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Group works to encourage Muslim families to become foster caregivers in GTA

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto didn’t provide exact figures on how many Muslim children are in foster care, but said there was a need for more caregivers of that faith.

“We understand that when we take kids from one culture and put them in homes that are of a different culture, that is not in their best interest,” said Mahesh Prajapat, Chief Operating Office of CAS Toronto.

So much for assimilation.


Europe is dying—but don’t be alarmed

Many in the West remain complacent about Islam’s rising tide because they rely on the assurances of people who have been consistently wrong about Islam and immigration. Meanwhile, they are being denied access to the opinions of the people who have been reliably right—the so-called “alarmists.”


Canada: Anti-Islamization Blogger Convicted of Defaming Sharia Supremacist, Fined $60K

The political prosecution under the sharia of Philippe Magnan, the anti-jihad blogger who operates the website Poste de veille, will be appealed. But make no mistake, this will have an absolutely chilling effect on all Canadian bloggers nee pamphleteers who fear similar persecution.


Sweden police to a Senior citizen, 71: “You may not write what you think and believe”

Denny Abrahamsson is being prosecuted for a series of posts on his Facebook page, which states, among other things, that Muslims have lower IQ and that the Muslim god is anything but loving. This has resulted in the police bringing him into interrogation and treating him like a criminal. During the questioning, the elderly man was extremely pressured by the interrogators to acknowledge his so-called hate crime and also was given an aggressive lecture as how to use his freedom of expression.


Islamization Of Sweden – Imams Divide Country Between Themselves

The Sweden National Defense College has revealed Sweden as a country in the process of full Islamization: Imams dividing Sweden between themselves, creating and claiming their own terriories. Qu’ran education schools brainwashing children through literacy and, anti-democratic ideology. And from the Sunni people, there is an intensely depressing message of hatred towards the “unbelievers”, Jews, gay men, women and the Swedish society.


Swedish TV “Traditional” Midsummer Celebration – Woman in Hijab Cooking a Kebab

While the traditional Nordic way of celebrating Midsummer, a holiday dating back to the pre-Christian era, typically involves herring, potatoes and shots of herb-laden liquor, a morning TV-program tempting the viewers with “traditional kebab” prepared by a headscarf-wearing cook has triggered polarized reactions among Swedes.


Canada: Omitting “hate” facts in migrant rape cases becomes official policy

On last night’s show, I discussed the rape problem in Halifax as yet another case has emerged – this time with a Muslim migrant raping a hotel cleaning lady.

There have been more than a dozen rapes like this reported, but how many more haven’t?


Google Plus ignored flagged posts of jihadist content for more than 9 months

Google has ignored warnings about pro-ISIS content on its social media platform, Google Plus, according to users who flagged posts to the company and an expert who said he flagged the content directly to Google.

Despite those actions, a trio of pro-ISIS communities were active on Google Plus on Wednesday after the company was notified of them more than nine months ago.