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Disability rights advocates fight ‘demeaning’ immigration criteria

The Council of Canadians with Disabilities is calling for the repeal of a provision that bars immigrants with disabilities from settling in Canada on grounds that they could place too much demand on the country’s medical system. The group contends the practice is discriminatory and based on outdated, stereotypical ideas around disability.

Why should disabled persons get special treatment for immigration? Are they being persecuted because of their disabilities?


King’s College will ‘replace busts and portraits of its founding fathers with ethnic minorities after student pressure’

The world famous institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience plans to move portraits of former faculty staff from the main entrance wall.

They will be replaced with likenesses of more black and minority ethnic scholars, it has been reported.

The decision follows concern among academics that the current teaching is too ‘intimidating’ for ethnic minorities.

Wait just a damn minute. Those portraits didn’t honor people for their skin color, they were former faculty staff. Now the university is switching to portraits of “ethnic scholars” which does honor people for their skin color. Now who’s the racist? This is nothing more than the soft bigotry of lowered expectations.


Unsurprising Report: Diversity Policies Increasing Discrimination

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) has concluded that diversity policies are not making companies more fair and if anything, are actually increasing threats to minorities.

Despite U.S. companies spending millions of dollars on launching diversity programs and training diversity managers to ensure compliance, the report finds that it’s “not really” working. In fact, these policies are having an unintended affect on black women specifically.

h/t Marvin


You Really Should Read More Kipling


Excerpted from “Gods of the Copybook Headings” by that deadest and whitest of all males, Rudyard Kipling. I consider him essential poetry, for people who otherwise hate poetry.

When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said:
“Stick to the Devil you know.”

That’s because ‘We the People’ and our ‘leaders’ want different things.
We want freedom.
They want money and power and will sell us all into bondage to get it.


Support grows for censorship in the United States

From business talk show host John Stossel:

Support for the idea that it’s good to hear all opinions, even offensive ones, is thin. A plurality of Americans now support laws against “hate speech.”

Conservatives once wanted to ban Playboy magazine, violent rap lyrics and offensive depictions of Jesus. Leftists then were right to fight such bans, but today leftists encourage censorship in the name of “tolerance.”

Scientist Matt Taylor helped land a probe on a comet for the first time in history. But because he explained his achievement while wearing a T-shirt that had cartoons of sexy women on it (designed by a female friend of his), writer Rose Eveleth of The Atlantic tweeted that Taylor “ruined” the comet landing. The public outcry against him was so great that he cried at an apologetic press conference.

Mot hate speech is not true but all truth is hate speech to someone. That is why laws aganst it are so pernicious. It is the closest thing to a law of nature that such laws will be bent to suppress merely unpopular opinions.

See also: Progressive students devour their own It makes for painful reading. These are our future ‘crats.

Is it too late? Answering a question with a question: How many of our neighbours even care? Can’t we all just blame someone we already dislike for the problems and demand government help? And otherwise shut up in the face of thugs, ‘crats, and terrorists?


The Diversity Diversion

Most of us can understand why a big company might need a CEO, CFO, CIO, and COO. But a top-level diversity boss? What’s that about?

Today there are CDOs in the executive suites of most U.S. corporations, including AT&T, Dell, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, and Procter & Gamble, as well as at the helm of such leading universities as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Each of these is a member of some minority — African American, Hispanic, Asian, and/or female. There are no Anglo-American CDOs, even though in states like California Anglos are already a de facto minority.


Toronto Diversity Risk Rated At Medium Vibrancy With A Possibility Of Unintended Multiculturalism

Threat of terrorism classified as ‘medium’ in Toronto, ‘low’ for Pan Am Games: report

TORONTO – An internal federal government report classifies Toronto’s susceptibility to a terrorist attack as “medium,” while the Pan Am/Parapan Games ranks as “low,” but experts are urging Torontonians not to take the warnings too literally.


Ontario: The City of Guelph needs a diversity and equity plan

A new City of Guelph report shows the municipality’s workforce is under-represented in four key groups: women, visible minorities, aboriginal people and persons with disabilities.

A May 30 Mercury article about the report — “Guelph making sure hiring is fair to all groups” — further detailed that relative to the availability in the labour market, the city’s employment inclusion was short by 83 visible minorities, 35 women, 14 aboriginal people and 10 persons with disabilities.

This report was released at a time when members of the local immigrant community are concerned that the city is not adequately including immigrants in its workforce, particularly in the Local Immigration Partnership, validating their concerns.

A shortage of 83 visible minorities in what should be a diverse and inclusive workforce is very significant. It should prompt the city to develop a diversity and equity plan…


Dutch parliament says ‘no’ to Mohammed cartoons

The Dutch parliament has decided against allowing anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders to stage a show of American cartoons based on the prophet Mohammed.

The organisation which oversees the running of parliament, known as the Presidium, turned down Wilders’ request because the proposed show does not meet the criteria parliament has agreed.

Exhibitions in parliament must focus on the role of parliament and should not offer a platform to party political statements. In addition, exhibitions should not be controversial, the rules state…


The Push for Diversity is Killing Diversity

The 9 Painful Stages of Realizing You Live In a ‘White Person Bubble’” said one Buzzfeed article.

Why Disney’s ‘first African princess’ is the spirit animal for global white supremacy,” claimed a entry.

