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Poll Shows Most Canadians Believe Harper To Have Been Average or Better PM


Stephen Harper will be remembered as an average or better prime minister by most Canadians, significantly more than the 31.9 per cent who voted for the Conservative Party in the last election, according to a new poll released Friday.

During a lengthy and sometimes heated campaign, the New Democrats urged voters to back Tom Mulcair to “stop Harper” once and for all.

The Liberals and Justin Trudeau won a majority government Oct. 19 based on a campaign that promised to deliver “real change” after nine years of Tory rule marked by “negative, divisive politics.”

(Sidebar: says the “politics of fearguy.)

But for all the heated rhetoric about the Conservative prime minister, Canadians say he will leave office with an average or better legacy, according to the Angus Reid Institute poll.

“Canadians are not of the view that Stephen Harper was necessarily the worst prime minister, or a terrible prime minister,” said Shachi Kurl, senior vice-president at the pollster.

While most Liberal and NDP voters think Harper was “not great,” he still has a strong base of Conservative supporters to help shore up his legacy, she said.

“There remain a significant segment of Canadians who stay right-of-centre and who would profess value for a lot of the policies that we saw during the Harper years,” including tax-cutting measures and the creation of the tax-free savings account, Kurl said.



“Anger” Moved the Aboriginal Vote

Wait for it….

Harper saw the increased political activism amongst First Nations during the Idle No More movement and thought “we’ve got to make sure these people don’t vote,” Cameron said. She wanted to prove him wrong.

“Harper’s intent was to suppress the indigenous vote and that motivated me,” said Cameron, a former NDP candidate. “It just caught on. I think the excitement of getting rid of the Harper government, showing Harper that his oppression tactics weren’t going to work – I think that was a huge motivator for many people who decided to step up.”


This is the same Harper who demanded financial transparency from band chiefs.

Trudeau did not.

Enjoy your sloth and corruption, guys. You went out in droves to get it.


Article: “Everyone Freaked Out About Voter Suppression For No Good Reason”

I know this is from the Huffington Post and the comments were largely written by amoeba brains but just give it a read:

Complaints about Conservative “voter suppression” were unfounded. Mr. Trudeau alleging that “Mr. Harper still has tricks up his sleeve,” in a thinly-veiled reference to inappropriate “robocalls” in the 2011 election, completely ignored reality. In fact, not only has the CRTC implemented strict new rules regarding the use of automated phone messages (under a Conservative government, mind you), but the simple mention of a “robocall” is bound to elicit such a visceral response that they simply won’t be used as they once were. The alleged controversy took care of itself and was a non-issue for the 2015 campaign, even though Mr. Trudeau pushed the issue.

Myths about restrictive voter identification requirements “suppressing” and preventing non-Conservatives from voting were also exactly that: a myth.

Rather, voter turnout hit 68.3 per cent, the highest turnout in over two decades. It turns out, when you have reasonable standards to allow 38 different pieces of identification, people will overwhelmingly use those pieces of ID and just get on with voting.

The vouching system remained — it was merely trimmed back to avoid one person from being allowed to vouch for an entire busload of people. Something tells me the Liberals are unlikely to complain about the result of last night’s election on the grounds of any non-Liberals not being able to vote.


Gilles Duceppe Steps Down

Gilles Duceppe, the Bloc Quebecois’ first-ever MP and the man who dominated the party for nearly 15 years, stepped down as leader Thursday after a less than stellar performance in this week’s election.

Duceppe’s departure comes four months into his second spell as head of the sovereigntist party following a 14-year stint between 1997 and 2011.

“I am turning the page, the last page, of a passionate political adventure,” he said at party headquarters.

The Bloc won 10 out of Quebec’s 78 ridings on Monday, leaving it two short of the 12 seats required for official party status.

Compounding its woes was another double whammy — Duceppe losing his Montreal riding for the second election in a row and the party garnering just 19.3 per cent of the popular vote in Quebec.


Canadian Trudeaumania Celebrates A Return To The 1970’s – While Drudge and America Asks: “Who Is He?”

passedout drunk and drugged lady

The CAN-do spirit of Canadian Liberty is not dead, she’s just taking a nap

Personally, I had just assumed that Mr. Trudeau had done other things that were left off his resume simply for reasons of ‘brevity’.

