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Imam who called Islamist murderer a ‘hero’ is recruited to join Labour

A CONTROVERSIAL imam who praised an Islamist murderer as “a hero” has been recruited to join the Labour Party, The Sun can reveal.

Preacher Mahmood Ul Hassan claimed he applied to join the party because Jeremy Corbyn would “resolve issues” such as knife crime, the NHS and Islamophobia.


Shia vs. Sunni: The Schism Western Politicians Don’t Understand and Won’t Discuss

Battle of Chaldiran

Western politicians rarely acknowledge the schism between Shia and Sunni Islam. There is nothing remotely comparable to this schism in any other religion in the modern world.

The Sunni-Shia conflict defines the political structure of the Middle East, from the international rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia to the internal politics of Muslim nations. And yet, Western politicians, eager to portray Islam as a “religion of peace,” speak of Muslims as homogenous.

At the hard core of political correctness, Islam is treated more like a race than a religion, a monolithic ethnic bloc like “Hispanics” or “Asians.” Both of those groups are, in turn, diverse populations absurdly squeezed into monoliths for the convenience of left-wing political strategists.


Shocking Pew Study Results Reveal Justin Trudeau Is Lying Through His Teeth About Islam!

Muslim nations dominate list of states with ‘very high’ government restrictions on religion

I don’t believe it!

But Islam is the religion of peace and sharia law isn’t barbaric and we should import gazillions of tolerant, diversity loving Muslims and pigs can fly and if you click your heels three times you’ll be back in Kansas! Isn’t that right Justin? 


Taliban slaughter famous Pakistani singer

The Taliban have slaughtered a famous Pakistani singer who followed a tolerant format of Islam in the latest attack on minority religions in the country.

Two attackers on a motorcycle opened fire on Amjad Sabri’s car while he was on his way to a local TV appearance in the southern port city of Karachi.

Sabri’s brother, who was in the car with him, was wounded in the shooting on Wednesday.


British Muslim group criticized for rejecting Ahmadi Muslim sect

(RNS) The Muslim Council of Britain is rejecting the minority Ahmadiyya sect, less than two weeks after an Ahmadi shopkeeper was stabbed to death in Scotland.

“Muslims should not be forced to class Ahmadis as Muslims if they do not wish to do so,” MCB, an umbrella group of Muslim organizations in the U.K., said in a statement Wednesday (April 6).

It said the statement was issued because “pressure is mounting to describe this community as Muslim.”

Asad Shah, an Ahmadi shopkeeper in Glasgow, was killed March 24 by a Muslim man in what police called a religiously-motivated attack. The MCB condemned the attack soon after, but distanced itself from the sect when debate reignited over whether Ahmadis fall within Islam.


The Ahmadi are considered apostates and blasphemers by mainstream Islam yet our media trot them out at every opportunity like “Pet Muslims” in order to present Islam with a “Happy Face” , never bothering to inform their audience of this salient fact. Whether it’s done out of ignorance or design is hard to say.

The Ahmadi do not represent mainstream Islam, and never will but that disrupts the preferred “Religion of Peace” narrative mindlessly spouted by our spineless politicians and MSM.


War and Madness

The cold numbers are the first thing that hit you. Figures telling of a human catastrophe on a scale hard to compute. Suffering on a level to which any rational response seems inadequate – 470,000 people killed, according to the latest estimates; 11.5 percent of the population injured; 45 percent of a country of 22 million made homeless; 4 million refugees and 6.36 million internally displaced persons. Life expectancy is down from 70.5 years in 2010 to an estimated 55.4 years in 2015. Welcome to the Syrian civil war.

For those of us who have covered the war closely, these are not just numbers in black and white. They have behind them searing images and memories impossible to erase.


Explosion Destroys Ancient Cultural Heritage Site in Yemen Capital

Yemenis searched for survivors under the rubble of buildings destroyed Friday in the Old City area of Sana, the capital. Credit Yahya Arhab/European Pressphoto Agency

A 2,500-year-old Islamic cultural heritage site in Yemen’s capital was obliterated in an explosion early Friday, and witnesses and news reports said the cause was a missile or bomb from Saudi Arabia-led warplanes. The Saudi military denied responsibility.

The top antiquities protection official at the United Nations angrily condemned the destruction of ancient multistory homes, towers and gardens, which also killed an unspecified number of residents in Al Qasimi, a neighborhood in Sana’s Old City area.

“I am profoundly distressed by the loss of human lives as well as the damage inflicted on one of the world’s oldest jewels of Islamic urban landscape,” said the official, Irina Bokova, the director general of Unesco, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization…

The bombing and fighting goes on unabated: Saudi citizen at mosque killed in cross-border shelling from Yemen


Survey: Saudis consider Iran their top enemy, not Israel

An Israeli college has quietly conducted an opinion poll in Saudi Arabia, concluding that the Saudi public is far more concerned about the threats of Iran and the Islamic State group than Israel, and that the vast majority of Saudis support a decade-old peace offer to the Jewish state.

The survey conducted by the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya provides Israelis with a rare glimpse inside Saudi Arabia and may change Israeli perceptions about the desert kingdom. The two countries are longtime foes with no diplomatic relations.

The poll found that 53 percent of Saudis named Iran as their main adversary, while 22 percent said it is the Islamic State group and only 18 percent said Israel…


Fed Up With Islam and Sectarianism, Some Iraqis Embrace Zoroastrianism

SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq — One of the smallest and oldest religions in the world is experiencing a revival in the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. The religion has deep Kurdish roots—it was founded by Zoroaster, also known as Zarathustra, who was born in the Kurdish part of Iran 3,500 years ago, and the religion’s sacred book, the Avesta, was written in an ancient language from which the Kurdish language derives.

