving is also what I’m asking whiteness to do. To see what’s in front of them rather than what they think they’re seeing,” she says before referring to recent police shootings.

“They are clearly not seeing. Darren Wilson is seeing Hulk Hogan and a demon. He’s not seeing Michael Brown. The officer who shot Tamir Rice saw a 20-year-old black man and not a twelve-year old, and then it’s still problematic, because if he sees a 20-year-old black man he thinks that’s something to shoot”…

I am not familiar with the second case mentioned, but Michael Brown was fairly close to a demon as far as I can see. He was a huge man who had just committed a violent crime against someone much smaller than himself.

Black tribalism — my tribe is always right.  This attitude seems to be very widespread. We may be in for more violence.  

From The Guardian.


‘Are you really this dumb?’ Ta-Nehisi Coates blames dissing of de Blasio on racism

The Atlantic’s Coates is under the impression that he’s a smart, insightful guy. He’s sorely mistaken. See, according to him, much-maligned NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio isn’t being judged on his merits (or lack thereof), but rather on his son’s racial identity:

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Targeted Attack on New York Police Officers Reopens Wounds From the Militant 1970s

The coffin of Officer Gregory P. Foster being carried into St. Patrick’s Cathedral for his funeral on Feb. 1, 1972. He was shot and killed in the East Village, along with his partner, Officer Rocco Laurie. Credit Neal Boenzi/The New York Times

For some members of the New York Police Department, the ambush killing of two officers over the weekend roused memories of a far darker chapter in the department’s past, the 1970s, when violence on the streets and anger at the police erupted into the deliberate murder of some officers.

There were other similarities — public protests roiling the city and the nation; the police blaming politicians for fomenting antipolice sentiment; and city leaders scrambling to defuse a dangerous divide between law enforcers and the communities they serve.

The drug dealing and rampant crime that characterized that era have faded, but the shooting of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos on Saturday shifted the Police Department into the kind of defensive pose more reminiscent of decades past.

Forty-six police officers were killed in the line of duty in the 1970s, and 41 more in the 1980s. Before Saturday, the last time an officer was killed in the line of duty was in 2011.

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Slain NYPD cop Rafael Ramos’s family FORGIVES assassin Ismaaiyl Brinsley

Residents and NYPD officers gather around a memorial during a vigil for the two murdered cops

unnamed-6The murdered officer Rafael Ramos and his wife

The family of an NYPD officer shot dead in broad daylight on Saturday has forgiven his murderer, a relative revealed.

Rafael Ramos’ cousin, Ronnie Gonzalez, insists their focus is on remembering the 40-year-old officer, father of two boys, rather than gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley.

‘[Brinsley] in the hands of God now,’ Gonzalez told Pix11. ‘We don’t believe in vengeance, we just forgive.’

He added that Ramos was due to graduate as a chaplain this weekend…


‘But?’: David Axelrod minimizes murder of cops to defend de Blasio

Democrat party hack and known internet klutz David Axelrod is at it again. This time he’s deflecting the murder of two police officers in order to point out the real problem … politically attacking New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.

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Double cop killer admitted having mental health issues, court records reveal – as NYPD goes on high alert over copycat attacks

A twisted gunman who ambushed two NYPD officers and shot them dead ‘execution style’ suffered from mental health issues, according to old court documents.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, killed himself yesterday after a rampage in which he gunned down officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu as they sat in a patrol car in Brooklyn.

Earlier that day Brinsley – who started the day by shooting a former girlfriend- boasted of his intentions with sick social media posts claiming he was avenging Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

He has been linked with crime before, and has an arrest history in Georgia for robbery, disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon. He is believed to have served time in jail…

No surprise there.

More: Pal of cop killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley describes ‘intelligent’ man who lacked stable housing


Eyewitness claims ‘people were CLAPPING AND LAUGHING’ at the scene where two cops were killed

Mayor Bill de Blasio said this is ‘not the time for politics’ following the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday.

This as New York City’s police commissioner said the gunman who ambushed and killed two police officers had made online posts that were ‘very anti-police.’

Police Commissioner William Bratton choked up at a news conference at the Woodhull medical Center on Saturday afternoon as he talked about the fatal shootings of two officers in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness who spoke to The Daily Beast said that ‘a lot of people were clapping and laughing’ following the murder of the two police officers.

‘Some were saying, “They deserved it,” and another was shouting at the cops, “Serves them right because you mistreat people!”’said the man, identified as Carlos…

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Jayceon Terrell Taylor, known by his stage name The Game, is a successful American rapper…


This is your Ivy League

From Chuck Ross, ‘Tramautized’ Georgetown, Harvard Law Students Demand Postponed Finals.

Minority student coalitions at Harvard and Georgetown law schools are pressing administrators to postpone or defer final exams because they claim they have experienced trauma over the recent grand jury decisions in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

The students are hoping for the same outcome granted to students at Columbia Law, another top-tier institution.

Over the weekend Columbia Law’s interim dean, Robert Scott, announced that exams would be postponed for students who feel traumatized over the two grand jury decisions not to indict white police officers in the deaths of Brown and Garner, both of whom are black.



