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‘Nothing short of terrifying’: Ebola death toll to hit 1,000 as lethal virus spreads

The death toll from the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo will hit 1,000 later today, raising concerns the outbreak is escalating and could yet spiral out of control.

It is already the second worst Ebola outbreak in history, although some way behind the 2014 West Africa epidemic which killed 11,000 people.

As of Thursday evening, 994 people had died from the deadly disease. But according to the World Health Organization, this figure will surpass 1,000 when the DRC’s Ministry of Health releases its daily figures later tonight.


Ebola vaccine trial proves 100% successful in Guinea

A vaccine against Ebola has been shown to be 100% successful in trials conducted during the outbreak in Guinea and is likely to bring the west African epidemic to an end, experts say.ebola-virus-magnified[1]

The results of the trials involving 4,000 people are remarkable because of the unprecedented speed with which the development of the vaccine and the testing were carried out.

Scientists, doctors, donors and drug companies collaborated to race the vaccine through a process that usually takes more than a decade in just 12 months.

“Having seen the devastating effects of Ebola on communities and even whole countries with my own eyes, I am very encouraged by today’s news,” said Børge Brende, the foreign minister of Norway, which helped fund the trial.

“This new vaccine, if the results hold up, may be the silver bullet against Ebola, helping to bring the current outbreak to zero and to control future outbreaks of this kind. I would like to thank all partners who have contributed to achieve this sensational result, due to an extraordinary and rapid collaborative effort,” he said on Friday.


Entire country of Sierra Leone shut down: Three-day quarantine begins in desperate attempt to curb new Ebola cases

Confirmed Ebola cases in Sierra Leone, pictured, seemed to be clustered near the country’s west coast

Sierra Leone is being shut down for three days in a bid to stop a surge in cases of Ebola.

The country’s president Ernest Koroma has ordered everybody to stay at home between now and Sunday in an effort to halt the spread of the killer disease.

Sierra Leone had a previous nationwide curfew in September at the height of the epidemic.

The Christian Examiner reported President Koroma’s remarks, urging his people to work together.

He said: ‘The future of our country and the aspirations of our children are at stake,

‘I call on every Sierra Leonean in every community to pull together. The economic development of our country and the lives of our people continue to be threatened by the ongoing presence of Ebola in Sierra Leone.’

According to the World Health Organisation, there were 33 confirmed new cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone in the week of March 22…


UN kept Ebola risk secret in order not to anger Muslims, running great risk of world wide spread of deadly disease

…WHO has acknowledged acting too slowly to control the Ebola epidemic. In its defense, the agency says the virus’ spread was unprecedented and blames factors including lack of resources and intelligence from the field.

Internal documents obtained by AP, however, show WHO’s top leaders were informed of how dire the situation was.

But they held off on declaring an emergency in part because it could have angered the countries involved, interfered with their mining interests or restricted the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca in October”…


Sierra Leone Loses Track of Millions in Ebola Funds

A health worker and patient at the Borma Foya Hospital in Sierra Leone. A report says government ministers lost track of millions of dollars in emergency funds to fight the Ebola virus. Credit Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — A report by Sierra Leone’s national auditor says government ministers lost track of more than $3 million in internal emergency funds to fight the Ebola virus, impairing the response to the disease.

There is no paperwork to support payments of 14 billion leones, or $3.3 million, from government Ebola accounts, while $2.5 million in disbursements had incomplete documentation, the country’s auditor general, Lara Taylor-Pearce, said in the report.

The accounting lapses ultimately resulted in “a reduction in the quality of service delivery in the health sector,” according to the report, which was posted on the Audit Service’s website. It was presented to Parliament on Friday.

“It is hoped that adequate action will be taken to address issues raised in this report,” the report added.

The country of six million has had almost 11,000 Ebola cases and 3,363 deaths during the epidemic, which has raged in West Africa for nearly a year.

From May to October 2014, the period covered by the audit, the government spent more than $19 million on its Ebola response.

The money came from taxes and donations from institutions and individuals, mostly within Sierra Leone, and the figure does not include funds from the United Nations or charities, the report said…


British nurse battling Ebola in London hospital is in ‘critical condition’

Pauline Cafferkey

A Glaswegian nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola after returning to the UK from Sierra Leone is in critical condition, it is understood.

Pauline Cafferkey was transferred to the Royal Free London Hospital on Monday to receive treatment for the virus which has so far killed thousands across west Africa.

