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Paul Ryan Presaged: Canada’s Conservative Party Elects a New People—Which In Turn Elects Liberal Party. Duh!

Aaron Goldstein of the American Spectator noted that the crowd at Trudeau’s victory rally in Montreal chanted “Niqab! Niqab!” and predicted, “Those Liberals who chanted ‘Niqab’ following this election might be chanting ‘Shariah’ after the next one.”

Too true—but whose fault is that?

It would be tedious for me to write (and more so for Americans to read) an account of the various Muslim disputes that dominated the election. [Robyn Urback: The Conservatives bet big on the veil, and lost, National Post, October 21, 2015] Suffice to say that clever-clogs Harper, who believed he could triangulate between immigrants (good) and their often “barbaric practices” (bad) was beaten at every turn. That’s the problem with triangulation; you so often fall between stools.

The process whereby Canada would become rife with barbarians and their practices (female genital mutilation, honor killings and rapes, et al.) began in 1967, when the Liberal government of rumored KGB asset Lester Pearson effected the equivalent of America’s 1965 Hart-Celler Act. In 1968, the year Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre became prime minister, Canada’s population was only 2% vizmin and thus about 95% white (native Indians are not counted as vizmins). It was still a fundamentally conservative country. By 1984, the year Pierre retired, Canada was officially a Leftist “proposition nation,” and opposition to the Liberals’ ongoing revolution was seen as un-Canadian, even treasonous.

Harper’s ambition, like that of Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (1984-1993) before him, turned out to be merely to co-opt this Trudeauvian state. It was the Mulroney Conservatives who raised immigration from 85,000 in 1984 to ~250,000 by the turn of the decade and ever after.


Canada election: Five things Stephen Harper got wrong

After nearly 10 years as Canada’s leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is packing his bags. Where did it go wrong?

The natural political cycle meant the Conservatives’ hold on power was sure to come to an end at some point.

But after such a decisive win for the Liberals, even Mr Harper’s supporters would admit there were certain moments and policies that backfired.


Obama Campaign Team Hands Canada Over to the Lib-Left

The Province of Ontario with twice the debt of California making it now the world’s most indebted sub-sovereign borrower, saddled Canada with its first lib-left government in more than a decade in elections tonight.

Prime Minister Elect Justin Trudeau’s friendship with the high spending Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn is a matter of public record. Ontario has a whopping $307 billion in bond debt; spends less per person on delivering service than any other province in Canada, yet still has a higher annual operating deficit.


Why I Vote (and Why I Spoiled My Ballot)

Most of the people who protested C-51 liked to paint it as Harper creating a police state; I saw it turning really toxic under some future administration with a different definition of an “internal enemy.” The “Stop Harper” crowd have always looked like they were fighting a nemesis created in their own imagination and fitted with Harper’s face; I didn’t see an evil leader but an evil law, with the potential for real trouble when political opportunism and cynicism (inevitably) finds the other side of the blade.


After Junior’s victory Speech….

From  one of our commenters…. Trupeers, on Juniors Victory

…Trudeau’s rhetoric is based on a fundamental lie or silenced contradiction; he says he is all about positive and non-divisive politics but he can only make this claim by way of demonizing Harper (he learned from Obama demonizing Bush in the name of hope and change) and by extension anyone who voted for Harper or who admits that democracy is dependent on an intellectually vigorous, risky, but mostly non-violent process of mutual othering between stronger and weaker demographics. JT’s rhetoric is thus a performative contradiction, and a form of scapegoating those he thinks deserve it. He can say tonight that Conservatives are his neighbours but this is window dressing. If he had lost he would have had a hard time transcending his deep resentment of Harperites. Harper’s position on the niqab, e.g., was ultimately too disgusting for Justin to respect in any way. Only winning power can make him neighborly, heh heh.

JT says his is the politics of inclusion and diversity, but how can any one leader represent in himself the basis of a seriously democratic politics in which all are included? It is the Queen’s non-political job to represent all Canadians, not the Prime Minister’s. The Prime Minister by his very nature must be divisive (and so I don’t totally resent that I resent Justin Trudeau; I just wish he would grow beyond the Utopianism I gave up around age 19). And if he tries as PM to represent all Canadians, he can only become the drama Queen, a job many wanted Harper to play and the latter’s attempts were revealingly pathetic. Politics that does not take our differences as existentially significant is politics in what sense exactly? It is the politics in which all are imperially included except those (many) who take positions that are not allowed because they contravene some universal principle, which in Justin’s case are determined by a victimary ideology in which people must accept that they belong to groups deemed to be historical victimizers or victims, as determined by postnational, post democratic, elites, and not by open debate in Parliament which would be too risky, they say. Thus, the minority Muslim Brotherhood’s othering of infidels and “aposates” can be ignored, but not Harper’s othering (because it’s white, Christian), though in not ignoring Harper’s othering it must be denied by “right thinking” people that it is in any way necessary to our democratic debate (as if righteous thinkers could have a “debate” without someone to scapegoat). Those, including secular Muslims who have spoken out against the niqab as a symbol of a violent Islamism, those (e.g. clearheaded Jews) who fear the Muslim Brotherhood influence on Trudeau, those who have fled the rape and murder of Islamists in the Middle East, have just been clearly told that we are not part of Trudeau’s inclusive Canada as long as we recognize certain existential enemies as such. (I wait for the day some daring European (most likely) refugee goes to a citizenship ceremony wearing a “racist” symbol that Trudeau can’t help but ban….)