Fashion, plus-size modeling and race: When ‘diversity’ isn’t so diverse,” noted a CNN piece. (This one’s a double whammy: it’s not enough that a plus-size model made the cover; this writer laments that they’re not racially diverse enough, too.)

Just a few more minutes and a few more clicks led me to piece after piece describing the “lack” of diversity in our country (from race to gender to weight and beyond), and the prevalence of some kind of privilege (usually white).

The irony is incredible: We live in one of the most diverse (in every sense of the word) nations on planet earth. And yet the broken record continues: we’re not diverse enough


Safest city in the world: Tokyo

The first thing to consider is that safety isn’t just about how likely you are to be a victim of violent crime. In many cities, more visible crimes have fallen: in New York in 1990, the homicide rate peaked with 2,245 murders; last year it saw a record low of 328.

But new risks are emerging: terrorism is a serious concern for any major city, and cyber crime is a growing threat – as cities increasingly rely on technology and connectedness, everything from traffic lights to air-traffic control, even sewage systems, could be vulnerable to hackers.

According to the Safe Cities Index, put together by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit (EIU), the title of world’s safest goes to the city that is also the most populous: Tokyo…

Tokyo: Diversity is not their strength. No mass immigration. Interesting.


White Calgary mom hopes community BBQ will stop her family from being ‘racially slurred’

Blair France and her husband moved into Shaganappi Village, a southwest affordable housing complex in November. But the couple says their family, which consists of two girls ages seven and 12, and an eight-month-old son, have been bullied by other children in the neighbourhood. France said there have been instances where scores of children have gathered on her lawn, screaming and throwing rocks at her family’s home.

“They have racially slurred my children,” France said. “They’ve called my children ‘white crackers,’ one boy that I found out called (my daughter) a ‘marshmallow’ and ‘white-skinned people’ and that we’re poor and stuff like that. We’re all in poverty, so we have to all understand that.”

And of course the article quotes folks assuring us it’s not a “racial thing”.

Because why?



Now the supposedly conservative ‘Telegraph’ is defending Bahar Mustafa #killallwhitemen

A media storm has been swirling around Goldsmiths University and its Welfare and Diversity Officer, Bahar Mustafa.

Last month she organised an event for black and ethnic minority students and specifically asked white people and men not to attend.


The university — and Ms Mustafa in particular — has been fighting off accusations of ‘reverse’ sexism and racism ever since.

Several petition have been organised calling for her resignation, one gaining almost 13,000 signatures.

It reads: “Bahar Mustafa should be removed from Goldsmiths University with police interaction and degree revocation” on the grounds of “using hate speech based on race and gender.”

The ‘hate speech’ refers to her use of hashtags such as #killallwhitemen and #misandry, as well as publicly calling someone ‘white trash’ under the official Goldsmiths’ Twitter account.

Not very pleasant, but is this really ‘hate speech’?…

I am not a big one to accuse people of ‘hate speech,’ yet in my opinion, the entire episode makes her unqualified for the job.

The Telegraph (buried under the ‘Women’ section) sees no problem with keeping on someone (who is white herself) tweeting #KillAllWhiteMen.

Given her pallid complexion (and no, I do not care what her ethnicity is — this woman is white) I am starting to think she must be a few bricks shy of a load.  

Note that she also says this is a ‘non-binary event only’.


‘Myseum’ of Toronto celebrates Toronto’s history, diversity and culture

IMG_3759Gary Sioux performs an aboriginal ceremony on Monday at the opening of the Myseum.

A new concept is expected to see an official Toronto museum succeed where previous attempts at creating a city-themed museum have fallen short.

Dubbed the Myseum of Toronto, the unconventional concept will celebrate the city’s history, diversity, culture, people and places, highlighting stories from the past and visions of the future. Instead of having a bricks-and-mortar location, it will be largely digital, with pop-up events taking place throughout the GTA to bring the Myseum to different communities.

The Myseum of Toronto concept was unveiled at a launch ceremony at the St. James Cathedral Centre on Church Street Monday, May 11.

“As an immigrant to Toronto in the 1980s, I’ve been struck by the diversity and wonderful dynamism that is Toronto,” said Diane Blake, founder and chair of the board for the Myseum. “My husband, Stephen, and I wanted to give back to the city that has been so great to us and our family so we decided on bringing the idea of a museum of Toronto to life”…


The Most Diversity Obsessed University in America?

The diversity mania rages at most colleges and universities in America, but Brown University might be the “leader” in this regard. While officials at other institutions say the right things and make the right gestures to appease the diversity deities, at Brown they really mean it!

In today’s Pope Center Clarion Call, John Rosenberg examines the school’s recent record and concludes that Brown has “doubled down” on diversity.

Exhibit A in the piece is the school’s “bold promise” to double its percentage of faculty members from “underrepresented” groups by 2025. But exactly why would that be good?

Rosenberg points to Brown’s blathery document on “inclusive excellence” which states that “diverse” scholars are essential if the school is to remain productive, creative, and competitive.

Of course, such platitudes sound pleasing to leftist ears, but Rosenberg observes that they’re merely assertions that are never backed up by any evidence or reasoning.

“Exactly what the ‘benefits of diversity’ are and why only new diverse scholars are brilliant, creative, etc. is never explained,” he writes…