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Rob Breakenridge talks to Stuart Taylor on the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

THE WORLD TONIGHT WITH ROB BREAKENRIDGE, WEEKNIGHTS 6:30 ON MONDAY’S SHOW… Duke lacrosse team members sue Duke University and the City of Durham over corrupt rape allegation and investigation. We’ll talk to Stuart Taylor, senior writer at National Journal magazine and author of Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case.

You can listen in live at 770 CHQR. NB: That is 6:30 Calgary time

Political Correctness and shameful injustices hmmm sounds like… wait for it…it’s comin to me.. oh yea, our very own Human Rights Commissions – where justice has been turned on it’s head by perverse agendas and the manipulation of special interest groups and their hirelings.


Duke Rape Case through the Babble Looking Glass

BigCityGal is the anti-racist forum moderator at, amusing given she is the most virulent race baiter I have come across in a long time. Following is her take on the Duke Rape Case in spite of protests by fellow Babblers that her position is indefensible:

“I find it kind of disgusting that a board of lefties, who constantly challenge the corrupt and biased US state, including the justice system, find it so easy to accept what the state is doling out right now.
I find it disurbing that more feminists here on babble aren’t joining me in my outrage and sorrow at this completely-not-surprising outcome for Crystal.
Have people forgotten about the history of white men and black women in the southern US? Entitlement and dehumanization leading to rape as norm, rape as acceptable, rape as being part of the boys’ club, part of the culture? I haven’t.
Does anyone imagine that these white young men did anything other than “take” what they were “entitled” to, having “bought” the services of two strippers of colour? And that their only outrage is that this one woman spoke out, pushed back? There’s no doubt in my mind that both women were assaulted and abused. That night. By those young men.
And I can’t believe I have to say this, but rape happens in many different ways, and rape can happen leaving no semen. It’s still rape. Think about it. “

This is what happens when you drink way too much Kool-Aid .. whatchit kiddies