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Minnesota: Christian Pastor Arrested at Mall of America Faces Hearing and Trial After Talking to Muslims

Ramin Parsa, an ex-Muslim Christian pastor who was stabbed in Iran, imprisoned in Turkey, and then arrested in the Mall of America for sharing his testimony with interested Muslim women, faces a settlement conference in March and likely a trial in April. The state of Minnesota has continued to prosecute his case, even though the Mall of America was wrong to accuse him of trespassing in the first place.


Houston: Hilton and Starbucks ban ex-Muslims wearing “I’m an ex-Muslim” t-shirts

On Saturday, September 1st, Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) volunteers were forcibly expelled from a Starbucks within a Hilton hotel in Houston, Texas, after refusing to change out of T-Shirts stating “GodLove is Greatest” and “I’m an Ex-Muslim, Ask Me Why”.


Pakistani court wants names, ages & family info of those who left Islam

A Pakistani court has ordered the citizen database to hand over a list of an estimated 10,000 people believed to have requested a change of religion. The petition is the latest move by mainstream Muslims to criminalize Qadianism.

On Monday, Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui, of the Islamabad High Court (IHC), ordered Pakistan’s Citizen Authority (NADRA) provide information on residents who reportedly changed their religion from Islam to Qadianism. Qadiani, or Ahmadi Muslims are believers of a minority Islamic sect considered heretical by other, mainstream, Muslims.


Malaysia probes Canadian based atheist group after uproar over Muslim apostates

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia is investigating an international atheist organization, a minister said on Monday, after a picture of the group’s local chapter went viral, sparking claims that Muslim apostates were involved.

Apostasy is not a federal crime in Malaysia, a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. But critics say deepening fundamentalism within the Muslim majority is threatening religious freedoms.

Malaysian states, which have their own laws governing Islamic affairs, do not allow Muslims to formally renounce Islam, preferring instead to send them for counseling, or fining or jailing them.

The Kuala Lumpur chapter of Atheist Republic, a Canada-based organization, posted a picture of the group’s members attending a gathering last week, sparking uproar among some Muslims and leading to threats of death and violence against the group on social media.

The pic below is found in the “Atheist Republic” “fan section”.


Absolving Jihadis of Responsibility for Terrorism

The Islamic State (ISIS), al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups always claim that Muslim leaders who do not rule by Islamic sharia law — and those who obey them — are not Muslims. The terrorists consider them “hypocrites” (the Saudis), “rejectionists,” or “outsiders” (Iranians and Shias). Terrorists always use the concept of takfir to authorize and endorse violence against their enemies.

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‘Leave my premises or I’ll call the police’: Islamic leader slams the door on a journalist confronting him about his call for ex-Muslims to be killed

The leader of an Islamist group campaigning for sharia law threatened to call the police after a television reporter asked him about his call for ex-Muslims to be killed.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar has gone to ground since Daily Mail Australia caught him on camera on Saturday night confirming his view that people born into Islam deserved the death penalty if they left the faith.


Ex-Muslim forced from home by the Religion of Peace

Ilford father Faisal Bashir who claims he was forced to move house after renouncing Islam is calling for more action on hate crime

A MAN who claims he was forced to move house after renouncing his faith wants authorities to crack down on hate crime

Fasial Bashir, of Mayville Road, Ilford decided to stop practicing Islam in the summer of 2014 over claims the religion was too “hateful” and “sending out the wrong message”.

But when the 43-year-old stopped going to mosques in Ilford he claims he started getting harassment on a weekly basis.

The father-of-two said: “I heard religious people say things I couldn’t put up with any longer – it was all too hateful.

“These people knew I had become an atheist and soon enough my whole family was being harassed.

“At least once a week they would hang around near my house, shouting and swearing at me.

“I was called an apostate, a non-believer, I was told I had betrayed my God and my faith.”

“Sometimes they would even say things to my children – they are far too little to know what was happening, they were very frightened.”

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The Unbelievers: Muslims who leave Islam

“I was 15 years old and my mum told me, ‘you cannot tell anyone about this or I fear you will be killed’. I didn’t speak of it again until my brother killed himself and then I just said, I don’t practice, I’m never going to practice. It’s all a pack of lies.”

Why are importing this evil cult into Canada?


Young Muslims who quit the faith ‘live in fear of violent revenge’

Maryam Namazie

Maryam Namazie

Young Muslims who abandon their faith face violent retaliation and abuse from their families, a support group said yesterday.

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain said those born into the religion are often frightened of speaking out – and those that do are in danger of attack.

It said one former Muslim said she was warned by her mother that she would be killed if she said she no longer believed in Allah.