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The British Parliament’s plot to thwart Brexit is complete

It is time for plain speaking. The stakes are too high for euphemism or obfuscation. Bluntness is required now. And the blunt fact is this: Britain’s parliamentarians are in revolt against the electorate. They are defying the demos. They are pursuing a coup, albeit a bloodless one, against the public. This is what last night’s votes against a no-deal Brexit reveal: that our representatives now refuse to represent us.


The ugly classism behind the Remoaner movement

Classism is never far below the surface of Remoaner campaigning. That small but influential section of society that has devoted its moral, political and financial energies to stopping Brexit can barely conceal its disgust for the little people who voted Leave. You can see it in their denunciation of Leave voters as ‘low-information’, in their promotion of graphs showing that the uneducated are more likely than the educated to be Brexiteers, in those New European cartoons in which the plebs are always gargoyle-style imbeciles leaping off cliffs or getting fat on ice-cream as the nation goes to shit thanks to their stupid vote.


Brexit will leave the UK ‘unstable’ for decades with violence on the streets and independence referendums in Scotland and Northern Ireland, EU intelligence secret report warns

Violence could erupt on the streets of Britain in the wake of Brexit according to a secret report by European officials.

Senior intelligence officials warned that civil unrest and rioting is almost inevitable and the UK will be left ‘unstable’ for decades.

The EU report also claims there will be independence referendums in both Scotland and Northern Ireland with 18 months of the UK leaving the EU.

Leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg dismissed the reports and told MailOnline ‘it sounds as if EU intelligence is an oxymoron’.


The plot all along… Britain turns Remain today as more elderly Leavers die, survey claims

Today is the day Britain turns Remain as more EU-loving youngsters reach voting age and elderly Leavers pass away, a survey has claimed.

The study found that even if nobody changed how they voted in the 2016 referendum, the demographic shift over the last two and a half years will have supposedly changed in Remain’s favour on January 19.

Former YouGov president Peter Kellner conducted the survey for the People’s Vote campaign, which is pushing for a second referendum.


Civil War: Brexit Tories Brand Hammond‘s No Deal Stance ‘Treacherous‘

Brexit-supporting Tories have slammed Chancellor Philip “Remainer Phil” Hammond’s comments on MPs blocking a “No Deal” Brexit as “treacherous” and “totally incompetent”.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, long accused of pushing for the weakest possible form of Brexit from within Cabinet and using his role at HM Treasury to stall preparations for an EU exit without a formal agreement on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms, was recorded assuring corporate bosses that MPs would block No Deal in Parliament in a leaked call.

“He seems to have breached collective responsibility of the Cabinet, where the official position is still no deal is better than a bad deal,” complained Brexiteer backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg.

No two ways about it. Brexit has been deliberately sabotaged.


May’s Brexit deal is CRUSHED

Theresa May vowed to fight on tonight despite her Brexit deal being dramatically crushed in the biggest Commons defeat in history.

The PM’s grip on power was left hanging by a thread after Tory rebels joined forces with Labour to trounce the plan by 432 votes to 202.

The majority of 230 was by far the biggest on record, higher than the 166 defeat for the Labour majority government in 1924.

Mrs May said the government will ‘listen’ and said she would fight a no-confidence tomorrow – effectively daring Jeremy Corbyn to call one. He immediately accepted, saying the government had reached the ‘end of the line’.


Theresa May facing crunch vote on her Brexit deal

MPs are preparing to vote on whether to back Theresa May’s deal for leaving the European Union.

The so-called “meaningful vote” will take place later as five days of debate on Brexit come to an end.

Mrs May has called for politicians to back her deal or risk “letting the British people down”.

But with many of her own MPs expected to join opposition parties to vote against the deal, it is widely expected to be defeated.

I have lost the plot here. Apparently it will be awful for May to lose this vote but then they’ll have another vote or maybe not and this shambling circus will continue to bore us to death to eternity. It all seems a charade designed to make those who voted for Brexit give up in disgust or die off whatever comes first.