In this century, however, it is estimated that there are only around 190,000 believers in the world. After Islam became the dominant religion in the region during the 7th century, Zoroastrianism more or less disappeared.

Until—quite possibly—now.

For the first time in over a thousand years, locals in a rural part of Sulaymaniyah province conducted an ancient ceremony on May 1, whereby followers put on a special belt that signifies they are ready to serve the religion and observe its tenets…


Islamic State’s Saudi branch calls for clearing Arabian Peninsula of Shi’ites

Shiite pilgrims reach out to touch the tomb of Imam Al Abbas located inside the Imam Al Abbas shrine in the holy city of Kerbala. Reuters

Saudi Arabia’s branch of militant group Islamic State has said it wants to clear the Arabian Peninsula of Shi’ite Muslims and urged young men in the kingdom to join its cause, the U.S.-based SITE monitoring center has reported.

Islamic State claimed two suicide bombings carried out on May 22 and May 29 on Shi’ite mosques in eastern Saudi Arabia, where the bulk of the Saudi Arabia’s Shi’ite minority lives. The attacks killed 25 people.

In the 13-minute-long recording, the speaker said Islamic State had ordered its followers everywhere to “kill enemies of Islam, especially Shi’ites”, according to SITE.

“What then if they live with their disbelief in the Peninsula of Mohammad,” SITE quoted the speaker as saying, referring to the Arabian Peninsula, birthplace of Islam and where Saudi Arabia is located…

As we know well, veneration at tombs is verboten to Islamic State.


Iraq: No one wants Muslim refugees – not even their own countrymen

Iraqi civilians fleeing fighting in Ramadi crossed the Bzebiz Bridge, which offers passage into Baghdad from Anbar Province. Credit Karim Kadim/Associated Press

AMIRIYAT FALLUJA, Iraq — On one side of a rickety bridge that spans a narrow stretch of the Euphrates River were panicked families on the run from Islamic State forces, hoping to escape Anbar Province and reach safety in Baghdad. On the other side were Iraqi Army officers and Shiite militiamen, under orders to keep the bridge closed because of fears that militants could slip in among the displaced civilians.

“It’s like the other side is Europe and this is Asia,” said Ehab Talib, 27, who was waiting to meet relatives fleeing the fighting in Anbar, the Sunni-dominated region whose capital, Ramadi, recently fell to the Islamic State.

With new waves of civilians fleeing violence in Anbar there are now more internally displaced Iraqis, nearly three million, than there were at the height of the bloody sectarian fighting that followed the American invasion, when millions of Iraqis were able to flee to Syria. That door is closed because of that country’s own civil war. And now doors in Iraq are closing, too, worsening sectarian tensions as the Shiite authorities restrict where fleeing Sunnis can seek safety.

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Iran said to pull Islamic Jihad’s funding over group’s neutrality on Yemen

Islamic Jihad, the second-strongest armed movement in the Gaza Strip after Hamas, is on the verge of bankruptcy after losing favor with its backer Iran, a leading Arab newspaper reported on Tuesday.

According to the London-based, pro-Saudi daily Asharq Al-Awsat, members of the terror group have not received salaries in three months and are not expected to receive next month’s salary either. The reason for the crisis, the report said, is Islamic Jihad’s refusal to condemn the Arab coalition’s military campaign against Iran-backed Houthi insurgents in Yemen.

“Knowledgeable Palestinian sources” told the paper that Iran had expected Islamic Jihad, its main Palestinian protege, to issue a statement condemning the Saudi-initiated Operation Storm of Resolve launched against the Shiite rebels in March. Instead, Islamic Jihad official Nafez Azzam said at the time that his movement “insists on not intervening in any internal Arab affairs”…


Saudi clerics urge calm as village hit by Islamic State seethes

Saudi Arabia’s top Sunni cleric on Saturday branded a deadly attack on Shi’ite Muslims a bid to sow chaos, after villagers targeted in the bombing vented their anger at what they saw as the Sunni-dominated government’s indifference to their safety.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of al-Qadeeh town on Friday evening, hours after a suicide bomber killed 21 worshippers in a packed Shi’ite mosque, the first attack in the conservative kingdom to be claimed by Islamic State militants.

The Saudi interior ministry identified the perpetrator as Saleh bin Abdul Rahman Saleh Qashimi, a Saudi citizen wanted for belonging to Islamic State. The militant group had identified him the day before by a nom de guerre, Abu ‘Ammar al-Najdi…


Saudi-led air strikes hit Yemen after truce expires

People walk at the site of a Saudi-led air strike that hit a residential area last month near Sanaa airport, May 18, 2015. REUTERS/KHALED ABDULLAH

Saudi-led forces resumed military operations in Yemen after a five-day ceasefire ended late on Sunday, and Yemen’s foreign minister blamed the Iranian-allied Houthis for failure to renew the truce.

The end of the ceasefire came despite appeals by the United Nations and rights groups for extra time to allow the delivery of badly needed humanitarian supplies to the country of 25 million, one of the poorest in the Middle East.

“That’s what we said before – that if they start again, we will start again,” Yemeni Foreign Minister Reyad Yassin Abdulla told Reuters.

He said the coalition was not considering any new ceasefire but would not target air and sea ports needed for aid shipments…

In related news, Shiite Houthis stormed and looted the (Sunni) Muslim Brotherhood headquarters near Aden.