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ISIS claims terror attack outside Paris: Knifeman shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ kills his mother and sister and wounds one person before being shot dead by police hours after call to arms from jihadi leader al-Baghdadi

Shortly after the attacker was shot dead by French police, ISIS’s propaganda channel tweeted that the man had heeded their calls to target ‘nationals of coalition countries.’ 


Who In His Right Mind Wants This Jihad Ape Back In Australia?

Can you believe it? Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop want Australia’s most notorious terrorist, the ISIS recruiter Neil Prakash, extradited back here. Why, for God’s sake, when an Australian court would bend over backwards to set him free; and even if he’s locked up, it would be at Australian taxpayers’ expense? Please, let him stay in Turkey where he’s likely to face the (rather less merciful) Islamic justice that he wanted to bring to Australia.


Google Plus ignored flagged posts of jihadist content for more than 9 months

Google has ignored warnings about pro-ISIS content on its social media platform, Google Plus, according to users who flagged posts to the company and an expert who said he flagged the content directly to Google.

Despite those actions, a trio of pro-ISIS communities were active on Google Plus on Wednesday after the company was notified of them more than nine months ago.


While Tommy Robinson is jailed, 90% of returning jihadis walk free

Whilst Tommy Robinson is in jail for reporting on the Muslim rape gangs that our government is hoping to hide from the public, just 40 of the 400 or more jihadi fighters, thought to have returned to the UK, have been successfully prosecuted. Many have been given council houses and are free to roam our streets, it has been disclosed.


Islamic Extremists Attack Russian Orthodox Church In Chechneya And Pay With Their Lives

Shots rang out during Saturday’s service and cries of “Allahu Akbar” could be heard as congregants scrambled to close and bolt the doors, Father Sergiy, the priest at Archangel Michael Church in Chechnya’s capital of Grozny, said, according to The Associated Press. The terrorists killed one congregant outside the church building, wounded another inside the church as they attempted to gain entry, and killed two officers when police arrived on the scene, according to The New York Times. Policemen gunned down all four attackers.