Greenfield: The Michael Brown Protests are a Narcissistic Tantrum

Ward Connerly let loose on some of the hysteria over the Brown verdict.

Former University of California regent Ward Connerly lashed out on Sunday at University of California, Irvine after the school held a “healing, grieving, and support” counseling session in the wake of a Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown.

“If they really wanted to have a teachable moment of understanding the facts of the case as they were presented to the grand jury, that would be one thing,” Connerly told Fox. “But this isn’t about processing facts. It’s about processing the emotions of what you have been told about the case.”

Connerly said that the school’s decision to hold a grief counseling session instead of legal lessons related to the case shows that the school rejects the version of events presented to the grand jury. Connerly also questioned why students in California need grief counseling for an event that happened halfway across the country.

“What’s surprising to me is how individuals 2,000 miles away can somehow get really emotionally attached to this verdict, which leads me to believe it is somewhat make-believe,” Connerly added. “The notion that they can get all riled up to the extent that they need psychological help is really pushing the envelope.”



Ferguson fallout whiner: ‘How inconveniencing and discomforting do you think racism is?’

Hey white folks, in case you didn’t know, Justice is going to be an inconvenience. Your convenience is wedded to the current order, which means I endure constant and persistent micro aggressions and insults in order to accommodate your comfort.

My inconvenience has for so long been predicated on you feeling comfortable. Jordan Davis’ murderer was inconvenienced with the music coming from the car stereo and he expressed his dissatisfaction with a gun.

Darren Wilson was inconvenienced with Mike Brown walking in the street and he expressed his dissatisfaction first with his car and second with his gun.

George Zimmerman was inconvenienced with Trayvon’s presence in his own community and he expressed his dissatisfaction with a gun.

How inconveniencing and discomforting do you think racism is?…

Hodari B. Davis is the National Program Director at Youth Speaks, Inc. and the Executive Producer of the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival. He is also the Creative Director of the Life Is Living Campaign and Festival, organizing eco empowerment events in cities around the country including Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Washington DC, and New York.


A black convsersative at WSJ: The other Ferguson tragedy

A local business in Ferguson, Mo., burned by rioters, Nov. 25. Reuters

We now know that Michael Brown was much more of a menace than a martyr, but that won’t stop liberals from pushing an anti-police narrative that harms the black poor in the name of helping them.

The black teen in Ferguson, Mo., robbed a store, attacked a white police officer and was shot dead while resisting arrest. That was the conclusion of a St. Louis County grand jury that brought no charges against the officer after considering all the physical evidence, along with eyewitness accounts from blacks in the vicinity of the confrontation.

Not that any amount of evidence would have stopped the hooligans in Ferguson Monday night who were determined use Brown’s death as a pretext for more bad behavior. Nor will evidence thwart liberals who are bent on making excuses for black criminality and pretending that police shootings are responsible for America’s high black body count.

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Ferguson protesters arrested after trying to disrupt Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhatten

At least seven people were arrested Thursday morning in Manhattan after trying to disrupt the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as part of a protest against the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri.

The demonstrators used the hashtag #Stoptheparade on Twitter to rally supporters to their cause in New York City ahead of the holiday festivities.

unnamed-4‘Listen, I am a big defender of parades. Basically #stoptheparade is just taking the existing parade & making it more meaningful, so win-win? wrote user em Cameron Thursday morning.

Before the annual parade got under way at 9am, some 50 people gathered outside the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue carrying signs and chanting ‘No Justice! No peace!’ and ‘Justice for Mike Brown!’…

When officers posted along the street told the demonstrators that they were not allowed to be there, tempers flared and some of the marchers reportedly started pushing against NYPD barricades…


NYT: Telling My Son About Ferguson

Reactions to the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — MY son wants an answer. He is 10 years old, and he wants me to tell him that he doesn’t need to worry. He is a black boy, rather sheltered, and knows little of the world beyond our safe, quiet neighborhood. His eyes are wide and holding my gaze, silently begging me to say: No, sweetheart, you have no need to worry. Most officers are nothing like Officer Wilson. They would not shoot you — or anyone — while you’re unarmed, running away or even toward them.

I am stammering.

For the past few years, I have traveled from coast to coast speaking to just about anyone who will listen about the horrors of our criminal injustice system. I have written and lectured extensively about the wars that have been declared on poor communities of color — the “war on crime” and the “war on drugs” — the militarization of our police forces, the school-to-prison pipeline, the millions stripped of basic civil and human rights, a penal system unprecedented in world history. Yet here I am, on Monday evening, before the announcement about the grand jury’s decision has been made, speechless.

My son wants me to reassure him, and tell him that of course Darren Wilson will go to jail. At 10 years old, he can feel deep in his bones how wrong it was for the police to kill Michael Brown. “There will be a trial, at least — right, Mom?” My son is asking me a simple question, and I know the answer.

As a civil rights lawyer, I know all too well that Officer Wilson will not be going to trial or to jail. The system is legally rigged so that poor people guilty of relatively minor crimes are regularly sentenced to decades behind bars while police officers who kill unarmed black men almost never get charged, much less serve time in prison.

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