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Why people held captive by terrorist groups sometimes convert to Islam

Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle, the couple who were recently rescued after being held hostage by the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network in Afghanistan and Pakistan for five years, most likely converted to Islam during the course of their captivity.

Even though they have not addressed the issue publicly, and experts say that under the intense emotional stress that people in hostage situations experience, it is not uncommon for people to reevaluate their core spiritual or ideological beliefs.


German schoolgirl, 16, found in Mosul ‘was MARRIED to a Chechen ISIS fighter and was captured with a gun in her hand before admitting to killing Iraqi soldiers’

Linda was found on her own, injured and screaming as Iraqi soldiers made their way through the bombed out houses of Mosul, Iraq’s war-torn second city, according to Iraqi Mohammed Shuraf, who used an alias when describing the moment they found the 16-year-old.

Another victim of a broken marriage. If only she had been born in Dubai…


The Real Jihadist Threat No One Is Watching

Most people can tell you who the potential jihadists are, especially the ones in Europe and the USA. You can point them out in a group: they are immigrants, or more often, the children of immigrants, who came from the Middle East or North Africa. They often converse among one another in Arabic. Many want to join the Islamic State and other terror groups in Syria, or have gone and since returned. They are mostly men, usually around age 20 or less, and have grown up feeling alienated from the societies in which they live.

Most of this is wrong.


Judge rejects mental retardation claim in Moore beheading case

A judge found Friday for the second time that the Muslim convert responsible for a 2014 beheading is not mentally retarded under the law.

Nolen beheaded Colleen Hufford, 54, with a large kitchen knife during a rampage inside Vaughan Foods on Sept. 25, 2014, according to testimony at a preliminary hearing and his own admissions to police and in court. He had been suspended from the plant for making racial remarks.

He also attempted to behead another co-worker, Traci J. Johnson, who had complained about his remarks. The rampage ended when he was shot by a plant official.


‘I am a Muslim… do you trust me enough for a hug?’ guy now faces jail for threatening to bomb MP’s house

A Muslim convert who protested outside Parliament with a sign saying ‘I am Muslim, do you trust me enough for a Hug-a-Muslim[1]hug?’ is facing jail for threatening to bomb an MP’s house.

Craig Wallace used the sign as Stop The War protesters came to Westminster for the vote on military action in Syria last week.

It stated: ‘I am Muslim, I am labelled a terrorist, I trust you, do you trust me enough for a hug?’

But the 23-year-old, of Willesden Green, north London, is now facing a possible prison sentence after he threatened Tory MP Charlotte Leslie online following the vote.

Wallace, who calls himself Muhammad Mujahid Islam online, wrote on Facebook: ‘I’m going to smash her windows then drop a bomb on her house while she’s tucked up in bed. You dirty f****** pig-s******* s***.’

…His defence lawyer Abu Sayeed said Wallace had posted the messages after he had been out protesting against the Syrian bombing vote for ‘two or three days and had very little sleep and had not taken his medication.’

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Australia: Oliver Bridgeman’s friends shocked after he flees to Syria

He was a well-educated boy who was working with underprivileged children in Asia and dreamed of one day becoming a lawyer or doctor.

But family and friends of 18-year-old Oliver Bridgeman are devastated by revelations he had led a double life and is suspected of joining an al-Qaeda linked terror group in Syria.

The blonde-haired teen, from Toowoomba, on Queensland’s Darling Downs, had reportedly converted to Islam after becoming friends with several Muslim students at the school.

His friends believed the former high school captain and talented rugby league player had been transformed and brainwashed by the ‘wrong people’, The Courier-Mail reports…


Adam Gadahn Was Propagandist for Al Qaeda Who Sold Terror in English

WASHINGTON — If Osama bin Laden was the founding force behind Al Qaeda, then Adam Gadahn was perhaps its leading American voice.

A California-born convert to Islam, Mr. Gadahn was long seen as an important Qaeda propagandist who, as a member of the terror network’s media arm, As Sahab, played instrumental roles including translator, video producer and cultural interpreter.

President Obama said on Thursday that Mr. Gadahn and another American-born Qaeda leader, Ahmed Farouq, were killed in January in separate strikes against terrorist targets in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, but that neither had been specifically targeted. Mr. Gadahn had been rumored killed several times before but had always popped up again.

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UK: South London Rapper Finds Islam

Bilal Chin was brought up in London but traveled to Egypt and stayed there for about one year.

Now in his mid-twenties, he says that Egypt was good for him, as it helped him to get away from his surroundings and make a fresh start in his life.

He became a Muslim when he was nineteen years old. He admits that he had not really known what Islam was about. If he saw any woman with a scarf and anyone who fasted, he thought he or she was an Asian or an Arab and that this was just part of their culture.

He didn’t know it was a religion and no one tried to teach him about the religion. Later after, he embraced Islam, he remembered girls in school who used to wear a scarf and realized they were Muslims…

Let’s hope he turns out better than rapper convert Deso Dogg (Dennis Cuspert).


Spanish Hairdresser Converts to Islam, Plots to Bomb Jewish Bookstore

Antonio Sáez Martínez is arrested

There’s a pattern here. Nothing to do with Islam though. Just lots of people converting to Islam and then going on unrelated killing sprees.

Take Antonio Sáez Martínez, a fun-loving Spanish haidresser who decided to try on something in a more homicidal hairstyle…

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BC terrorist Nuttall says he only wanted to target kafirs

An image from a video believed to be recorded by, and showing, terrorism suspects Amanda Korody, left, and John Nuttall.

John Nuttall has the look of a scolded schoolchild, hanging his head while an undercover police officer chastises him for not being invested enough in his terrorist plot.

Video taken in June 2013 and played for a B.C. Supreme Court jury on Wednesday shows the accused terrorist apologizing for failing to fine tune his plan to an officer posing as an al-Qaeda liaison…

Nuttall floats ideas for targets — a strip club, a gay bar, a ferry between Vancouver Island and Washington state, a visiting U.S. aircraft carrier — before concluding that pressure-cooker bombs would be faster and easier to build than homemade rockets.

“Get the stuff,” the officer tells him….

…In a recording taken while Nuttall, Korody and the officer were en route to Kelowna, Nuttall also mused about setting off a couple of pressure-cooker explosives in a Victoria shopping mall to serve as a distraction.

He suggested to the officer driving the vehicle that they place the explosives in a garbage can near the urinals in a men’s washroom to avoid killing women and children, as well as followers of Islam.

“Muslims would be in a stall,” Nuttall said.

“We don’t stand up to pee like a dog. Therefore we’d only be targeting kafirs,” he added, using the Arabic term for infidels or unbelievers…