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Video shows 18 ‘ISIS fighters’ being shot in the head from point-blank range in mass execution in Libya

A shocking video has emerged showing 18 prisoners in orange jumpsuits getting shot in the back of the head from point-blank range in summary executions in Libya.

The men, understood to be ISIS fighters, are shown kneeling in four rows and facing away from their killers.

Executioners can be seen walking up slowly behind their targets before firing a spray of bullets from what look like semi-automatic assault rifles into the backs of their heads before another line of killers repeat the sequence.

It comes amid tensions between jihadists and Libyan forces in Benghazi after strongman Khalifa Haftar – a former soldier under the Gaddafi regime who has risen through the ranks to commander of the Libyan National Army – declared victory in the eastern city.


Libyan Army Spox Says Obama, Clinton ‘Abandoned the Libyan People to the Terrorists’

In an exclusive interview with PJ Media, the Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesman, Col. Ahmed al-Mesmari, says that President Obama and Hillary Clinton “abandoned the Libyan people to face these terrorists alone.”

He also implicates the Obama administration in supporting terrorist militias — including Libyan al-Qaeda leader Abdelhakim Belhadj and Muslim Brotherhood militias allied to al-Qaeda.


The Fruits of the Arab Spring Have Bore an Open Air Slave Market in Libya

Regime change was all the rage under the Obama administration — especially in the middle east. The pitch was MUH democracy needed to be exported to savage lands, whose populations were largely an illiterate ensemble of archaic tribes hellbent on blowing each other up over the interpretation of their fictional holy books.

Here was two time failed Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, flippantly opining about the fate of Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.


African migrants sold in Libya ‘slave markets’

Africans trying to reach Europe are being sold by their captors in “slave markets” in Libya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says.

Victims told IOM that after being detained by people smugglers or militia groups, they were taken to town squares or car parks to be sold.

Migrants with skills like painting or tiling would fetch higher prices, the head of the IOM in Libya told the BBC.

Libya has been in chaos since the 2011 Nato-backed ousting of Muammar Gaddafi.


Libyan passenger plane is hijacked by two pro-Gaddafi supporters armed with hand grenades and forced to land in Malta

A Libyan passenger plane has been hijacked by two pro-Gaddafi supporters armed with hand grenades.

Maltese state TV said the men on board were threatening to blow the aircraft up if their demands – as yet unknown – were not met.

The Libyan Afriqiyah Airways A320 plane is believed to have 118 people on board, with the hijacking first confirmed by Malta’s Prime Minister on Twitter.


Gen. Mike Flynn: Why Hillary’s record on Libya is even worse than you think

A failed state, a terrorist haven, four dead Americans – this is the Hillary Clinton record in Libya we know about.

But new evidence — and a review of the public record — reveals that Hillary Clinton’s actions in Libya were not just disastrous policy, but a violation of U.S. anti-terrorism law.

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Canadian citizen among hostages taken by ‘group of outlaws’ in Libya, Global Affairs confirms

Ottawa has confirmed that a Canadian is among three people taken hostage in Libya earlier this week.

In a statement Sunday, Global Affairs spokesman Michael O’Shaughnessy said the Canadian government is “diligently pursuing all appropriate channels to obtain more information about this troubling incident.”

He said the government will not comment further or release any information that may compromise efforts to secure the hostages’ release or endanger the safety of Canadian citizens.


Gold, guns and piles of cash found in Islamic State’s Libya stronghold

Libyan fighters battling against the Islamic State (Isil) discovered a hoard of stolen jewelry, suitcases stuffed with cash and an arsenal of weapons when they overran a jihadist storehouse in the city of Sirte.

Militia fighters said they discovered the haul in a building Isil referred to as “The House of Muslim funds” or more simply as “the accounting department”.

The valuables are believed to have been looted from local homes, especially from residences of wealthy people who fled when Isil captured the town in May last year.


‘ISIS leader who recruited in Italy arrested in Libya’

ROME – Tunisian Abu Nassim, considered a jihadist recruiter in Italy, has been arrested by Libyan Zintan forces allied with General Khalifa Haftar, according to the Libya Herald.

Nassim, whose full name is Moez Ben Abdulgader Ben Ahmed Al Fezzani, had been previously arrested by the Americans, tried in Milan, acquitted, expelled, and returned to Libya.

He is allegedly also tied to the group that kidnapped four employees of Parma-based general contractor Bonatti in July 2015 near the Libyan oil and gas port of Mellitah.

According to the Libya Herald, Nassim was fleeing Sirte and trying to reach Tunisia.


U.S. begins launching airstrikes against Islamic State in Libya

The U.S. military said Monday it has begun launching airstrikes against Islamic State inside Libya, a further expansion of the campaign to defeat the militant group.

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said that U.S. warplanes targeted the militants in a strip of Libya’s central coastline near Surt after President Obama authorized the operation.

Yea, it’ll be better the second time round…


‘Libya Is Full of Cruelty’

A new report details horrifying accounts of sexual violence, killings, torture and religious persecution along the Libyan smuggling routes.

Amnesty International detailed in a new report horrifying accounts of sexual violence, killings, torture and religious persecution along the smuggling routes to and through Libya. The organization spoke to at least 90 refugees and migrants at reception centers in Puglia and Sicily, who had made the journey across the Mediterranean from Libya to southern Italy in the past few months, and who were abused by people smugglers, traffickers, organized criminal gangs and armed groups.


Amnesty: Islamic State is making Christians sex slaves in Libya

Islamic State has been abducting Christians in Libya and forcing them into sexual slavery, according to a new report by Amnesty International.

In a report titled “Libya is full of cruelty”, the rights group collected the testimonies of 90 migrants, including 15 women, interviewed in reception centres in Italy and Sicily after escaping Libya in recent months.


Blast in Libya Kills 30 People Following Clashes between Garabulli Residents and UN Allied Militia

Over 30 people killed and more wounded on Tuesday in Garabulli city, some 50 kms east of the capital Tripoli, following protests by local residents against a militia from Misurata that established a makeshift camp in the city.

Most of the causalities, however, resulted from a double-blast that hit an arms depot abandoned by the militia as a result of clashes with locals.

The Misurata’s militia involved in the conflict in Garabulli is part of militias’ coalition that is currently linked to both the UN mission in the country and are forming the main protectors of the UN-backed GNA.

Media reports say these militias form the main ragtag militias that are fighting ISIS in Sirte and are also backed by American and British special units. These same reports claim that the UN is encouraging these militias to take the role of the Libyan national army.

Garabulli’s representative in the House of Parliament, Ali Al-Soul, told reporters that the whole disaster started when the leader of the militia attack a number of women in the city and beat them.

Later, the same militia leader along with his bodyguards attacked a local supermarket as the owner refused to allow them to leave the premises with unpaid grocery which led to full-fledged armed conflict between the militia and the local residents, according to Mr. Al-Soul.