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German Minister: EU May Need Rules To Stop Doctors Emigrating

History may not repeat, but it rhymes.

The European Union should consider regulating to stop member states from poaching each other’s doctors and other professionals, German Health Minister Jens Spahn said.

Spahn, a conservative heavyweight among Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats who recently lost a contest to become the party’s leader, described a knock-on effect of countries attracting doctors from neighbouring countries, as is the case with Switzerland taking in German physicians.


EU Commission: ‘Europe Will Never Be a Fortress’, Mass Migration ‘Here to Stay’

Speaking in Brussels on Wednesday, EU migration chief Dimitris Avramopoulos stressedthat the European Commission would oppose any plans to build a fence on the Greek-Turkish border.“We are against building fences, on the contrary, we are in favour of building bridges with neighbouring countries,” he said, after news that more than 6,100 people have entered Greece illegally over the Turkey land border so far this year — a nine-fold increase from the same period in 2017.


The EU is a mirage

When I am asked to describe the European Union, I often say that it is a bit like a mirage. We all know how a mirage works. From far away, the image is clear and strong. As you get closer, it starts to wobble and shimmer until eventually it disappears.

The EU is like that. Seen from national capitals, be they London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Bratislava or Madrid, it looks clear and distinct. It has its own institutions, its own buildings, even its own legal order. It can punish national governments for over-spending and close national banks. But as you get closer to Brussels, this image begins to wobble. Finally, when you are really up close, it disappears altogether.


Shock map shows Schengen FAILURE as army tanks scramble to migrant borders


Austria has hammered the latest nail in the coffin to the ailing ‘free movement’ Schengen by installing huge fences at four border crossings as well as border checks at a major transport point.

From June, checks will begin in Brenner Pass, the major motorway linking the country with Italy as part of a €1million tightening of borders set to cause chaos for commuters, hauliers and local businesses.


Britain wants to quit Europe: Shock new poll shows EU ‘no’ camp ahead for the first time as Cameron prepares to face down Tory rebels

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A majority of British people would vote to leave the European Union in the wake of the migrant crisis engulfing the continent, a shock new Mail on Sunday poll has found.

If a referendum were to be held tomorrow on whether to remain a member of the EU, 51 per cent of British people would vote ‘No’.



European Commission: Open new Turkey-EU chapter

European Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic

The European Commission has suggested member states to open a new chapter in Turkey’s stalled EU membership talks, a senior diplomatic source told Anadolu Agency on June 12.

The EU’s executive body submitted a letter to the European Council on June 12, proposing opening the Economic and Monetary Policy chapter in accession talks, the senior diplomat said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“We are expecting a decision by the European Council before the summer break,” the diplomat claimed.

European Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic confirmed the move late June 12…


Migrants gather at Italian train stations on journey north

A volunteer talks to a group of migrants as police officers stand in front of the door of a train bound for Munich, Germany, at Bolzano railway station, Italy May 28, 2015. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Hundreds of migrants brought to Italy after being rescued at sea camped on streets near Rome’s Tiburtina train station and gathered in Milan’s main terminal on Thursday, making a brief stop on their journey to northern Europe.

At Tiburtina, migrants from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia were among those resting in the shade under olive and fig trees. Children played in the supermarket nearby, and dozens napped on cardboard under an overpass.

Italy is struggling to handle the summertime surge in migrants, with thousands rescued at sea each week and more than 50,000 so far this year. Almost 2,000 have drowned.

Some northern Italian regions have refused to take in more migrants sent from crowded official reception centers down south, and now another crisis is brewing as local authorities struggle to deal with thousands heading north under their own steam.

“People say Italy is not good for migrants, so we want to leave,” said Abdi Mohammed Adem, a 19-year-old Somali rescued 15 days ago by the Italian navy. His goal is to reach Germany or Britain, he said…


UK: Nine ‘illegal immigrants’ escape from lorry in Cotswold village

One of the men jumps out of a hole in the side of the lorry as others flee across the road in picturesque Bourton-on-the-Water Photo: Xposure

Police arrested nine men suspected of being illegal immigrants after they were seen escaping from a lorry in a Cotswold village.

Officers were called on Tuesday morning after the men were seen leaving the vehicle, thought to be from Romania.

All nine men were arrested, as well as the driver, following the incident in Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire…


Nearly two million EU workers in Britain, new figures show

A quarter of European Union workers in Britain have arrived here in the last four years, new figures have revealed as the total reached a new high of just under two million.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed 1.95 million people born in the 27 other EU member states were working here in the first quarter of this year.

It was an increase of almost half a million on 2011 figures, equivalent to the population of Liverpool.

The overall total included a record number of eastern European migrants working in this country.

The ONS said there were 1.13 million migrant workers from eastern Europe in the first three months of this year, compared with about 640,000 in 2010.

