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Muslim claims “Islamophobia” after being handcuffed for refusing Staten Island Ferry bag check

A religious and political activist on Staten Island claims he was placed in handcuffs, frisked and issued two summonses by NYPD officers based on the way he looks.

Hesham El-Meligy, a Muslim who was born in Egypt, was temporarily detained and searched by police at about 8 a.m. Wednesday at the Staten Island Ferry terminal in St. George, after he refused a random bag check.

Liberal MP Iqra Khalid reads threats she’s received over Motion 103

Iqra Khalid Muslim 5th Columnist

Khalid said she’s received more than 50,000 responses to the motion and that many of them were “direct hate, direct discrimination and direct threats.”

“I have asked my staff to lock the office behind me as I now fear for their safety,” she said. “I have asked them not to answer all phone calls so that they don’t hear the insults, threats and unbelievable amount of hate shouted at them and myself.”

Muslim leaders hold emergency rally on eve of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban

Hours before President Trump enforces a Muslim ban and hours after he ordered federal agents to start building the wall along the Mexican border, Muslim leaders held an emergency rally to protest the executive orders.

In Washington Square Park, hundreds of people held signs, with “No human is illegal” and “Every Muslim I’ve ever known is a better American than Donald Trump”. At least five helicopters swirled overhead, and hundreds of cell phones, lit up, created a white wall opposite the iconic arch in the park.

There is no Muslim ban; there is no Muslim registry. But why let facts get in the way of propaganda?

How Muslim Americans plan to resist the Trump administration

“Now, I fear what this national stamp of approval on anti-Muslim bigotry will mean for my Muslim sisters and now Muslim children that might have to endure an even worse experience than I did growing up. Even before the elections, I knew minority communities would have to bear the burden of repairing the damage of this campaign cycle for years to come. With Trump as president, there’s an even more stark reality staring us in the face for the fight that lies ahead. We don’t plan on quieting down anytime soon.”

Never mind about Orlando, Fort Lauderdale,  and San Bernardino.

Finland: Gay man on trial for warning about Islam on Facebook

Along with the Facebook postings Tynkkynen calls for the eradication of Islam from Finland, as well as the removal of Islamic people from the country based on their religion. Removing Islamic people from the country would be done according to Tynkkynen’s Facebook posting with a “massive transport”.

Muslim YouTube star busted for hoax Islamophobia video in 2014 posts new Islamophobia video; Updated

Muslim YouTube star Adam Saleh posted a video to Twitter earlier this morning alleging that he and the group he was traveling with were kicked off of a Delta flight for speaking Arabic.

This would be the same Adam Saleh who was busted in 2014 over a hoax Islamophobia video in NYC.

Why Islam Gets Second-Class Status in Germany

Religion in Germany is not a private affair. Government at all levels recognizes religious communities as public institutions, and encourages participation in them — Germans who register with the state as Roman Catholics, Protestants or Jews pay a “religion tax,” which the government then sends to their respective institution. Religious groups are also allowed to give faith-based instruction in public schools: It’s not uncommon for a small-town pastor, priest or lay person to have a spot on the local high school faculty.

Syrian refugees in Canada face dilemma – how to get by when the stipend stops

After one year, refugees must support themselves or enroll in a social assistance program – but many worry about finding work without knowing English.

Many of them, however, have valuable skills that are in demand across the country, in sectors ranging from agriculture to trades.

Mother of OSU jihad attacker says her son was killed “for no reason”


Abdul Razak Ali Artan last week set off a fire alarm on campus, the drove his car into the crowd of students evacuating the building. Then he jumped out of his car and began stabbing people with a butcher knife. But he was a “nice young man” and “a good student”  who “had a dream to be someone to help his community and serve his community. So obviously he was killed “for no reason” because, you know, Muslims are always and in every case victims, no matter what they do. As the mother spoke, doubtless Van Jones was nodding in agreement.

Muslims real victims of Ohio State Muslim terror attack claim Muslims

Somali, Muslim communities fear faith-based vengeance after OSU campus attack

DUBLIN, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — Some members of the Somali and Muslim community in central Ohio fear of retribution-style violence after police say an 18-year old man of Somali heritage ran into a group of people this morning at the OSU campus with a car, then got out and attacked them with a butcher knife.

Members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations — CAIR-Ohio — expressed the concerns during a press conference at their Dublin headquarters Monday night.

“We do know of his Somali heritage, and that will be enough for some people to falsely link this tragic incident to the faith of Islam and the Muslim communities,” said Roula Allouch from CAIR International.

Statement of Muslim Terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan. Nope nothing to do with Islam.