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EXCLUSIVE: Liberals ignored green energy advice that could’ve saved Ontarians billions, lead engineer says

It’s been nearly a decade since Ontario Liberals passed the Green Energy Act, an ambitious plan to rid the province of coal-fired electricity and make Ontario a powerhouse in renewable energy manufacturing.

But the lead engineer responsible for designing and implementing a key component of the plan – the FIT and Micro-FIT programs that saw billions of dollars in green-energy contracts awarded to solar and wind companies – tells Global News in an exclusive interview the Liberal government ignored expert advice that, if followed, could have saved Ontario electricity customers billions of dollars in unnecessary spending.


Ontario’s power-price crisis — how it happened and who got hurt

Ontario’s power troubles began after the provincial government began phasing-out coal power generation in 2005. But electricity prices really took off in 2009 when the government launched its Green Energy Act, which features a program to provide long-term guaranteed contracts to generators with renewable sources (wind, solar, etc.) at a fixed, above-market price.


Canada’s Climate Change Policies Are Affecting Its Economy When it Comes to Resource Development

Canada is a vast and rich country that has among its bounties the third largest known oil reserves in the world. The exploitation of these resources should be paying for our socialist leaning Liberal and Nation Democratic Party agendas with money left over much like Norway. Instead our governments are running massive deficits and spending money we do not have to try and maintain the façade that we can give away free social programs without worry. At the same time these governments are virtual signaling that Canadians are to blame for the Climate changing and we must have a price for carbon to pay for our sins.


Kevin Libin: Alberta’s now copying Ontario’s disastrous electricity policies. What could go wrong?

Not every province gets the chance to live through the kind of white-knuckle excitement in its electricity sector that Ontario has enjoyed over the last decade: soaring power bills, fleeing industries and endless boondoggles in provincial contracts for solar and wind energy. The dramatic climax arrived last week as David Livingston, the one-time chief of staff to Dalton McGuinty, the premier who imposed on Ontario the entire electricity fiasco, was sentenced to prison over a scheme to destroy evidence of the Liberal government’s political mischief in the power market.


Wynne Liberals ”shrug” as vets forced to sell Legion Hall to pay $48K hydro bills

It’s not for lack of trying, either. According to the branch’s MPP, Vic Fedeli, legion officials have switched to energy-efficient appliances, replaced lightbulbs with LEDs, and done their best to conserve—but these efforts haven’t amounted to any substantive change.


Sweden Denies a Permit for Wind Farm Because It Would Interfere With Its Military


Sweden denied permission for developers to build the Blekinge offshore wind project, saying it would interfere with the Nordic nation’s army.

The project was planned to have 500 to 700 turbines. This would have resulted an installed capacity of about 2.5 gigawatts and investment valued at 50 billion kronor (CAD$7.4 billion), according to an e-mail from majority owner Eolus Vind AB.

The project company, Blekinge Offshore AB, is owned by Swedish developers. Hassleholm-based Eolus has 56 per cent, Vingkraft AB took 34 per cent and Vindin AB the remainder.

Sweden has set a target to generate all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2040. Prime Minister Stefan Loefven said in September that his government will spend $1.9 billion from 2017 to 2020 on climate initiatives. It generated 64 per cent of its power from clean sources last year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

“The fact that this interfered with the military in some way was probably the final nail in the coffin,” said Keegan Kruger, wind analyst at BNEF. “They just don’t have the incentive right now with an abundance of cheap hydro. Also, they consider nuclear as a renewable power source for their 100 per cent renewable target by 2040 and have recently removed a tax on nuclear generation.”


Energy poverty rising in Canada

Fraser Institute says increasing cost of electricity, heat and gasoline hitting low-income households hardest

A new study by the Fraser Institute says the rising cost of electricity is increasing energy poverty in Canada, with more than one million households now spending more than 10% of their incomes solely on electricity and home heating fuel.

The fiscally conservative think-tank says these 1,086,860 households in 2013 — the last year for which statistics are available — represent 7.9% of all households, an increase of 9.4% since 2010, when the number was 7.2%.

When the cost of a third necessity for most families — gasoline — is added in, the number of households in energy poverty soars to 2,678,293, or almost one in five, at 19.4%.


Justin Trudeau's Other Mommy Kathleen WynneThese two greedy bastards are determined to impoverish everyone.