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Up to 100 ISIS fighters could be trying to sneak back into Britain top counter terror officer warns as he reveals 200 UK jihadis have been stripped of their passports

Two hundred British Islamic State fighters who have travelled to Iraq and Syria have been stripped of their passports, a terror chief disclosed today.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said this left up to 100 IS fighters who are left in the war-ravaged region and could in theory attempt to return to Britain.

Why would a passport make any difference to a jihadist?


Somali Migrant Plotted to Kill Queen and Jewish Londoners, Court Hears

A Somali migrant and Dutch national living in the UK discussed killing Her Majesty The Queen with a fellow Islamic State jihadist supporter, a court has heard.

Aweys Shikhey also allegedly fanaticised about shooting Jewish people near his home in London and attacking Tottenham Hotspur football club with Kenya-based Somalian Abdirahman Idrissa Hassan in conversations dating back to May 31st, 2016.


Facebook ‘reactivated terror suspect’s account SIX times despite him continuing to post ISIS propaganda’

Abdulrahman Alcharbati emailed site’s moderators asking to be reinstated.

His account was taken down and he was told it would not be reactivated.

But Facebook relented following a series of angry emails from the 31-year-old.

When Alchabarti was arrested months later he was found to be in possession of a detailed bomb-making manual, Newcastle Crown Court heard.


Some Mentally Ill, Some Radical Refugee Men Rejected by Australia Arrive in the States

One is heading to New Jersey, another to Tennessee to study human rights which is the trade of the hard-left. Others are going to North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, states the left wants to turn blue for the most part. This is one group of at least forty. No American, Australian or U.N. official will tell us who they are and where they are going in the States.


Wife told FBI she knew Pulse shooter was ‘preparing for jihad,’ new court filing claims

Salman’s attorneys argue that she does not have the mental capacity to have helped plan the Pulse attack and any confession she gave the FBI came after being interviewed for more than a dozen hours.

“That apparently is the government’s theory, that a special ed student who they could get to confess after 18 hours was actually a brilliant mastermind,” her attorney, Charles Swift, argued during a February hearing.


MALCOLM: ‘Chill out’ about jihadists? Nonsense

Islamic State terrorists are back in Canada, and the Trudeau government doesn’t seem to have a clue how to handle the situation. This cluelessness was on display in Question Period last week when Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau how many ISIS jihadists were back in Canada.