Fortunately, the intrepid NYTs (and Yahoo) is there to fill in us ignorant Yanks about Trudeau “the man” who’s own resume it would appear attempts to damn its owner ‘with faint praise’. So here is an outsider’s look at the phenomena known as Trudeaumania 2.0

His Top 10 qualification thus far (according to almost all American media outlets):

  1. He’s not only a “heart throb”, but also a man of substance (because this is a fluff piece and we say he is)
  2. His legislative achievements are that he was a bouncer/bartender at a bar, an avid snow boarder (and instructor), and one of the first people of the twenty-first century to both obtain a B.A. in English and French Literature and to hold a job that is not in any way connected with Starbucks
  3. “He’s not the smartest guy in the room,” observed former senior Liberal MP Bob Rae (but don’t take that as a liability)
  4. He occasionally enjoys a bit of the reefer while entertaining at home (no word on if his private skull bong has a maple leaf in place of the obligatory pentagram)
  5. In 2000 Justin’s stoic yet fashionable “mop of dark curly hair” gave the eulogy at his father’s funeral where he was first noticed by media party talent scouts
  6. He’s “tall and athletic”, because “Mr. Trudeau boxes once or twice a week”
  7. His strategic use of “vulgar metaphors” in describing his political opponent’s real efforts to fight ISIS was a breath of fresh air to Canadian political discourse
  8. The Trudeau family are “Canada’s Kennedys”!
  9. In 2005, Trudeau married a television host (now a ‘certified’ Yoga instructor) and they had thee kids with mostly stupid names
  10. Trudeau was first elected in 2006 in a “gritty, working-class neighborhood” of Montreal (which is odd for a man who seems to be free of any “grit” what-so-ever).

Justin Trudeau’s mantra is summed up by his quote from a Daily Mail interview: “Boxing’s not about beating up on the other guy. It’s about sticking to your plan while the other guy takes shots at you,”.

I don’t know Justin. Having previously boxed myself, “beating up the other guy” usually wins the day in that sport.


Trudeau Promises to Changes Taxes In the First 100 Days in Office

Stick it to him before he sticks it to us:

During a campaign stop in Halifax, the Liberal leader promised Canadians “collaborative, cooperative leadership,” should his party win the most seats after Monday’s vote.

The first piece of proposed Liberal legislation would lower taxes on the middle class, Trudeau said to reporters, by raising taxes on the wealthiest one-per cent.

Trudeau also highlighted the upcoming UN climate change summit in Paris as a priority for the Liberals. He’s said in the past that a Liberal government would work with the provinces in order to hammer out a climate change policy within 90 days of the summit. 

“That kind of collaboration will be the hallmark if we earn Canadians’ trust on Monday,” he said.

At this time, I am reminded of some ancient wisdom: do unto others… before they do unto you.


Shut Up, New York Times

There is a reason why rags like this are going under:

IT is easy to tut-tut the overindulgences of the American right. For Canadians, it is practically a birthright. None of our politicians, many of us would like to believe, would dare invoke the Trumpian galaxy of Mexican rapists, or ponder publicly, as the Republican nominee Ben Carson did, that Europe’s Jews would have fared better against Hitler if only the Third Reich hadn’t instituted gun control.

Yet over the last several weeks of an increasingly caustic election campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canada’s ruling Conservative Party have managed to erase much of our trademark smugness.

Faced with a stalling economy and a corresponding dip in the polls, Mr. Harper had a stroke of luck. The Federal Court of Appeal dismissed his government’s ban on the niqab — the face veil worn as part of the hijab by a small minority of Muslim women — from Canadian citizenship ceremonies.

Rather than accept the ruling, the Conservative government proclaimed its intention to appeal to the Supreme Court, and then took the issue to the hustings. During a recent campaign debate, Mr. Harper declared that he “will never tell my young daughter that a woman should cover her face because she is a woman” — as though his political opponents would do just that, given the chance.

Effectively, Mr. Harper hopes to win his fourth term on Oct. 19 in part by demonizing those few who wear the niqab — and much of Canada’s Muslim population by extension. In one particularly pungent mailing to voters, the Conservative Party suggested that the election of one of Mr. Harper’s opponents would turn the country into a dystopia of high taxes, high unemployment and citizenship ceremonies clogged with covered Muslim faces pledging allegiance to the queen.


Trudeau’s Taxes #elxn42

Paying for thee but not for me, ect:

(Sidebar: translated article)

The Liberal leader Justin Trudeau MP for Papineau, a riding in Quebec, but he resides and pays his provincial taxes in Ontario since his election as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) in 2013, confirmed the party in La Presse as part of a request for information to the four federal leaders on their finances.


