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Maclean’s magazine encourages women to regret having children

The article’s headline was meant to grab women’s attention, and I am sure it did: “‘I Regret Having Children’,” a feature article in the February issue of Maclean’s mag, throws a positive light on what the author, veteran journalist Anne Kingston, seems to believe is the opening salvo in a brave new epoch of female liberation, the desanctification of motherhood.


Does our feminist Prime Minister truly understand masculinity?

Justin Trudeau has gone to great lengths to prove he is our feminist Prime Minister. He has consistently signalled his commitment to feminism in the composition of his cabinet and in his negotiation of trade deals. But the Prime Minister’s recent negative portrayal of masculinity at the Group of 20 summit in Argentina is troubling, because it reveals a narrow understanding of the lives of Canadian men.


Jordan Peterson wins Britain by obliterating sour-faced feminist MSM anchor Cathy Newman

I haven’t actually watched it, but I’m still willing to vouch for it.

‘Here’s a taste of what Douglas Murray at the Spectator is saying.

He wrote: “If I was Channel 4 I would take it down. If I was Cathy Newman I would sue or seek a super-injunction. I don’t think I have ever witnessed an interview that is more catastrophic for the interviewer.’


Why do feminists make common cause with Islamists?

From Farzana Hassan at Winnipeg Sun

In his well-researched, thoughtful and candid book on the dangers of fundamentalist Islam, The Ideological Path to Submission — and what we can do about it, Howard Rotberg rhetorically asks this very pertinent question:

“How can Western liberal feminist women, often with advanced university degrees, make common cause with Islamists who persecute women, gays and minorities?” …

He labels as “tolerism” this new, heightened form of political correctness subscribed to by political leaders like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as on university campuses, in liberal intellectual circles and among the left in general … More.

Reality check:  Because once you have decided that abortion (death by dismemberment of a baby) is okay, you can’t say no to anything and actually mean it.

See also: The Islamists don’t need to uproot Christianity in Europe


Transgenderism hits back hard at feminists

Equality for women in sport? From Paul Kengor at Crisis:

At Cromwell High School in Connecticut, a 15-year-old boy with a mustache recently crushed female competitors in track and field, to the great dismay of the girls who have spent many intense days training so hard.

This doesn’t seem fair, does it?

It does in the left’s brave new world of fundamental transformation.

The boy, you see, calls himself a girl. That’s his self-proclaimed “gender identity.” And all’s fair in the bizarre universe of modern-day LGBTQ liberalism.More.

Reality check: Maybe this is a hoax but it certainly need not be. And it will get worse, then worse.

Progressives do not believe in competition and certainly not in letting the best competitor win. They live to control other human beings and fashion them into the parts needed for their self-glorification machine.

If those girls do not drop out of every form of progressivism, they are just finished and it is hard to feel sorry for them. They were not able to appreciate the good that their lives as women are for them, so they will, unfortunately, have no lives at all, really. Just progressives to be afraid of, in terms of what they will think up next.

See also: SJWs Stream Into Science: Don’t Cite White Male Geographers. If that’s the attitude, it is either science or them. You pick.


What, Exactly, Is Feminist Geography?

The bizarre corners of academia are usually Steve’s beat, but a reader sent me a link to an article about a paper published in Gender, Place & Culture, a Journal of Feminist Geography. The paper, by Carrie Mott and Daniel Cockayne, is titled “Citation matters: mobilizing the politics of citation toward a practice of ‘conscientious engagement.’” It urges academics working in the field of geography not to cite works by white, heterosexual men.


Feminist researcher invents ‘intersectional quantum physics’ to fight ‘oppression’ of Newton

A researcher in culture and gender studies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, Stark also holds an appointment in women’s and gender studies at the University of Arizona through its Institute for LGBT Studies.

She is a member of the Somatechnics Research Network, hosted by UA, whose scholars “reflect on the mutual inextricability of embodiment and technology.”


Well, how CAN you be a Muslim feminist?

I’d be interested to hear a non-evasive explanation. From Steyn Online:

Denyse O’Leary • May 26, 2017 at 17:11

I mean no disrespect to Raheel Raza but she belongs to a religion that gives men the right to flog their wives and keep women as rape victims and sex slaves. There is no relationship possible between such a religion and feminism.

Feminism belongs to a religion where “There is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male and female; since you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3:28) That is how the idea of feminism got started in the first place. It will not survive that religion.

Denyse O’Leary • May 26, 2017 at 16:39

But Islam PRESCRIBES how a man is to flog his wife. What can that possibly have to do with equality? Could we get one thing straight? There is no equality between the flogger and the flog-ee.

I was once at dinner with bunch of anti-religious smartasses and challenged them, find any text in the New Testament that explicitly endorses wife abuse. They could not.

Muslim feminist? What does that mean? You give guys the right to batter you and then claim you are a feminist…?

How long will Western strictures against wife abuse last if many Muslims move here?

Reality check: It’s a bit late for honesty but could we at least have safety?

See also: Claim: Canadian public doesn’t want sharia law (?) If that’s true, why hasn’t Justin! Justin! been forced to resign?  Why is his party in power?


California: “Progressive” Women’s Group Now Building a ‘Pipeline’ for Muslim Candidates

Karen Hinks had spent approximately a year training women of color to run for office in Orange County, California, when President Donald Trump was elected.

During her training sessions, she saw that Muslims were especially underrepresented in area politics. Now her organization is preparing to launch training sessions to provide the county’s Muslims the tools to run for local political office.