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French Government Accused of Following Islamic Law When Calculating Housing Benefits for Muslims

On the official website of the CAF, the government mentions a form of Islamic jurisprudence known as “Kafala” as being valid alongside other documents to prove guardianship of children, leading some to question if the government is following Islamic law.


The Dangerous Folly Of “Interfaith Dialogue” Between Christians And Muslims

This year’s National Prayer Breakfast provided President Trump with a wonderful opportunity to make remarks demonstrating once again that he is truly interested in promoting and protecting religious liberty and fostering a culture of life.

However, the National Prayer Breakfast has also increasingly become a forum in which Islamists can pursue civilization jihad against the Judeo-Christian foundation of constitutional liberty.


Somali woman received welfare benefits from Sweden, Norway and Denmark

The woman has received social welfare benefits from all three countries. Not only that – immediately after she received asylum in Sweden, she returned to the country where she had sought shelter – namely to Somalia. Once upon a time, she sold a Swedish residence permit to a Somali man with three own children for SEK 120,000. The man and the children then went to Sweden and live here as her “husband” – while she continues to live in Norway.


‘This politically correct push is very dangerous’: Iraq war veteran claims policy of recruiting devout Muslims to the Australian Defence Force will see soldiers killed at home

Bernard Gaynor, a former intelligence captain based in Iraq, said the army’s politically correct affirmative action policy was a potential recipe for tragedy.

‘This politically-correct push for Islamic recruitment is very dangerous and I’m concerned that we will see Australian soldiers die at home through this push,’ he told media commentator Mark Latham.

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Muslim groups in Germany at odds over planned anti-terrorism march

A row has broken out among organisations representing Muslims in Germany over a peace march to protest against terrorism due to take place at the weekend.

Red herring; terrorism distracts from their goal of worldwide Sharia.


UK: 12 Muslims arrested in connection with London jihad attacks, one “lectured people on the Qur’an”

“I knew he lectured people on the Koran and there were always people dressed in robes coming in and out of his apartment. He was always nice, but yesterday he was an entirely different level of niceness.”


Is violent Islam really a ‘religion’ that deserves U.S. protection?

But it is a religion, isn’t it? Maybe the only religion with violence approved throughout its scriptures over a hundred times, but nevertheless a religion subject to all the rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution, right?

We need to pause to consider what is meant by a “religion.”


Islamic Relief Canada’s Pitch

For the last decade, I have been researching the harmful effects of cultural practices on women and girls in Muslim-majority countries and the role that faith communities can play in ending these practices. I recently authored a report on female genital mutilation in Indonesia and made recommendations to Islamic Relief Canada and to the Canadian government on how this practice can end.

This work of challenging harmful societal norms is at the heart of Islamic Relief Canada’s mission. This year we mark our 10th anniversary in Canada.  

As a Muslim woman mobilizing for change, we often face obstacles from all communities when dealing with these issues.

Our organization is at the forefront of campaigning for an end to global and local poverty. We work with the most disadvantaged communities, responding to natural disasters and other emergencies and striving to end harmful practices, such as child labour, forced marriages and gender-based violence — all of which perpetuate a cycle of poverty.

We’ve done some incredible work in the last ten years helping millions of individuals around the world — including in Canada — regardless of their religion, race, gender or sexuality. We’ve been amazed at the generosity of Canadians — those who are Muslim and those of different faith backgrounds who support our work and are strong advocates for the efforts we undertake. For instance, we raised over $100,000 for the victims of the Fort McMurray wildfire, supported Syrian refugee resettlement programs, worked at empowering disadvantaged youth in the Greater Toronto Area, and launched an appeal for the Quebec mosque attack victims that raised thousands of dollars for the families left without their fathers.

This track record stands in stark contrast to the false image painted of Islamic Relief Canada in a one-sided and unsubstantiated article that was published recently in the National Post.

Sam Westrop, writing on behalf of the Middle East Forum (MEF), labelled Islamic Relief Canada a “terrorist organization which regularly gives platforms to preachers who incite hatred against women, Jews, homosexuals and Muslim minorities.” This defamatory statement was removed after our organization contacted the newspaper, along with community members who were justifiably angered by this casual smear of a reputable and valuable charity. The revised article is now online, but for me, it still represents the dictionary definition of fake news: “false, often sensational, information disseminated under the guise of news reporting.”


Yes, about that:

In Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation (Project Sapphire) into the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy (IRFAN) continues. IRFAN was one of four Muslim Brotherhood front groups identified during testimony to the Canadian Senate in 2015. The others were Islamic Relief Canada, the Muslim Association of Canada and the National Council of Canadian Muslims, formerly known as CAIR CAN. CAIR CAN, according to the U.S. State Department and a multiplicity of other sources, is the Canadian chapter of CAIR USA.


Sam Westrop’s article:

Our organization, the Middle East Forum, is calling on Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, to withdraw from an Islamic Relief Canada event aimed at promoting Muslim solidarity, which is scheduled to take place in Toronto on May 20. …

While Islamic Relief is considered to be one of Canada’s leading Muslim non-governmental organizations, its head organization—Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)—was banned by Israel and the United Arab Emirates in 2014 for its alleged financing of terrorist organizations. (That same year, IRW reported that an audit of the charity found no evidence to support these allegations, and launched a court action against the Israeli government to overturn the ban.)