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Hezbollah: Twitter and Facebook shut down our accounts

Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based terror group and political party, said Saturday that Facebook and Twitter abruptly deactivated their accounts and blocked the organization from future usage.

In a statement posted to the encrypted messaging application Telegram, Hezbollah claimed their account closures were “part of the propaganda campaign against the resistance due to the important role of the organization’s information apparatus in various arenas.”


Last Known 9/11 Rescue Dog Gets a Birthday Party

A little light news right now:

Bretagne, the last known living search and rescue dog who worked at Ground Zero has been rewarded with a dream ‘Sweet 16’ birthday.

The deserving pooch enjoyed a limousine ride, playtime at a river park and a special party during her day out in New York City. 

The Bark Post and 1Hotels gave the golden retriever and her handler and owner Denise Corliss a day to remember, 14 years after their vital first deployment.

As members of Texas Task Force 1, Bretagne and Denise joined nearly 100 other search and rescue dogs to find and save people trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center after 9/11.

“We were there to try to find survivors and when our task force arrived in Ground Zero, I just couldn’t believe the magnitude of it,” Denise told the publication in a moving video. “But then I looked down at [Bretagne] and she was ready to work.”

God bless her furry heart!


‘Cause Bitches Get Stitches: Donald Trump Still in the Lead After Debates

Donald Trump

If Donald Trump’s comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly are hurting his standing in the Republican primary, it’s not showing in the numbers.

According to the latest NBC News Online Poll conducted by SurveyMonkey, Trump is at the top of the list of GOP candidates that Republican primary voters would cast a ballot for if the primary were being held right now.

The overnight poll was conducted for 24 hours from Friday evening into Saturday. During that period, Donald Trump stayed in the headlines due to his negative comments about Kelly and was dis-invited from a major conservative gathering in Atlanta.

None of that stopped Trump from coming in at the top of the poll with 23 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz was next on the list with 13 percent.

During the Fox News debate Thursday evening, Trump was the only Republican candidate to say he would not rule out a run as an independent candidate. According to this poll, that’s just fine with over half of his supporters.

Fifty-four percent of Trump supporters said they would vote for him for president, even if he didn’t win the GOP nomination.


Credit where credit is due… on the demise of the Canadian Arab Federation

The anti-semitic hate group known as the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) has lost its appeal to have their federal government funding restored reports the CJN.

This is the end of a long story, it’s a win for the good guys but sadly beyond the CJN report I see no coverage of this victory in the mainstream press.

In 2009 Jason Kenney pulled the plug on funding for the hate group after a mounting public outcry. An outcry spurred in large part by Bloggers starting with this post right here by yours truly.

What is most disturbing to me about this whole affair is that despite CAF’s well known history of hate politicians of all stripes sought their favour.

At the Canadian Arab Federation’s 40th Anniversary bash held in 2007 the likes of John Tory and Jack Layton among others can be seen hobnobbing at the hate group’s hootenanny.

Canada has a sick political culture thanks to multiculturalism and its implicit threat of labeling as racist those who dissent against it’s malignant creed. I know this first hand, and so does anyone else who has spoken out about the hate we have imported with Islam. It remains an ongoing problem as politicians are too cowardly and too willing to vote whore to prevent Islam’s efforts to insinuate itself into the public sphere.

Make no mistake, many hands official and unofficial contributed to CAF’s well deserved demise but without hesitation I will state that Bloggers are owed much for forcing this story into the mainstream media.

Bloggers like Scaramouche, Laura Rosen Cohen, Sassywire, Blogwrath, Eye On A Crazy Planet Lumpy Grumpy & Frumpy and of course the JDL. There are many more and each deserves a pat on the back.

Well done all.

pat on back


Richard Dawkins supports Pride Jarva – calls the Swedish Left “pathetic”

I want to take a moment to thank Moon Metropolis for the post they wrote on Pride Jarva, the Gay Pride March that will take place through the new Muslim caliphate in Sweden.

We’ve had some great posts on BCF over the years, stories like the the TDSB’s Mosqueteria have gone international, but nothing has equaled the viral impact of Pride Jarva.

Our stats have been through the roof beating our previous “best” by almost double the number of unique visits.

Richard Dawkins and Pat Condell have both tweeted links to the post and it was also mentioned on Breitbart and the Spectator in the UK.

Well done Moon Metropolis!

The Pic above is from Fria Tider where moon found the original story. They did a follow up mentioning Moon’s post.


Where’s Hobbes? The Adventures of a Stuffed Tiger

For a young boy, there are few things more terrifying than losing your favorite stuffed animal. So when six year-old Owen Lake lost his toy tiger Hobbes in the Tampa, Fla. airport, he feared the worst. Little did he know Hobbes was about to embark on an amazing adventure, courtesy of airport staff. …

Owen’s parents called Tampa International Airport’s Lost and Found department. Airport staff found Hobbes near a children’s play area, and decided to prepare a little treat for Owen while they waited for him to come back from vacation and reclaim his lost little buddy.

Airport Operations Center Manager Tony D’Aiuto got help from all over the airport  – police, airlines, the military, security – and photographed Hobbes on his amazing adventure around the airport. The tiger got gelato, went to the gym, hung out by the pool at the adjacent Marriott hotel, and even played Jenga.

Then, D’Aiuto put all the photos into a storybook and had it printed. He left the book, along with Hobbes, at Lost and Found. When Owen picked up Hobbes, he also had a book of Hobbes’ airport adventures.



Venice: ‘Artists’ are forced to close their church-turned-into-mosque

A prayer service at the work of ‘art’ on May 6, 2015. Credit Casey Kelbaugh for The New York Times

A Swiss-Icelandic artist’s mosque installation, which was placed in the former Catholic church of Santa Maria dell’Abbazia della Misericordia as part of Iceland’s pavilion at the 56th Biennale art fair in Venice, has been closed after mounting opposition against the project.

Swiss artist Christoph Büchel’s installation, titled “The Mosque: The First Mosque in the Historic City of Venice,” was intended to promote religious tolerance. However, city authorities expressed reservations, citing among other things the risk of the building being attacked by anti-Muslim elements or, on the other side of the spectrum, Islamist radicals.

It also sparked controversy when Muslims in the city started praying in the mosque even though it was a work of art.

Officials said the law was violated by the use of the venue for religious activities and gave the Icelandic organizers until May 20 to close it.

Even though the organizers presented documents that the venue was not a church, the local administration canceled the certificate of the pavilion on May 21.

Two earlier posts on this work of ‘art’ from the New York Times (who must be devastated) are here:

May 8, 2015 (NYT) Venice Officials Threaten To Close Work Of ‘Art’ Consisting Of A Church Turned Into A Mosque

May 3, 2015 (NYT) ‘Edgy’ Swiss Artist Plans An ‘Art Installation’ In Venice That Consists Of Turning A Church Into A Mosque


Rob Ford’s cancer surgery complete, doctors see ‘no surprises’

Former Toronto mayor and current city councillor Rob Ford is out of surgery to remove a cancerous abdominal tumour, and it appears that the operation went well.

Ford underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumour in his abdomen on Monday.

His chief of staff, Dan Jacobs, said Monday night that the procedure went as expected and there were “no surprises.”

Jacobs said that Ford spent about 10 hours under anesthetic.


Happening Now…

Manic Street Preachers Have set up shop outside the local Tim Horton’s. We hear them loud and clear from our balcony.

They have one heck of a sound system. So far they have been spreading the news for about an hour without police intervention. Which surprises me frankly.

Oops spoke too soon, Cops just rousted them.