The 39-year-old was reportedly sitting up and talking in recent days, but has ‘deteriorated’ into a critical condition, hospital sources said today.

It comes as another suspected case of Ebola was reported in Gloucestershire this afternoon.

A brief statement on the hospital’s website said: ‘The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is sorry to announce that the condition of Pauline Cafferkey has gradually deteriorated over the past two days and is now critical’…


WHO Fails To Grasp Ebola’s Upside: World Health Organization Reaches Out To ISIS Over Fears They Have Ebola

ISIS fighters ‘have contracted Ebola’: World Health Organisation investigating reports militants showed up at Iraqi hospital with lethal disease

The World Health Organisation is investigating reports that ISIS militants have been showing up at an Iraqi hospital with Ebola.

According to three media outlets an undisclosed number of militants displaying signs of the disease attended a hospital in the ISIS-held city of Mosul, 250 miles north of Baghdad.

While the reports, from Kurdish and pro-Iraqi sources, remain unconfirmed, WHO spokesman Christy Feig said the group are trying to reach out to officials in ISIS-held areas to offer help.


Ebola case confirmed in Glasgow

A healthcare worker who returned from Sierra Leone on Sunday night has been diagnosed with Ebola and is receiving treatment in Glasgow, the Scottish government has said.

The woman has been isolated and is receiving treatment in the specialist Brownlee unit for infectious diseases on the Gartnavel hospital campus.

In a statement the Scottish government said the patient was a healthcare worker who was helping to combat the disease in west Africa. She returned to Scotland from Sierra Leone late on Sunday night via Casablanca and London Heathrow, arriving at Glasgow airport on British Airways flight BA1478 at about 11.30pm.

The flight from Casablanca was with a Moroccan airline. The flight number is not yet known but Public Health England will be contacting passengers who were on board…


Sierra Leone struggling in fight against Ebola because so many doctors and nurses have left to find jobs in Britain, report claims

Sierra Leone is struggling in its fight against Ebola because so many medics have left for jobs in Britain, it has been claimed, amid reports the country’s health centres are overflowing with victims.

The exodus of doctors and nurses to the UK and other wealthy countries left the West African state ‘woefully short’ of trained medical staff when the deadly virus struck, MPs have said.

It comes as the death toll from the epidemic increased to 6,915 out of 18,603 cases and as Sierra Leone authorities launched a fresh operation to contain the virus.

The Commons International Development Committee has said that a high proportion of the health professionals trained in Sierra Leone were now working in Britain.

The committee criticised the Department for International Development (Dfid) for initially underestimating the scale of the Ebola crisis and warned that the World Health Organisation’s systems for dealing with such emergencies were ‘dangerously inadequate’…


Band Aid 30 single is “cringeworthy” and “culturally ignorant” says British Ebola nurse

Bob Geldof (pictured), however, told critics of the song to “f*** off”.

Will Pooley, who has returned to Sierra Leone to treat victims of the disease, told Radio Times that he and other relief workers in the West African nation think the words to the fundraising single are “a bit much”.

Pooley, who made a full recovery after being treated in London with the experimental drug ZMapp, said he heard the first half of the song on the way to work, at the Connaught Hospital in Freetown.

“It’s definitely being talked about here among my colleagues,” he says in the Christmas edition of Radio Times.

“But stuff about ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ – it’s just like, actually people live normal lives here and do normal things. It’s Africa, not another planet. That sort of cultural ignorance is a bit cringeworthy. There’s a lyric about ‘death in every tear’. It’s just a bit much.”

A number of artists have criticised Band Aid as patronising. Emeli Sande said that “a whole new song is required”, while rapper Fuse ODG refused to take part, saying that he was “shocked and appalled” by the lyrics…

…The nurse urged people to give money to charities “that are setting up treatment centres, that have isolation units and are working directly with patient care”…

Had the West acted earlier, he said, many lives could have been saved. “With an injection of will and resources six months ago, this whole thing could have been avoided and thousands of deaths with it”…


Ebola Response in Liberia Is Hampered by Infighting

How Has the Food Supply Been Affected by the Outbreak?

The global response to the Ebola virus in Liberia is being hampered by poor coordination and serious disagreements between Liberian officials and the donors and health agencies fighting the epidemic, according to minutes of top-level meetings and interviews with participants.