Critics said the figures showed that EU free movement rules were putting huge pressure on wages, the NHS and other public services, and called for new limits to be placed on numbers…

This illustrates the other problem with mass immigration: even if we agree that the Eastern Europeans will on the whole assimilate well, there are just too many people trying to live in the few desirable parts of the world.

See also ‘Britain took in more migrants than 17 other EU countries put together, new data shows,’ May 12, 2015.  I suspect they are going to the UK because it easier to find work there.

The Anglo model of capitalism is not popular on the Continent and there all sorts of strict labour laws that make it much harder to find work.

This is drawing people to other Anglo countries too. I just read last night about how New York City can barely absorb all the people who want to live there. The article discusses how the only way to grow is construct higher buildings, which cast shadows on the proles visiting, say, Central Park.

Yet the article contains the sentence: ‘[The shadows are] a stark reminder that the new growth needed in healthy cities can come at the expense of people already living there.’

Growth, growth, growth… Good for business but no one else. House prices beyond the reach of the middle class? Tough.  It cannot go on indefinitely but short term profits are all that matters.


UK: Home secretary hardens refusal to accept EU resettlement programme

‘Migrants’ disembark from the Italian navy ship Vega in the Sicilian harbour of Augusta, southern Italy, May 4, 2015. REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello

The home secretary, Theresa May, has hardened Britain’s refusal to accept a mandatory European Union refugee quota system being put forward in Brussels this week in response to the Mediterranean migrant boat crisis.

The Home Office has said it will refuse to accept any refugees under this week’s proposed EU emergency resettlement programme. But it has now said it will also refuse to take part in any future permanent EU system to relocate asylum seekers who make it across the Mediterranean or to resettle refugees from outside Europe.

The hardening of Britain’s refusal to share any responsibility for the refugees or migrants caught up in the Mediterranean boat crisis was roundly criticised by British refugee organisations. “It is shameful that the British government seems eager to opt out of doing the right thing by some of the world’s most desperate people,” said Anna Musgrave of the Refugee Council…

…The home secretary insisted that the focus instead must be on targeting and stopping the people-smugglers behind the trade across the Mediterranean, including establishing “a more effective process of returning illegal migrants”…

Related: The UK also wants to slow down the influx of people moving from parts of the EU in order to receive benefits, by making it harder to obtain them.

This would require changes to the EU treaties. Today, Germany has announced they refuse to consider any EU treaty changes.


Hungary needs legislation to curb immigration, PM Orban says

(Reuters) – Hungary needs legislation to keep out a wave of immigrants from poor countries, even if it would run counter to existing European Union rules, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

Brussels should allow EU member states to set their own rules about migrants, adding that the inflow of immigrants was not good to Europe generally, he told Echo TV in an interview aired late on Friday.

“We don’t want to see immigrants in Hungary,” he said. “If (other EU members) want to receive immigrants, they can do it. But then they should not send them back here, or through us”…

Good luck with that! You are in the EUSSR now.


Cash handoffs, extortion fuel Mediterranean trafficking

‘Migrants’ at a center in Libya awaiting the trip to Europe. Source. Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

PALERMO, Sicily (AP) — Fleeing war, persecution and poverty, migrants desperate to reach Europe are paying thousands of dollars apiece to become pawns in a multimillion-dollar trafficking network that stretches from the Sahara to Sweden.

By the thousands, they’re handing themselves over to abusive smugglers who hold them hostage in wretched conditions in Libya until their families cough up the cash to fund their trips, using companies like Western Union or more often the informal money transfer network known as hawala that is common in much of the Arabic world.

Those payments fund treacherous trips across the Mediterranean that have killed hundreds of people in recent weeks. And even if migrants survive the crossing, the exploitation doesn’t end there: Smugglers, acting more like illicit travel agents than criminal gangs, arrange passage to safe houses in Sicily, buy bus tickets for new arrivals and even accompany their charges to their final destinations north, for thousands of dollars apiece…

Related: UN complains about ‘migrant’ centres in Libya. I’m sure they’ll be right on it.

People-smugglers-Coast-of-LibyaPeople smugglers on the coast of Libya. Tyler Hicks/The New York Times


Mass Migration in the Med: A Clear Case of Cause and Effect

Recently I wrote a blog about an alien smuggling incident in the Mediterranean Sea that resulted in the charge of murder being levied against some of the participants after they threw other participants off the boat to drown.

Since then, another massive tragedy unfolded in those waters when a vessel holding hundreds of migrants being smuggled capsized in international waters off Libya while en route to Europe. Only a few survived. The figures of the dead have ranged from 700 to 900; no one is certain how many were aboard to begin with. The Tunisian boat captain and his Syrian mate have been charged with negligent homicide by Italian authorities…

…What EU officials in their calculations failed to grasp is that there is only one thing likely to make intended migrants sit up and take notice: inability to reach their destination…