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United Nations denies ‘global drug decriminalisation’ claim by Sir Richard Branson – Trudeau disappointed

The United Nations drug agency has been caught in an embarrassing row over drug policy after Sir Richard Branson leaked an official document which appeared to back decriminalising possession of drugs.

The document from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said liberalisation of laws on controlled substances may need to be carried out world-wide.

But the significance of the two-page paper was immediately contested by UN chiefs in Vienna, who said it did not amount to official policy


Our Future Under Justin… UK launches hunt for Muslim extremist infiltrators across public sector #elxn42

A major drive is to be launched against “entryist” infiltration of the public sector, charities and businesses by Islamist and other extremists as a key part of the government’s new counter-extremist strategy.

The drive will start with a full review, to report by next year, of all public institutions – including schools, colleges, the civil service and local authorities – to safeguard them against the risk of “entryism” by extremists.

The new strategy says the drive against entryism is a key component of the new “counter-ideology campaign at pace and scale” to combat Islamist and other forms of extremism in Britain.

The proposals were immediately condemned as “counter-productive” by the Muslim Council of Britain, which denounced their “McCarthyist undertones”.


Infiltration by Muslim extremists will be the norm under a Trudeau government.

Telegraph – Extremist ‘infiltration’ in hospitals, schools and civil service to be investigated

More at the Globe… Muslims condemn Britain’s plans to combat extremism


Zunera Ishaq, the ICNA and a Listed Terrorist Entity: The Niqab Debate in Canada

Zunera Ishaq, the woman at the centre of the “niqab debate” in the Canadian election campaign, works for the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). The ICNA has its annual conference in partnership with the Muslim American Society (MAS), an organization which has been listed as a terrorism entity. The MAS, along with Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was listed by the United Arab Emirates as a North American based terrorism front/proxy group for the Muslim Brotherhood in late 2014.


Things to come… #elxn42

A liberal government?

We’ll know tonight.

Let’s hope the polls are wrong, again.

What can we expect under a Liberal government?

Look to Justin’s adviser’s for guidance. They fill his empty head with feel good rhetoric while pulling Justin’s puppet strings.

Fear them, not Justin.


The economy will suffer, look to Ontario for a taste of your future Canada.,

The decline of manufacturing in the province is due to a number of factors such as a near crippling debt and all play a role but paramount have been the disastrous “Green” energy policies crafted during a decade of Liberal mismanagement.

Justin’s top adviser, Butts had a big hand in that disaster and he will seek to work the same magic on you all.

Enjoy being impoverished in the name of “sustainability”.


Ontario is governed by Predatory Public Service Unions,  some 2 million members reside in Ontario alone.

The unions have kept the most corrupt government in Ontario’s history in power.

Justin will follow his mentor Wynne’s example and  pay off the public service with your money to ensure continued union support.

Justin’s  election bribes will ensure that the ROC enjoys the same decline in their credit rating as Ontario.

You will be poorer. Count on that.


Islam’s insinuation into the social fabric will be eased under the useful idiocy of Justin’s tenure.

Trudeau adviser Omar Alghabra is just the tip of that spear.

The Liberals are a brokerage party, their beloved multiculturalism is simply a means to divide and conquer the electorate.

Expect the Liberals to open the immigration floodgates as just one reward to their local ethnic strongmen.


We will be less free.

Expect the Long Gun Registry to be resuscitated… and worse.

I fully expect that Justin will resurrect Canada’s Thought Crime Law, Section 13.

It will be used exclusively against anyone who questions immigration, Islam, or multiculturalism.


Justin is the exemplar of nice hair privilege, that is his sole qualification to be Prime Minister.

If elected this will be Canada’s image on the world stage.

Justin Trudeau. Exemplar of Nice Hair Privilege.

God Forbid.



About those polls… #elxn42

Opinion polls: Taking the national pulse, or trying to

“…The random sample is the gold standard of polling: If a sample is chosen randomly from a population, that sample will have the characteristics of that population, within a margin. When I began in the industry in the 1980s, we were able to get excellent, if not perfect, random samples through random-digit dialling. Almost every Canadian household had a landline phone, creating potential access to almost the entire population. People were interested in answering our surveys, especially about politics and public affairs, and response rates were high. We had ideal conditions for practising our trade.

The first warning signs came in the decade of the nineties, when response rates started to drop. The following decades saw the growth of recorded messages, call display and cellphones, and further declines in response rates as the novelty of being wooed by pollsters wore off. I recall response rates of up to 80 per cent in the phone polls we did in the eighties, then dropping to the 40-per-cent to 50-per-cent range a decade later. Now, traditional telephone surveys (with live interviewers) are getting response rates of about 10 per cent or less.”


Vote. That is all.


Police investigate alleged Threats by Muslims against Conservative candidate #elxn42

An alleged threat against a Conservative candidate has left campaign workers fearful in the final days of the federal election campaign.

Cristelle Sary, legal council for Roland Dick, told The Suburban that the candidate began to receive phone calls a week ago from parishioners of the Masjid al Jasr mosque on Cartier boulevard, warning him that a fatwa had been declared against him.

“They told him that he ought to be careful,” she said in an interview, “We heard this from many people.”


No shame: Trudeau uses Harper’s speech in last-ditch attempt to pander to Jewish voters #elxn42

“…It is worth remembering that in an interview with with Terry Milewski on CBC’s Power & Politics on June 23, 2015 Trudeau said that if elected, he will normalize relations with Iran. “I would hope that Canada would be able to reopen its mission, as I understand it, there were security concerns that led to the closing of the mission, but I’m fairly certain that there are ways to re-engage.”