Even now, three months after donors began pouring resources into Liberia, many confirmed cases still go unreported, countries refuse to change plans to erect field hospitals in the wrong places, families cannot find out whether their relatives in treatment are alive or dead, health workers sent to take temperatures sometimes lack thermometers, and bodies have been cremated because a larger cemetery was not yet open.

The detailed accounts of high-level meetings obtained by The New York Times, the most recent from Monday, lift the veil on the messy and contentious process of running the sprawling response to Liberia’s epidemic, one that now involves more than a hundred government agencies, charities and donors from around the world.

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Muslims offended Bob Geldof’s Ebola Fundraiser single, a rework of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” mentions Christmas

Backlash over ‘patronising’ Band Aid: Latest single accused of continuing negative stereotypes about Africa including poverty and disease

Sir Bob Geldof appeared on Sky News and said the concerns of critics, who have described the Band Aid Ebola fundraiser single as perpetuating ‘negative stereotypes’ about Africa, were a ‘complete load of b*******’

It has already raised millions for Ebola victims and is set to go to number one in the charts.

But the latest Band Aid single was yesterday branded ‘patronising’ by African academics and a rapper revealed he pulled out of the recording in protest.

Some said the revised lyrics of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ perpetuate ‘negative stereotypes’ about Africa, and claimed it ignores the fact Ebola has struck largely Muslim countries where most people do not celebrate December 25…

CIA World Factbook figures on religion in the three worst-hit countries:
Guinea: Muslim 85%, Christian 8%, indigenous beliefs 7%
Liberia: Christian 85.6%, Muslim 12.2%, Traditional 0.6%, other 0.2%, none 1.4%
Sierra Leone: Muslim 60%, Christian 10%, indigenous beliefs 30%

If the Muslims don’t like it, they can keep on dying of Ebola.  Same for those bitching about ‘negative stereotypes.’

Expecting automatic help from the West has become too common and is now regarded as an entitlement, and thus their sensitive feelings must not be hurt, etc etc.


Doctor Who Was Being Treated for Ebola in Omaha Is Dead

A surgeon who contracted Ebola while working in Sierra Leone, Dr. Martin Salia, died Monday at an Omaha hospital.

“It is with an extremely heavy heart that we share this news,” said Dr. Philip Smith, medical director of the biocontainment unit at the Nebraska Medical Center. “Dr. Salia was extremely critical when he arrived here, and unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we weren’t able to save him.”

Dr. Salia, who is a citizen of Sierra Leone but lives in Maryland, had been working as a general surgeon at Kissy United Methodist Hospital in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. He arrived in Omaha on Saturday. It was not clear where he had come in contact with Ebola patients. Five other doctors in Sierra Leone have contracted Ebola; all have died.


Mali tries to trace 343 contacts in second Ebola wave

A police officer stands guard outside the quarantined Pasteur Clinic in Bamako on Wednesday after Mali’s government confirmed the country’s second case of Ebola. Reuters

Nov 14 (Reuters) – Mali is trying to trace as many as 343 people linked to confirmed and probable Ebola victims in an effort to control its second Ebola outbreak, health officials said on Friday.

An initial batch of contacts linked to a 2-year-old from Guinea who died of Ebola last month were close to the end of their 21-day quarantine period when Mali confirmed a second, separate batch of cases this week.

There have been at least four more confirmed Ebola cases in this second episode, all linked to an imam who entered Mali from neighbouring Guinea and died late last month with Ebola-like symptoms that were not recognised. Three of these have died so far.

Samba Sow, the head of Mali’s Ebola response, said on state television two more suspected cases were being tested.

Malian Health Ministry spokesman Marakatie Daou said a woman who had helped wash the imam’s body died on Thursday at the Gabriel Toure Hospital in Mali’s capital, Bamako.

Daou said an initial Ebola test result for the woman was positive, making her the fourth clinically confirmed Malian case, although further analysis would be carried out abroad.

Mali’s government said on Friday afternoon 256 contacts had been identified and would be monitored…


Ebola Guy’s Family Gets Settlement from Dallas Hospital

To review–an Ebola patient knowingly entered the country and demanded treatment at a hospital despite not being American and not having insurance.  He received a half million dollars worth of treatment before he died.  His family than sued, charging that the hospital didn’t care if he died because of racism.  They quickly settled, waived the cost of treatment, provided enough money to “provide” for his parents and children and will transfer medical resources away from this country into Liberia.