The European Union’s Massive Brexit Self-Harming Exercise

As the resumption of the Brexit debate looms in the House of Commons, it is reported that the European Commission is haughtily retaining its refusal to consider any revision to the Withdrawal Agreement (WA); this attitude is also backed by the numerous leaders of European Union countries whom UK PM Theresa May has contacted. Those leaders assume that, like most of them themselves, the UK will eventually grovel before the Commission and accept its dictate.

The European leaders are too young, perhaps, to remember that most of their countries would have become German dominions and satellites if the UK had not refused to grovel to Hitler in July 1940 after the Fall of France, fighting on alone in Europe and North Africa. As Germany discovered later that its misjudgment of the UK would end with the devastation of Germany, today the UK is preparing resolutely for a no-deal Brexit that will cost it dearly, but the EU more dearly.

May be a bit of wishful thinking as May is a bust as PM.


London Spectator: ‘Why I don’t, never have, and never will trust the people’

I knew these people thought this way, but I am shocked to read anyone admit it quite this openly. As always, check out the comments. (BTW, I’m getting mixed messages on whether people are or are not able to read a few Spectator articles free per month. Any feedback appreciated.)

‘It was late, and a friend and I were left to talk Brexit. He’s a keen and convinced Tory Brexiteer MP but to stay friends we have tended to steer off the topic. This, however, felt like a moment to talk.

The conversation taught me nothing about Brexit, something about him, and a lot about myself and the strain of Conservatism I now realise I’m part of — and which is part of me. Oddly, then, this column is not really about Brexit, but about trusting the people. I don’t. Never have and never will. Our conversation forced me to confront the fact.

…As I’m not running for office (any more – Ed.) I shall not pull punches.

Tories like me, and I think we used to be in the majority, see good governance as an effort to live with democracy rather than to an effort to live by democracy. It is why we were so chary about referendums in the first place. We are wary of the populace and instinctively hostile to the instincts of the mob. We see the popular will as a sometimes dangerous thing, to be handled, guided, and on key occasions (and subtly) thwarted.

…When I first went into politics, initially as a researcher, in 1977, it was commonplace among us Tories to see and describe ‘the will of the people’ not as our mentor but as a rock to be navigated. Capital punishment and judicial flogging were very popular with the public. The hanging debate at party conferences was an annual nightmare for our leading spokesmen, but I never heard it suggested, even by colleagues who supported the return of these punishments, that we should bring them back because the people wanted it… This subversion of democracy (in Theresa May’s phrase) caused me embarrassment, but not a second’s guilt. Sod democracy: hanging was wrong.

Worth a watch:


Brexit: Now What?

Theresa May has survived a no confidence vote in her Conservative Party. She says she now has a renewed mission; “delivering the Brexit people voted for, bringing the country back together and building a country that works for everyone”.

Whether she has any troops willing to follow her charge is unclear.

Just 200 Conservative MPs voted for her to stay on as leader of the party; 117 voted against. Many of those who voted for her said they will vote down her Brexit deal nonetheless.


Delingpole: Everything You Need to Know About This Dog’s Breakfast of a Brexit Fiasco

This Brexit is a dog’s breakfast of a cock-up of a disaster of a fiasco.

I’ve been looking for guidance from some wise columnist who can explain what is happening and then reassure me that it’s all going to be OK in the end. But such a person does not exist for the simple reason that no one knows anything: everything is up in the air, everybody is lying, cheating or on manoeuvres, everyone is partisan and betraying their own biases and wishful thinking. That’s why I feel free to offer my own hot takes on the issue, confident that no one can gainsay me because my guesses are as good as anyone else’s.


“The Worst Deal in History”: Theresa May’s Surrender

This “deal” will cost the British taxpayer £60 billion; require that the British still comply with EU rules without having any say in what those will be, and worst of all, it permits the British to leave the EU only if the EU agrees. It commits the British effectively to subjugation by the EU in perpetuity, with no recourse should the British change their mind. It is a prison. It is also the first step of the EU toward its dream of global governance: unaccountable, untransparent, unelected by the public, and with no way out.


France prey to ‘poison’ that caused Brexit says Emmanuel Macron, as he tries to defuse ‘yellow vest’ protests

Mr Macron has been under pressure to defuse popular anger over planned hikes in “green taxes” on diesel and petrol which has morphed into a wider revolt against basic living costs, high taxes, and a sense of state abandonment in suburban and provincial France.