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How ISIS Is Converting Muslims to Christianity

NBC News reports that Muslims in the Middle East are so utterly horrified by the violence of ISIS jihadis that they are converting to Christianity. In Syria, there is a new church made up of mostly former Muslims who are now Christians. We can all look forward to the impact these apostates will have now that ISIS no longer controls their area.


Opinion: “If self-confessed ISIL killer is not held accountable, who will be?”

John Ivison is normally a water-carrier for the Liberals but he raises some interesting points here:

Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi, his nom de guerre, talked in a disconcertingly bland North American accent about being taught how to behead people. “You had to know how to slice a head off,” he said.

He then depicted a group execution, in which he shot a middle-aged Muslim man in the back of the head. “It’s justified – you’re not going to be held accountable,” he said he told himself.

On another occasion, he took part in a community killing, stabbing a drug dealer in the heart. “The blood was warm and it sprayed everywhere,” he said. “I had to stab him multiple times.” 

He said the second killing left him feeling “disgusted” and determined to return to his parents in Canada. He escaped to Turkey, and then on to his grandparents’ home in Pakistan. He eventually made his way home to Canada, telling immigration authorities at the airport that he’d spent the past 10 months at university in Pakistan. “I said it in a way so that it didn’t seem I was lying,” he said.

The only positive in all this is that he said he would never return to a life of violence. “No, I’ve come too far from it,” he said.

But, regardless of his conversion to a more harmonious world-view, it should not be overlooked that there is a self-confessed killer on the loose in Canada’s biggest city – one who lied to immigration officials to get into the country. …

The Charter changes everything in Canada. British defence secretary Gavin Williamson sparked a debate in the U.K. after he said a “dead terrorist can’t cause any harm to Britain”. Opinion polls suggested that 35 per cent of Britons felt jihadis should be treated as enemy combatants, making them legitimate targets, 42 per cent favoured stripping them of citizenship and only 11 per cent said they should be brought home to face sentencing and rehabilitation.

With the first two options off the table for the Canadian government, prosecution, monitoring and rehabilitation are the only tools left in the kit.

The vast majority of Canadians favour prosecution but cautious intelligence agencies and wary prosecutors mean the Public Prosecution Service has only charged two individuals to date.

The Huzaifa case is surely an opportunity to improve that strike rate.

Contrary to his own assertion as he pulled the trigger, the law demands he is held accountable.

If the justice system won’t prosecute in such an apparent slam-dunk case, what chance convictions in more contentious litigation?


ISIS militants ‘performing mass executions’ on Iraqi civilians trying to flee Mosul

Eyewitnesses claimed up to 50 people were put to death in the latest killing spree, as the murderous death cult struggles to hold territory in the city’s western sector as coalition forces move in.

Gradually losing territory, the extremist militants have reportedly tried to convince the local population that Iraqi-led forces would kill them if they fled.


Australian baby executed by Islamic State terrorists in chilling act of revenge after his father tried to flee the conflict zone

  • An Australian baby has been killed by Islamic State terrorists in the Middle East 
  • It is believed the baby’s Australian father tried to flee the war zone for home 
  • Authorities would not confirm the baby’s age, gender or how child was killed
  • There are more than 100 Australian terrorists fighting overseas for ISIS

‘If you love Jesus, you will die like Jesus’ ISIS savages crucify Christian for FIVE HOURS


Christians who fled their homes when ISIS took control of large swathes of Iraq have revealed the sickening torture those who were left behind were forced to endure.

The jihadis gave Christians four options – leave, convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or die.

Now one Christian, named Esam, has revealed how his brother-in-law was crucified following five hours of torture. 


Summer of slaughter: ISIS executes 100 people in a week including a two-year-old girl

The twisted jihadis have carried out some of their most gruesome killings yet, including executing four football players in front of a crowd of children and butchering 25 civilians by dissolving them alive in acid.

Senior military sources said the spate of horrific murders was a sign that the Islamist fanatics are growing increasingly desperate as they face all-out military defeat.


‘ISIS soldiers carried out crusader killing’ Terrorists celebrate Normandy priest’s murder

The extremists, who shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they ran into the building, were shot dead by police officers as they emerged from the church a short time later.

ISIS news agency Amaq confirmed that the extremist terror cult was responsible for the attack.

In a statement the group said: “They carried out the operation in response to the call to target the countries of the crusader coalition.”


ISIS Fatty Captured

The massive ISIS executioner who had been dubbed ‘The Bulldozer of Fallujah’ has been captured by the Syrian army.

New video shows the overweight pig half-naked and dumped into the back of a truck by the Syrian army. …

According to Yahoo, The Bulldozer gained notoriety as a member of ISIS’s ‘chopping committee’. He was well-known for beheading prisoners and is seen in several videos chopping limbs off young children.

Among his victims was a boy named Omar who had his foot and hand chopped off by the extremist when he refused to join ISIS.


(Sidebar: I would like to apologise for using the word ISIS. I realise that ISIS’ very presence offends people and I apologise without reservation.)