(Merci, SDA)


“Harper Should Be Embarrassed He’s Having to Count on Support of Rob Ford”

says idiot who berates his own supporters:

Trudeau, asked during an appearance in Montreal about the prime minister’s association with the Ford brothers, said Harper should be “embarrassed that he’s having to count on the support of Rob Ford for his re-election.”


Justin Trudeau scolded supporters who heckled a reporter during a news conference in Montreal on Thursday.

“Hey! Hey! We have respect for journalists in this country,” Trudeau shouted. “They ask tough questions and they’re supposed to. OK?”




NDP Promises Billions For Aboriginal Education

More money!

An emotional Tom Mulcair promised to form a nation-to-nation relationship with aboriginal peoples as he unveiled Wednesday the indigenous plank of his platform.

In one of the centrepieces of the NDP’s plan, Mulcair committed to removing the two per cent cap on annual federal funding increases for reserve programs and services.

He also committed $4.8 billion over eight years for aboriginal education — the first $1.8 billion to flow over the next four years with the rest to follow in a second mandate.

If the NDP wins government on Oct. 19, Mulcair said his success as a prime minister would be measured by progress for First Nations.

“I’ve said to you there’s no issue on which I’ve held more meetings,” Mulcair said at a forum hosted Wednesday by the Assembly of First Nations in Enoch, Alta.

“I would dare say to you that in fact, I’ve held more meetings on First Nations, Inuit and Metis questions across the country than all other issues combined.”

Mulcair said aboriginal issues have been a “top priority” for him because he believes the future of the country depends on improving conditions in indigenous communities.

“We can’t keep going at it this way,” he said. “It’s fruitless, it brings us down a path to failure if we continue with what the Conservatives and Liberals have done for 148 years.”



Trudeau Promises to Sign A Treaty Regulating the Arms Trade

Have him start with China:

Justin Trudeau says a Liberal government would start re-engaging Canada with the world by signing a landmark global treaty to regulate the arms trade.

The Conservative government’s refusal to sign the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty is an example of how Stephen Harper’s penchant for going it alone in the world has reduced Canada’s global voice, he said.

“Mr. Harper hasn’t seemed to notice that the fact that he shouts loudly on the world stage doesn’t offset the fact that nobody’s listening much to Canada any more,” Trudeau said at a morning rally in support of candidates in the London area.

The New Democrats have also called on the Harper government to sign the treaty that came into force on Dec. 24, 2014.

It seeks to regulate the international trade in conventional weaponry from small arms to battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships.

The federal government has yet to sign and has raised concerns over how it would affect gun owners in Canada.


Elections Canada Will Allow Women to Wear Niqabs

Game on.

Wear Halloween masks on voting day.

A woman’s right to wear a niqab has been a hot topic on the hustings, but when it comes to actually casting a ballot, it hasn’t been an issue for Elections Canada in eight years.

Women who show up to vote on Oct. 19 wearing a face covering won’t be forced to remove it to verify their identity. They will be asked to sign an oath attesting to their eligibility and to present two pieces of identification — at least one having a current address.


Tories Announce A Plan to Re-settle Stranded North Korean Refugees

I would rather take action to help them than those who throw food away:

The Conservatives are proposing a plan to help resettle stranded North Korean refugees.

At an event in Toronto on Wednesday, Jason Kenney said a re-elected Conservative government would develop specialized immigration measures in response to a request from the Korean community.

Kenney said the program will focus on North Korean refugees stuck in countries in Southeast Asia.

The minister of multiculturalism says the plan would focus on individuals who have secured support of the Canadian-Korean community or through other designated groups.

“Our Conservative government’s openness to North Korean refugees is in keeping with Canada’s best humanitarian traditions,” Kenney said.


NDP Reveals Its Climate Change Plan

They say provinces can opt out.

They say a lot of things.

The NDP is releasing a climate change plan that would allow provinces to opt out if their efforts to minimize carbon emissions are as good or better than those of the federal government.

The party says in its plan that money Ottawa would raise from carbon pricing would go to the provinces for reinvesting in further efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Party leader Tom Mulcair, who is releasing his plan in Toronto on Sunday, has said Canada’s climate record has fallen behind under the Conservative government.

He has promised to create a cap-and-trade system and give any revenue generated from that to the provinces for their environmental programs.