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PCs demand emails from Wynne and top bureaucrats in $15B deficit investigation

The sweeping call for the documents came Thursday morning as the committee kicked off hearings into the $15 billion deficit the PCs say the Liberals left behind. Ford ordered the creation of the committee last week, saying: “We’re not going to let Kathleen Wynne and her cronies walk away from their $15-billion scandal.”


Why do Canada’s women premiers seem to only get one term in office?

What do Catherine Callbeck, Alison Redford, Pauline Marois, Kathy Dunderdale and Christy Clark have in common: they are all women who broke the political glass ceiling to become their province’s first elected female premier only to have voters sour on them over just one term in office. By her own admission, Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne expects to join the club as a result of Thursday’s provincial vote.

Because voters realize their mistake before the next election.


Kathleen Wynne touts environmental record on final day of campaign

With change in the air, Kathleen Wynne spent the final day of the election campaign touting what her Liberals have done to clean it up.

On the eve of Thursday’s election, Wynne was in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood and, later, on Lake Erie near the former site of the coal-fired Nanticoke power plant that was once Ontario’s biggest polluter.


Wynne’s concession isn’t brave, it’s a clumsy cop-out

Kathleen Wynne’s election concession some five days before Ontarians vote in their June 7 provincial election was the latest bizarre twist in Ontario’s crazy year of politics. Some members of Wynne’s team are framing this as a great selfless act that will liberate local candidates from the premier’s current toxic brand, potentially giving some of them a better opportunity not to be wiped out.


Wynne Confident Liberals Can Win Southwestern Ontario Seats

“I know that we are going to see a good result in this region,” said Wynne. “I don’t know where it is going to be, I don’t know exactly what the numbers are going to be but you’ve got good, strong people running in this region. I hope everyone will look very carefully at them before they go to the polling station.”


Is homophobia what’s sinking Kathleen Wynne?

By her own reckoning, she’s been labelled an “extremist lesbian” by political opponents since at least her first successful bid for school board trustee in 2000. A variation on those epithets has been repeated in whisper campaigns and actual opposition campaign literature against her in every election since.


Grits pledge major investment into NOHFC

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne stopped by the Nickel City on Wednesday as part of a northern Ontario campaign tour.

The premier, who said hers is the only party that really cares about northern Ontario, pledged to increase funding to the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation to $150 million per year by 2020 — an increase of 50 per cent, Wynne said.